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Yes, but does it answer phone calls?


Jul 27, 2006 by el_chuster

I like this phone. Have been using it for 4 months.

Camera works good. I can download pictures and the quality is good. I can even upload pictures and it looks good on the screen. It has a very bright screen, with vivid colors.

Walkman feature is good too. Phone menu for phone feature is easy to learn and use. Decent sound quality. I usually play songs sorted by Artist, Albums. You can setup playlists, but its cumbersome. You can also play songs by "Tracks", but it's not practical. In other words, this phone does not have a lot of options to play songs in the order you want. Radio reception is good.

Battery life is good. I get about 4 days on a full charge. The phone is durable too.

Couldn't get bluetooth to see my laptop or vice-versa, but I only spent 15 minutes trying to get it to work.

I have it synchorizing to Outlook using IrDA, and that works fine.

But does it answer calls? Unfortunately, the reception is not as good as my old Nokia 6800. T-Mobile was already bad in my area, but I now can only use my phone upstairs. The Nokia 6800 had reception (albeit weak) all over the house.

Sony software always suck. You can't just copy .mp3 files to the phone. You have to use their Disk2Phone software, and that thing doesn't always recognize my phone. When it does work, it would take like 15 minutes to upload about 20 songs.

I would buy the phone again, but I hope Sony/Ericsson continues to improve on the crappy stuff and leave the good parts of the phone alone.

W800i. A rich experience.


Dec 17, 2005 by nok6100

The W800i does just what it's suppose to do, and does it well.
I have been a die-hard Nokia guy, and after a experience with one of thier latest "smart" phones (6681, full of firmware problems), all I have to say is 'Goodbye Nokia!'.
Although the W800i is not a symbian, or windows smartphone based, it performs superb. Menus are fast to navigate through, and most important of all, no glitches along the way. This is really a breath of fresh air for myself, after dealing with some slow, feature lacking Nokia's.
I am not bashing Nokia, they just have a lot of catching up to do, and they have hurt their image(to people like me)by releasing inferior phones, but obviously they have some great ones too (6101, 6100, 6610, etc.).
Sony has really got their act together with this phone. So I will continue to enjoy this W800i for quite some time. Imaging, music, and a fully functional phone, that really works, in one compact size, and light weight (99 gms.), is definitely something to be commended.
Is it worth almost $500? Absolutely! I did a LOT of research, and this phone is the best at what it does. (until something better is released, which will probably not take long)


Imaging; 2 mega pix, auto focus, excellent macro mode, editing (special fx). Built in flash, and it doubles as a flashlight! (not bad)

Media player; Easy to use interface for MP3's with playlist, fast forward, and rewind to go to a specific spot in the song your listening too.

Headset; Excellent sound quality, and adapter included, so you may use any headphones you wish (3.5 mm jack)

Memory; Pro Duo stick, 512 mb included, memory limited to 2 gb (as so I hear, may be able to use larger stick).Use the memory stick with a card reader for effortless transfer of files to and from your computer.Memory card may be removed/reinserted into the phone without the need to turn the phone off.(hot swapable)

Display; Bright and clear.

Cons; External speaker weak,but ok. Headset volume a little low,but ok too.

Great Phone


Aug 23, 2005 by mrhondo

picked up the K750i in Penang Malaysia on Aug 18th. I use it in Arizona with out a problem even though it doesn't have the 850 frequency. This is an awesome phone... it has it all and does it fantastic.
Clear and bright screen
Bluetooth, IR and cable connections available (see CONS for Bluetooth)
Storage card is easy to load, not under the battery like on most other phones
Sound is great (supplied stereo headset is good)
Radio works great - shows station call letters and what song is playing
Video is good but it appears to only show QuickTime movies
Camera is great (for a phone) I did find out that you need to be very still when taking a picture, video is a little more forgiving.
Flash works well and also is a little flashlight... works good if you need light in a hurry
Emailing is easy to set up and works great
Caller ID with picture (picture even shows up when that person sends you a text message)
Syncing software works good, no issues yet (only shows 1 email for each person)
Alarm clock works when phone is off and you can use MP3 or radio to wake you up (snooze too)
On line software updates for OS from Sony Ericsson
I know I'm missing something... very feature rich!!

