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Problems with firmware


Jul 8, 2005 by jonnyboynyc

When will Sony Eric. fix their firmware or software bugs? I thought that since the k750 was so advertised and so much with new amazing features, that they finally fixed their bad reputation of phone bugs. Well,
now I see I was wrong.

I also have realized that the advertising of this phone by gsmarena.com is provided by CON. Advertisers from that site ( I'm sure Sony paid them good money for that favor), since they always emphasize on Sony phones as if other brands are nothing comparing to Sony.

-Amazing camere for a cell. phone
-Nice color screen
-MP3 player quality and sound is amazing
-nice compact size

-Phone freezes sometimes during the fast browsing through the menues (typical Sony's and Motorola's bug)
-Earpiece could be a little louder
-Photo takes long time to process
-The delivery report if unread stops all incoming messages

Well what can I say for conclusion?
I will try excute's DV1
( $545 ,is reasonable) First 3 megapixel GSM phone, with 16.7 Million color TFT screen,
+30 frames per second video!
available since 3 days ago at
(just type dv1 in thesearch box) .
Don't mistake the spelling:
it is DV One , not DVL or DVi .
review could be found at http://www.mobileburn.com

Very disappointing phone


Jul 8, 2005 by Jenifer

I give this phone 1.5 review because for me phone should work well as a phone first and then as a camera ( good 2 mp camera costs today $60, not $200!).

I ordered k750 from http://www.welectronics.com
and now don't know how to sell this little toy, since welectronics do not accept phones back unless the phone is defective.

-True 2 mega-pixel camera

-Can't hear anyone clear or loud enough
-Phone is too small and therefore is not very convenient to use
-Screen color is far behind of Sony s700

The worst side of this is that now
I can't prove to W-Electronics that the phone does crashes since it doesn't happen all the time. And also, they told me that for everyone else who bought this phone ear-piece sound was reasonably high and clear enough! ( I understand this, since majority of our society today are kids).

My friend has S700 and that one is definitely much better than k750 for a reason. You can't make such a tiny phone and expect it to be without software or sound problems. ANYWYAY, PEOPLE BE AWARE OF K750, IT IS TOO SMALL AND NOT AS GOOD AS

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The best camera, but what about the phone quality?


Jun 23, 2005 by mike78nycc

I went to cti telecoms office in New York area and was interested to buy k750.
I inserted my T-Monile Sim card and made few calls to check the quality of the phone.
Unfortunately this time Sony did not go without a bug. Camera and other features of the phone are exceptional, but the sound quality is horrible.

-Excellent and probably the best on European market camera/phone
-High quality screen

-Screen is too small
-Phone is too small as well
(that make the sound far away from being even medium loud).

There is a reason as to why average Nokia phone is by $200 more expensive than Sony or Samsung. Nokia of course does copy the design and features of Samsung and of Sony in some of its models. So due to this reason Nokia phones always behind the Sony and Samsung in its features by 6 months. But
there is nothing wrong with it since after all,the copied model becomes more durable, higher quality, and better sound quality than Samsung or Sony. Nokia ( whether you want it or not) is the largest distributer of cellular phones worldwide (read the statistics). Since the average Nokia phone
( not all models of course) has a much higher review online than Sony or Samsung, Nokia is very confident about its global reputation for durable and high quality phones and that is why will not bring the price of its phones even closer to Samsung or Sony.

So my simple suggestion is:
- Either spend $200 extra on Nokia 6680 (1.3 megapix, with flash UMTS!-phone, or wait until 2 megapixel Nokia will be released (which will be by the end of this year).

