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Great Phone


Feb 26, 2006 by candis99

I love this phone...It is extremely cute and has great features. The camera quality is great and the buttons make it easy to text. I would recommend this phone to any girl that likes to take pictures, text, and use internet! :)



Jan 28, 2006 by Son_of_Adam

ill make this short and sweet.

the features are awesome. reception is fine..style is untouched, Samsung used good materials in this phone. there is a thing that holds it back some.... i have seen reviews speaking to the phone playing on speaker when in headset mode....

i have the fix for you. open the phone before you plub your headset it....works fine if you do that evertime....

phone is cool...wish it had bluetooth...other than that...wouldn't trade it for anything.

Very nice phone


Oct 3, 2005 by jcalcatms

This is a very new (as of October `05) phone from Sprint which I recently purchased; so new that the extended battery and plastic holster aren't yet released GRRRR. It is a wonderful little phone! I did all my research online, since the people in the Radio Shack from which I bought knew next to nothing about it.

All along the way, I was comparing this phone with the Sanyo 8300, and was much more in favor of this one (I will list some comparisons below).

Oh, and as far as the color of the phone, men: if you are secure in your masculinity and have evolved beyond associating colors with genders, then the extremely slight purplish tint of some parts of the exterior of the phone will not be an issue. If you're still hung up on chauvinism and machismo, dunno if you'll survive the Hyacinth Horror.


-1.2 megapixel camera with flash - AWESOME pictures and videos (Sanyo 8300 is 0.64 [VGA])
-no external antenna (vs. Sanyo with stub/extendable antenna)
-external and internal displays function independently (vs. Sanyo - one or the other)
-very sleek design (Sanyo is somewhat chubby and boxy)
-large variety of ringers
-large selection of wallpapers with distinction between foreground and background


-call quality is somewhat choppy (something to do with the 'noise cancellation technology,' i believe)
-speakerphone is not the most legitimate - the phone uses the ear speaker instead of having a separate, larger speaker (props to the Sanyo 8300 for that)
-speakerphone will only work when the phone is open
-somewhat slippery to hold (and my hands don't even sweat at all)
-along the same lines, a bit difficult to dial 'blind' if you have large hands

Overall, this is a wonderful phone that I'd personally consider Sprint's absolute best mid-priced phone, and definitely the best mid-priced flip phone.

My favorite phone thus far!


Aug 15, 2005 by Bennieficial

I have had this phone for about 2 weeks and love it! here on the only cons i can think of

-I don't know if this is a defect with mine, but the phone rings MUCH louder when the phone is closed than if it is flipped open
-for this to be a multimedia phone, it has very dull preset backgrounds for incoming calls (a white background with the caller's name and number is all). they could have decorated it a little more to take advantage of its power
-Even though i love the speakerphone, the phone MUST be flipped open to use it. You can't put it on speaker phone and close the phone (like you can on sanyos) or else it will hang up.

best phone


Jul 26, 2005 by BB23

2 words.amazing phone.

Great Phone


Jul 19, 2005 by stephenl65

This is a great phone period! The size is perfect for the pocket, it's a clam shell that looks nice, I even like the color. the phone also takes good pictures in low light so I am giving it a high mark. Reception is also good being an intena phone.

For those that say there is no message waiting indicator light you need to turn on the service light. I have a blinking red light whenever I have a message. Works great sounds great looks great!

Good phone but issues hold it back for me


Jan 17, 2006 by Robor007

I've had this phone for about 4 months now. I've got 2 major gripes and a couple of minor ones with the phone.


1) My first grip is the noise cancellation. I understand this is a 'feature' but it doesn't work well and does more harm than good. If there is some background noise sometimes it's so bad I can't understand the party on the other end because they keep 'clipping' between our conversation and background noise.

2) My other problem is the speakerphone being on while my headset is plugged in. It's a intermittent thing where if I plug my headset in, open my phone, and make a call, sometimes the audio plays through my headset *and* the speakerphone - closed or not. I haven't seen any other reviews where this is a problem so maybe it's just the 2 (different) headsets I have causing this?

3) Minor gripes. Cost - it's expensive. Picture quality - it's nothing stellar despite being 1MP. Signal is less than my Sanyo 8100. Callers report my voice quality is poor sometimes. Headset jack is terrible - difficult to open/close and headset jack pops out easily.


1) Size and shape. This phone is small and slick so you can carry it in your pocket and it's barely noticeable. Just be careful it doesn't slip out while sitting.

2) Voice calling. It works pretty well and you don't have to program the voice in to make calls. Not perfect but still easier than dialing or speed dialing.

3) Looks. If you're a macho type who's to insecure to carry a phone with a lavender tint to it maybe that's a problem but it's still a great looking phone.

Not bad, not bad at all


Aug 8, 2005 by vespa5

Pros: Very compact, excellent call quality, RF strength is surprising for a phone with an internal antenna (you just gotta hold the phone in a way where you don't touch the area where the antenna is and all is fine and dandy), 1+ megapixel cam, subpar speakerphone.

Cons: It's got a lavender finish that is apparent in low lighting but it looks gun silver in bright lighting, no Bluetooth or IR, headphone port is shotty and the call quality is not as spectacular with a headset, speakerphone option is intuitive.

Overall: I wanted to get a phone that wasn't made from Sanyo when I was a Sprint customer. In the West Coast, almost all the Sanyos I've used gave this audio as if the person you were calling was speaking through a cardboard box. The call quality for the MM-A880 is near perfect. I can't exactly say that CDMA call quality is better than GSM, but in this case, it's really close. Pricey phone, to say the least, but it's worth it and I just couldn't stand another bulky Sanyo phone with a stubby extendable antenna.



Jul 26, 2005 by Darth Ridiculous

i like everything about this phone....size, feel, features, sound...........a little pricy, at least in this market....8300 30.00 less expensive

Love it!


Jul 16, 2005 by JPC923

I have to say I really like this phone. I don;t know why people are rating it badly so far. Yes it does have a purple-ish tinit to it but honestly its not too bad, it kind of looks like some shade of gray. I like purple anyway. I think it is a very attractive phone. Everyone that has seen it loves it and wants one.

1. Very nice form factor. Fits well in hand and on face while talking.
2. Screen is really very nice.(used to a bit bigger but that comes from the typical bulky Sanyos I've had)
3. Camera works well, but again, its a phone.
4. Speaker phone is great, people say they
cannot tell I'm using it.
5. Great graphics
6. Reception great, better than my 7400
7. Love that there is no antenna, makes it look very sleek and its easy for the pockets.
(the fact that there is no external antenna amazes me that the reception is so good.

1. There is not a missed call/message indicator light. That surprises me b/c most phones have them. The only light there is is when the phone is actually ringing and when its charging. If it weren't for this it would have a score of 5.

Yeah, its missing a Ready Link and mp3, but honestly i know so many people with Sprint and not one person uses it and I have an ipod like everyone else so I don't know why a phone would need one anyway.

Its about time Sprint has a small phone that is cute, durable, and has all the good features. I'm very happy with this phone.

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