Bluetooth works great but if left on freezes the phone so I have to remove the battery. I have contacted Sony Ericsson about this.

That is all I found so far... still playing with it. I am a Nokia fan and really wanted the Nokia 6682 but the release date has not been determined yet from Cingular. Once I saw the K750i I jumped on it... and it was about $200 cheaper too!!

So far, so good... a significant upgrade from the phones offered in the US


Jan 27, 2006 by scottypimpin

After shopping for a new phone for 6 months while being out of contract with VZ, I finally found a phone that had everything I wanted. I was not satisfied by anything the US carriers had to offer, so the w800i was just what I was looking for.

I live in and travel around Texas and there has been absolutely no problem with signal. Indoors, in between small towns (on major highways), and even inside sports arenas the w800i has good reception.

The camera does what you can expect from a camera phone. Quite impressive, but not made for printing wedding pictures. Great dual-LED lamp feature though. Ease of use is a major plus here. The Walkman component is a great concept included on this phone but the interface and setting up playlists, etc. takes some getting used to. The speaker is fair, no more no less. The provided stereo headset is nice and I have not yet tried the Bluetooth capability. Battery life is superb! Can't say that for many of my other electronic devices (old phone, nano) but this is one of my favorite things about the phone.

In terms of the software freezing up, I have had no such problems. The size is roughly the footprint of a nano and about twice as thick. Cool, unless you have big hands. Finally, I love the freedom of an unlocked phone. For those of you who just have to play mp3s as ringtones, the w800i does that too.

I would recommend this phone to anyone looking for a fairly priced ($280) unlocked GSM phone for use in the US.

2 MP camera
Included 512mb memory stick
Walkman mp3 player integrated well
Included hands-free stereo headset
FM radio
mp3s can be set to ring tones
Great battery life
Bright, clear screen
Software functionality
Great signal (T-Mobile)

No Quad-band
Small joystick requires familiarization
Speaker volume could be louder

Next best option, Samsung D600.

Get one. After searching for 6 months, I wouldn't steer you wrong.



Dec 15, 2005 by dsmmsd18

I just recently purchased this phone from www.Saberpoint.com and I must say it ROCKS!!!

Amazing digital camera
bright flashlight
Crisp Display
Easy menu navigation
Sony Memory Stick slot
Small form factor
Very Stylish
FM radio with RDS
Cool MP3 Player

Earpeice volume
Call Comfort


Other than those two things this phone is really good, the earpeice is not that bad you just have to hold it close to your ear, but I usually use the Stereo headphones to make calls or the bluetooth headset. It is well worth the money instead of buying a digital camera and phone and MP3 player, this device is your sony digital camera, IPOD, and cell phone in one, HIGHLY RECCOMENDED!!!

One of the best phones out on the market right now


Aug 31, 2005 by norton

Try not to read the other reviews about the k750i where they put too much of their problems into the rating of the phone. In short, this phone has one of the best set of features out in its class.

I use Cingular in the Los Angeles area with this phone and truth be told, it isn't the best reception at times, but it's not to say that it doesn't get great reception. One thing you will need to watch out for are areas which do not use the 1900 mhz band, basically if you're outside of any major cities you might have trouble getting reception.

Sound quality is decent and the sound level of ear piece can seem low if you're in a loud environment or if it's not correctly placed over your ear.

-Great MP3 player
-Expandable memory up to 4GB
-2 MP camera based on Sony's CyberShot line of digital cameras
-Works great as a flashlight
-Takes video as long as there's space on the memory card
-Good as a low~mid quality video player
-FM radio
-Easy to learn user interface
-Compact design

-No 3.5mm headphone jack
-Software occasionally resets itself
-Keypad can be hard to press for those with large fingers (just the numerical keypad)
-Casing tends to squeak sometimes
-Doesn't support 850 mhz band
-Lacks EDGE

Since the phone was never offered State-side (however it will be offered here as the w800i), there's consequently no 850mhz band support.

