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Best phone yet!!!


Jul 29, 2006 by a99tandem

To all those who say it has firmware problems.. you ever try UPDATING it?? It comes with an update utility on CD and even the USB cable to do it! Don't complain if you don't try to fix the problem!

..Anyhow.. I'm not going to be redundant. There are plenty of good reviews with good information about this phone. I have been in cellular sales for about 5 years now, and this is beyond the shadow of a doubt the best phone I've even owned. The UI is the best of any phone brand out there. Now that the w810 is out, we no longer need to complain about SE ignoring EDGE and 850mhz!

almost perfect


Apr 24, 2006 by medicineman360

I had been scoping out ebay for the better part of a year after I decided this was THE phone I wanted. After the price came down about $150 I couldn't wait any longer and jumped in feet first and got it. I've never been happier and have never looked back!

1) - Yes, it's still (only) a phone, but the 2mp pics are AMAZING! The camera has "real camera features" like macro, auto focus, white balance (that works), image effects. The "night mode" (which a lot of phone cams have ) is by far the BEST I've seen yet. The dual LED flash is BRIGHT (almost too bright if you're up close to your subject)
2) - IRda AND Bluetooth. I've never been a Bluetooth freak and what I was looking for was an infrared port to zap contacts to my PDA. Never had any problems with the BT on this phone.
3) - Two words: Mega Bass�. Sony's venerable EQ setting still kicks *** and sounds GREAT!
4) - Super-easy set up. Set-up wizard out of the box, then settings sent via SMS from sony's UK site (phone not supported on US site) and I was golden.
5) - FM radio
6) - The cam flash doubles as a handy little flashlight. (invaluable after having a nokia 3200!!) Setting for on, on (1 minute) or "sos" (for the next time you've crash landed somewhere)
7) - The included media player is easy (once you get used to it)
8) - Earpiece volume is great
9) - Reception seems to be great everywhere I go
10) - Nice design. Smaller than pics give impression. Controls laid out well for the most part
11) - Nice screen (252k) and menu
12) - Battery life (could be worse)

1) - Battery life (could be better too)
2) - External speaker volume SUCKS!
3) - No 2.5mm headphone jack. Can only use supplied (albeit, stereo) headset
4) - Apparently only supports 3GPP format for viseos (could be istaken though - haven't played with video that much)
5) - Speaking of video, the video clips made with the camera suck!

Hope this helps. I PROMISE... you WON'T be disappointed.

Ed. note: edited for language

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K750i with Cingular


Dec 17, 2005 by kenneth5001

So I bought the K750i off ebay unlocked brand new. I have to say its the best phone with everything to offer...BUT I have cingular which should work with no problems.. but when I get into most areas the phone displays "Emerg. calls only" more than half the time I want to use it. This is the 1st day for me to own this phone. I'm going to try my hardest to figure out if its the phone or just cingular/the phone or a setting. If ANYONE knows and information please let me know my email is jamesrobin122@yahoo.com . i will greatly appereciate it!

Best Phone Ever


Dec 9, 2005 by ghostmac

I have owned many cell phone over the years, and this phone is just phenomenal! Easy to use, robust interface, and jam packed with features. The phone itself feel very well put together and solid. I have only had it 3 days now, but so far, the phone has just surpassed all expectations. The k750 is replacing my T610, and just really shows how dated the T610 is. The only reason this phone is not a perfect 5 is the ear piece could be a smidge louder and I'm having some difficulties updating the firmware. Other that some minor quips, I would highly recommend this phone.

5 Months - No Problems


Oct 22, 2005 by MichaelHG

I purchased this phone in mid-June in Dubai, have used it daily without any problem of any kind. In fact, I have previously been using a clamshell phone and want to go back to this, but have had no excuse to abandon the Sony - battery life is never an issue, the pictures are excellent, the bluetooth works flawlessly with my motorola headset, menus make sense, use as MP3 player and FM radio when I exercise and go on long bike rides. Only complaint is limited choice of earpieces are not ideally suited for activities (they fall out easily). Would probably buy this phone again, no other phone has all features, quality, reliability that this one does (my first Sony but not my last).

Amazing Phone


Oct 1, 2005 by half_a_head109

I've had this phone for about a month now and I got it online unlocked but I got it for a cheaper price because I got it with a service plan. But here's my review on the phone-

Pros: Brilliant color screen, amazing picture quality, which you can zoom in on once you've taken it, video quality isn't bad either, it holds mp3's, which you can send to your phone via blue-tooth or included usb cable, you can either set for a specific function such as receiving calls or text messages or you can just listen to them with or with out the included head set, blue-tooth and infrared is a big plus, also you can play games with great graphics, or you can edit your pictures or videos with Video DJ or Photo DJ or create you own ring-tones with Music DJ, or you can listen to the included radio, and a button on the side of the phone can be dedicated to either the radio or mp3's.

