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Best choice yet...


Jul 13, 2005 by sprnextelint

I had been a Sanyo fanatic for sometime now but decided to go into the Samsung direction for a while. I have had this phone in my possesion for about 3 days now, and I cannot believe the amazing reception I get from an internal antenna phone. This is my first with an internal antenna and was a bit iffy at first in getting it. I live in the DFW Metroplex and I would get frequent dead zones and dropped calls due to reception problems with my previous phones. This phone rocks. I have not seen the "looking for service.." or dropped any calls yet. I am satisfied with this phone.

Pros: Compact, Stylish, Internal antenna, very user friendly, Camera pics are great indoors, 3D Menu

Cons: No speaker, no RL, Screen Savers looks choppy on Sub LCD

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One of a Kind


Jan 19, 2009 by crutchley15

This phone was one of my favorite phones that I have owned. At the time it was a trial phone, where they only manufactured a limited amount. I enjoyed the sleek phone design that allowed me to carry it in my pocket comfortably. The overall color of the phone was a tint of purple however, which was a bit odd. The phone had the volume feature on the side of the phone that allowed me to adjust the volume immediately.

There was no speaker phone with this phone which was a bit annoying and the features and applications that came with the phone were very limited.

Overall this was a great phone and carried the features I wanted.

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Great phone


Oct 20, 2006 by g8keeper

I have had many phones in the year i have had sprint and this phone seems to be the best. I loved it so much i bought one for my husband. we have a small child and love the video and camera, picture is great. i have better signal and everyone says i am a lot clearer on this phone. would not trade this for anything!!!!!!!

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Short and sweet


Oct 8, 2006 by chocolateman85006

If you've read my reviews, you're probably thinking "How many ------ phones has he had?! " I'll make this review short and sweet: This phone was a good phone. Quality of camera, sound, etc. If it had more memory (or at lest a memory card slot, for goodness sake), it would have been untouchable.

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perfect for me...


Aug 10, 2006 by go.ta...

I loved this phone, from the minute I saw it in the shop. First of all, I was in the shop that day to return a sanyo phone I HATED. I saw this phone, and paid over two hundred for it at the time, about 7 months ago. The phone is great for a female, with the feminine design, lilac tint, and pink buttons.

=good camera
=comfortable design/lightweight
=dedicated VOD button gives easy access to vision services
=NEVER dropped a call
=easy to customize (I loved taking short video clips and using those as my wallpaper or screensaver)

=no bluetooth (which wasnt a must for me)=keypad a little "slippy," plastic and not rubber makes for slippery texting/dialing
=phone has to be open for speaker phone

I cant think of much more to say about this phone, other than I really miss mine =(

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awesome phone!


Jan 16, 2006 by kking1003

I love this phone. My previous phone was the a680 and this one by far surpasses it.

+ I love having the option of speaker phone. Having to keep the phone open really doesn't bother me as I don't need it to be closed.

+ The media on this phone is great everything works so well, and I actually keep the volume down lower because it puts out enough sound.

+ This phone also offers vibrate on every volume of ring. Awesome for when I want sound plus vibrate, but not to blast everyone away.

+ The small size of this phone is really nice. I have a packed purse so this allows me to squeeze other stuff in there. I also sometimes like to carry my phone in my back pocket and having it be smaller makes it not so noticeable.

+ No antenna is so smart. It's nice to not have a useless piece of plastic protruding from my phone.

+ I really like the color of the phone. The lavender tint gives it a nice touch to set my phone apart from others.

I only have two things that I don't really care for on this phone.

- Because of the way the buttons are I just cannot work with them. I am constantly pushing more buttons than I'm meaning to.

- On my last phone all entries had a number that you could also use as a speed dial. This phone doesn't have that so it takes a little while for me to find who I want to call and then call them. You can set speed dial up to 99, but it takes a lot of time to do that for everyone.

Overall I definitely love this phone.