Awesome phone


Oct 27, 2005 by Brades

I got this phone a few weeks ago. It does not have the 850mhz band so the reception can be weak in some areas, since it has to use the 1900mhz band.
The camera on it is amazing for a cellphone, probably the best camera phone available.
I really like how it has a memory card slot so i can store hundreds of songs on the memory stick and use the phone as an mp3 player. The sound quality is great, very good bass.

-Amazing Camera Quality
-Great MP3 player
-Expandable memory up to 4GB
-Takes video
-Built in Camera flash
-FM radio
-Quality Screen
-Battery Life
-Speaker Phone
-Speaker quality
-Easy to use interface
-Very sleak looking phone, brings lots of compliments

-Doesn't support 850 mhz band
-No 3.5mm headphone jack but you can buy a cheap adapter on ebay for about 10 bux

Very Cool Phone.....Freezes up though!


Oct 26, 2005 by themod

I love Sony phones but, this one has some problems. I have been using it for 48 hours and it has froze on me about 7 times. When this happens I must take the battery out and restart the phone. I am with T-Mobile. I am going to return it and possibly get a Nokia for the first time in about 5 years...Oh Well.

Pros -

Great design
Great Camera
Cool light - pretty powerful
Solid reception
Tons of functions

Cons -

Freezes up too often
Muy Expensive

Overall good, some disadvantages


Aug 22, 2007 by tomker

I bought this phone for the good camera (with autofocus and esp. lens cover, as my phones take a beating in my pocket). The camera is as good as I expected, with indoor shots being a little worse (noisier) and outdoor shots being a little better. I do have three key issues with the camera, none of which are deal-breakers:

1) The LED flash doesn't trigger itself automatically. Very weird. You turn it on manually by pressing *, which causes the LEDs to turn on at half-power. Presumably this is to help you frame the shot, but it's distracting, and uncomfortable for your subjects. When you take the shot, the brightness increases to full power for a second, as one would expect.

2) Another flash issue--it messes up the white balance. The automatic white balance is very good but with the flash on you have to manually set it to Fluorescent or the pictures come out MUCH too orange.

3) The performance of the playback feature is terrible. It can take up to 4-5 seconds to browse to a different image, and you can forget about zooming and panning.

I still have to give the phone 4 stars though because despite all this, the pictures are better than the competitions'.

As for the rest of the phone, it meets my fairly high expectations. Reception is good, call quality is good, the UI is friendly and quick, the screen is bright and sharp, the keyboard is rubbery in a good way, and the joystick is pleasant once you get used to it. (I thought it might have been defective for the first 20 minutes.) Some points off because the softkeys are at a bit of an odd angle and because it uses a stupid proprietary pop-port connector instead of mini-USB, which is getting to be more and more common.



Dec 5, 2006 by Jaqian

I've had this phone little over a month now, its my second Sony Ericsson or third if you count my Ericsson T28 :) I had a SE F500i and this is a great improvment on that, which I replaced with a Nokia 6230i. Have to say that when it comes to
phones I split evenly between Nokia and Sony Ericsson, they are the two best phone makers on the market IMO.

What I love about this phone:

* ease of use - the GUI is very intuitive
* the memory card, much easier to look after your data.
* the 2MP camera - takes great photos
* the camera slide which starts the camera up straight away.
* the flash
* nice design
*improvement in the charger (use to have to jiggle it with the F500i to get it to charge)

What I don't like:
* the back of the phone clicks when you hold it when texting.
* poor battery life but you expect this with colour phones.
* better software for playing *.mp3s
* software that came with the phone kept crashing when trying to install so I've had to drag and drop my files direct to the memory card using a card reader. I've download new software from the site but I haven't had a chance to try it out yet.

Overall I think this is a great phone and a great buy. Some small annoying problems but they don't detract from the phone for me.


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