This thing rocks


Jun 23, 2005 by deekaybee

I owned the Samsung P750 and it couldn’t hold a candle to this phone; the picture quality rivals some of the best digital phones on the market. Inside the quality suffers a bit but in bright light this thing is hard to beat. It took me all of a day to explore every menu on the phone and toy with every feature. Some of the menus even have help screens. This is phone is to my communications/entertainment what my corvette was to my transportation/entertainment:-). The menus seem to work plenty fast enough for me, I guess because I've never had a camera with faster menus than this one (ignorance is bliss:-). Infrared works with my IPAQ to transfer contact. Failed from phone to PDA on the calendar but worked from PDA to phone. I haven't tried to trouble shoot yet, having too much fun with other features! With the 1Gig Duo Stick $123.00 I have over 200 songs and room for "300+" photo's at max res. The phones menus and buttons is very intuitive and smartly used. The flashlight comes in handy and is bright as H*E* double L. Can't adjust the amount of time the screen stays lit or the screen saver on time but I guess that's how they obtain such a high battery life/talk time. The camera controls are just like my 5Mega Pixel Sony digital. The file structure is even the same when accessing your pix and movies directly from the Duo Stick. The sound quality of the MP3 play is outstanding. The headphones that come with the unit are a bit big for my ears and are thus uncomfortable to me. I plan to buy the ear bud type from the sonyericssion web site. They have a remote (Bluetooth) camera you can move about the room and send pix from it to the phone wirelessly (but I digress). The screen is super bright with vivid color. At last I have found the phone of my dreams. Now all I need is a ear bud Bluetooth unit with the speaker and receiving unit separate from the ear bud. I don't care for the cyborg look of the current Bluetooth offerings, but it looks good on you:-)

Almost as good as it gets..


May 27, 2005 by Zorn

I really love the K750. The phone looks great, feels sturdy, has a fantastic screen, and the Sony Ericsson UI has always been a favorite of mine.


Fantastic screen
Battery life seems quite decent
Great UI
Camera outclasses every other cell phone, bar none
Handy feature to let you use the flash as a light
Very very customizable
Good reception
I've always liked that SE's record function lets you record both sides of a call

There are only 2 cons that keep this phone from a perfect 5 in my book.

1) There's no reason SE should have left out EDGE from this phone. The S710a has been out for months and has EDGE, this flagship model should too.

2) The menus are a VAST VAST improvement over the snail's pace that was the S710a, but it's still not quite as instantaneous as some of LGs interfaces. Don't get me wrong, its very acceptable, but a little refinement (hopefully the first firmware update) and it will be perfect.

Otherwise, I would say this is probably one of the best GSM phones on the market today, if not the best.

If you really need to be able to add tons and different varieties of programs, you need a smartphone. But if you use your phone to schedule some appointments here and there, and some tasks, and as your alarm clock, the K750 will serve you very well.

This phone is unbelievable!


Sep 16, 2005 by Dibe11

The K750i is a great phone. Don't pay much attention to the people leaveing such negative feedback on a phone that has incredible features. Everyone that is saying that it doesn't have EDGE doesn't understand that the phone is not made for the US market, so why would they put EDGE? They rather invest the money into the amazing camera they put into the phone. Also, I use the phone with Cingular in Florida which only has 850 MGz and it doesn't have the best reception, but believe it or not it has decent reception.

For those of you who have problems with the actual software or the phone is restarting itself like mine did when I first bought it...just update the software...actually I flashed it into a W800i, I now have the walkman phone for $30 instead of paying over $100 difference to buy it...it fixes all the bugs!!!

Its a definete buy!

K750i sucks


Oct 18, 2005 by nojoke

Believe me, this phone really sucks. Sony is famous for it's design + inmafous customer service. i really love the design & size of this phone, not too big & also looks classy. But the problem is with it's features & functions.

I'm not going to elaborate on this phone becos it's not worth mentioning it, it freezes all the time, CAVEAT EMPTOR!!!



Nov 1, 2005 by ammarsf

Okay ppl, decided to write something about this great phone!!

This thing is really cool.

- An Awesome 2 MP Camera
- Highly useable menus!

- It cud have a real media player
- Hangs up sometimes/restarts.

Overall, i think its the thing to have!

VERY GOOD, except for one major thing


Oct 26, 2005 by absolut_ian

I love this phone! It is small, cool looking and has every feature a boy could ask for. 2MP camera, bluetooth, autofocus, speakerphone and other great features. There is nothing I would modify about this phone (maybe if it was a flip) except for the fact that it does not get great reception.

Cell phones are used for talking #1, and features are a secondary feature. The phone just does not seem to be getting the high signal quality that it should be.

However, I still gave this phone a 4 because, although its more prominant on this phone, Sony Ericsson in general does not have the best reception. If you want reception, then you should own a Nokia. You want a cool small phone with more gadgets than Ron Jeremy's basement, then this is your phone.

Great Phone Too Small


Oct 31, 2005 by TheBoi588

my dad got this phone about 4 months ago as soon as it was released on the market i borrowed it for a month and was not happy with it for how much it cost
-Quality Screen
-Battery Life
-Speaker Phone
-Speaker quality

-Doesn't support 850 mhz band
-No 3.5mm headphone jack but you can buy a cheap adapter on ebay for about 10 bux
-Video Camera not as good as i thought

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