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great reception


Nov 12, 2005 by rik1690

Great little phone. I bought this phone for my sister. After playing around with it, I am amazed on how great the reception is. She had the Sanyo 5500 and I have the Samsung mm-700. We both had sever reception issues. She has not had a dropped call yet and now she gets reception where she had no signal. The phone is a little too small for people with big hands. I was going to buy one for myself but handling it would drive me nuts. I was talking to a Sprint Rep and they said the Samsungs are actually as good if not better reception than the Sanyos.

-Great Reception.
-Like the UI
-Web was fast
-good camera
-Has a dedicated button for the Multimedia
-The MM downloaded faster than it does on my mm-700
-load ear piece
-no external antenna to break or bend.

-a little too small for people with big hands or fingers
-No dedicated speaker button
-can not use speaker while phone is closed
-the speaker is also the ear piece.

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love this phone!!!


Oct 16, 2005 by sweetlady314

i just bought this phone this past Friday and I'm loving it so far. My last two phones have been Sanyos and the UI on this Samsung beats Sanyo hands down!!! The phone is small and compact which is a big plus for me, AAC ringers sound great, and I like the 3d menu style. The camera takes beautiful pictures, ten times better than the camera on the 7400. The only complaint I have is the speaker, which you can't use with the phone closed, but I have an earpiece so it's not that big of a deal. I don't regret my decision at all and I'm happy with the Samsung MM-880.

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Best Phone Ever Made Period...


Oct 13, 2005 by xsprintmanx

***This phone is by far & away the best phone ever made in a very long time...

There is just nothing bad to say about this phone period & it's highly recommended for anyone who seeks a small light weight yet sturdy phone with all the features you could ever wish a phone to have. I have read some reply's about people saying that this phone has a "purple" tint to it >>> Yes it does & it's very classy to say the least & not just for the ladies if you will, as most seem to dislike this phone or atleast at the sprint store's over another brand...Here's the scoop. I entered two sprint stores & to my suprise all the ladies did infact "kinda" like the phone, However much prefered the sanyo 8200/8300 well over this one...You know, The phone's that sound like a bad speaker. The guy's in the store's who did not already have this phone flat stated this phone will be there's period. Plus, The fact is, a purple tint / overtone is very classy ( think about the old cars dude's with a candy apple red paint job & a purple overtone...Awesome baby ) & unlike the LG phones that have a smiley face or other company's phones with pink in them somewhere on the phone, It's no wonder why guy's like this phone too...It's classy & just the perfect phone for anyone who appreciates class over smiley faces & pink button's >>> lol. Also, For the guy's, Having a phone without a antenna is just capital period. It great to read that the ladies like this phone, However, Guy's this phone is a man's phone too if I ever seen one...Class all the way. Also, Phone has a neat preset ringer ( guitar guy ) guess that spells ladies phone huh? lol lol lol :-)

***Highly Recommended Phone...

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Best phone I've ever owned!


Oct 6, 2005 by Kel42069

I've had ALOT of phones but this one is by far the best the last phone I had before this was a Virgin Mobile 8910 Flasher and I thought that was a fun phone but my new A880 is a big step up.
1.I heard alot of people complain about the lavender but I love it and the outside of the phone is very smooth.
2.Camera is awesome way better than my Flasher and I don't really need the flash. Video is great too.
3.The internal and external screens are beautiful! It's way better than my moms Sanyo 7300 & 8200 screens.
4.I love the menu layout the 3D style is really cool.
5.This phone is also small and lightweight.
6.The ringers are loud but not so much that clear I mean they are clear but not the clearest.
7.Internet is cool I am able to go to tagtag which I could'nt on my moms Sanyo 8200.
8.Battery life is good and it charges quickly.
9.I love that there is no antenna.
10.The phone and flip hinge feel very sturdy not cheap and plastic like my old Flasher.
11.The menus are very easy to navigate and I really did'nt have much of a problem finding anything when I first got it and played around with it.
I have not found any yet I just got this phone yesterday (10-05-2005) I will update if I find any.
This phone is very sleek and cool I love it and highy recommend it I was actually going to go with an LG-535 but I'm glad I got the A880 even the Sprint reps said the A880 is a better phone.

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