Cons-Keys are a bit small, camera is slow in taking picture, when trying to look through the pictures they take a long to to go to the next one and it takes a long time to zoom in on the picture once you've taken it, you can only listen to the radio if you put in the included head set, but you can put the radio on speaker-phone so that all my listen too, and the dedicated side button can only be used with the head set in.

Over all this phone is the best thing that I've ever used and I feel that it's better that I got it unlocked so i can switch services if I wanted to and the blue-tooth is restricted. The phone sells for around $400 - $500 but you can get it cheaper with a service plan at MobileBee.com

Best Phone i've ever owned


Sep 18, 2005 by Philasan

I use the phone in Southern California, on the Cingular network. Mostly in LA and Riverside. Reception does not seem to be a problem at all. Sound quality is always good.

**Great user interface, customizable buttons, themes, ring tones, everything!
**Amazing camera for a phone. It's just like having a digital camera. It has flash, white balance, effects... all the basic digital camera stuff PLUS, it AUTO-FOCUSes just like a real camera! printed some pics on glossy photo paper and they look very good, just dont expect bigger than standard size prints, remember it's JUST a 2 Megapixel camera.
**included USB DATA CABLE that you can use to manage files, synch with Outlook, as well as use SEUS(sony ericsson update service) to update your firmware!!
**Calendar, Tasks, Notes, all seem 100% synched with outlook

**not all fields in Contacts synch w/ Outlook
**Hong_Kong version cannot search contacts by multiple characters, only by first leter(however European versions can) If you primarily use English, try getting European version phone
**Media player for playing mp3s is just mediocre on the k750 because it lacks options to sort your music with. W800's is better.

Bottom Line: This is the best phone I've ever owned. The Phone itself works like any phone should except I'm having so much fun using it. The user interface is great! I've never used the Calendar/Organizer functions in a phone before until I got this phone because they made it so easy to use!
The camera is sooo incredibly handy, I never knew I was missing out on so many kodak moments! Because the cam is so great, i have tons of photos for me and my friends to look back on.

Cell phone + Camera + basic MP3 player = k750i (and less clutter in my pocket)

PS-i originally considered the nokia 6682 but i'm very happy that I chose the k750i. looking back on it, i dont think the 6682 would be as much fun to use.

Great Phone and it Works in the US


Jul 20, 2005 by craig34

I debated on getting this phone for a long time. My main concern was that it would not work in the United States.

The great news is that it does indeed work in the US on the Cingular network. I am located in Massachusetts and my coverage is virtually identical to what it was with my old phone. The only downfall is that the K750 doesn't have GSM 850 support, so you will not have service in areas that only have 850 signal. That said however, I've only found one or two spots where I used to have service that I no longer do.

The camera is great, but seems to take much better photos outside. I'm still working with it, but it seems like inside photos without great lighting come out very grainy and almost blue-ish. Overall, I'm pleased with the camera, but I'd love to see better photo quality in low-light areas.

I have not used the MP3 player yet, nor have I used the radio - so I can't speak to those aspects.

The menu is amazing, very intuitive. It's very easy to move around the different functions on this phone.

I would easily recommend this phone to anyone in the US who has AT&T or Cingular (and probably T-Mobile as well, but I can't promise anything).

Geast phone and camera better than s700i


Jul 13, 2005 by moeali85

First of all doesnt listen to the people who Left negative comments. I have used 3 fones in the last 8 months and i can tell u that this is the best and top of the line fone. Before this i had the s700i also a very good fone but kind of big and memory card capactiy only up till 128mb. This fone has it all. I wont give the fone 5 but rather a 4.6 or 4.7 because there are still some improvements. The screen could be a little bigger but it is ok with me. The thing i really want is that 3.5mm jack for the headphones. That would be good but with all the other feature this fone has it doesnt fall as a drawback. Overall the best fone in the market. I heard a lot about the nokia n90 but it seems to be big. I think bigger than the s700i. But lets see what happens.

Great phone!


Jul 12, 2005 by bullish

I've been using this phone for 2 months now and it still is a great phone. You'll sometimes forget its a phone! Signal strenght of the radio isn't always that good bud A mp3 plays well that time.
Pictures made in a club are good. You'll irritate some people whit the flashlight because its lightning a long time.

My phone is produced in week 16, I bought it in week 18 in Amsterdam for €50 so I had some problems with the phone at first. (not because of Amsterdam but it was one of the first ones) So I had to flash the bios with the new firmware and it still works perfectly.

Looking out buying a new phone from SE in week 18 2006 when my Vodafone contract Will end

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