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A good phone...


Jun 16, 2006 by mai

i just bought this phone last thursday. and its a great phone. i have used it and tried to find some flaws in it and all i can say is, that the only flaws that i found in it is that the keypad is small.. i already have small fingers and i still find it hard to use. and it doesnt have a speakerphone. but other than that, this phone is really AWESOME!!! the camera takes good pictures. and it has a good volume that can play loud music or tones in it. the graphics is UNBELIEVABLE too. nice menu themes too... I LOVE THIS PHONE SO MUCH!!!! I DONT REGRET GETTING IT!!! :)

ridiculously awesome phone


Feb 2, 2006 by daman062184

awesome phone... buy it today.. when you have a chance



Feb 2, 2006 by DANNYC

The greatest features i had ever seen in a piece of technology since the ipod came out.
:ringtones are great
:size is wonderful
:keys work easily
:it just looks awesome.. my girlfriend and everyone else loves it!
:it sorta blew a tiny hole in my wallet but it becames worth it
:battery life is great
:2 MP!.. my old phone only had 1.3 MP and worked great and this phone works almost twice as better. and the flash does a good job too
:MP3 player works great
this phone is great. if i had the money, i'd buy all my friends this phone, but that's not going to happen



Feb 2, 2006 by teresa88

this phone has so many great features that i can't even go through them all.
~it is pricey, but it is well worth it.
~the slide is great and convenient.. especially when trying to txt during class.. well anyways..
~the buttons are very easy to press and i like the talk to txt thing.
~the camera works wonderfully with the flash and without.
~the color resolution on the screen is great and i just love how the other side looks like a digital camera.
~the ringtones sound awesome.. great quality mp3
~it's not so bulky as it seems.. it has a great size
~i cannot believe there's GPS.. it's so amazing
~the browser works efficiently
~the earpiece sounds like the person is right next to you..
this is just a great phone! I REALLY DO RECOMMEND IT!



Oct 9, 2005 by Damian

Ok, think about this...it's a phone! I'm sure some of the other reviews are forgetting this fact. If you want to take perfect pictures then you don't want a digital camera anyway. you need a 35mm camera and some skill to take good pictures. the device has only a small part to play. phone/camera combos are what they are so you can capture images on the go, not take your wedding pictures. you may also read some review here about how it's so hard to get into the camera mode. HELLO, there is a camera button right on the side of the phone. you press it and you're there. maybe it's just me?

Are you one of these TV junkies that needs to watch sprint TV, but just like at home....there's never anything good on. Well, get the trans flash card and the cable to hook the card to your computer. they are cheap on e-bay. then upload some mpeg4 movie to the card and play it back whenever you like. The mp3 player works the same way.

True it has some seemingly useless features like the business card scanner. maybe for you it never gets touched and others it used every day. It all depends on the need. The point is, it does work.

The only things I have marked this phone off for is
1. no speaker phone &
2. no bluetooth

some say it doesn't matter but it should have one or the other. It did effect me when thinking about the purchase and even now. where I live, if you are on the phone while driving you are pulled over, annoye people behind you, or you miss what might be an important call. after all isn't that why you bought a cell phone. it's much nicer the put on speakerphone or a wireless bluetooth earpiece and not have to worry about it. However you can always plug into the phone w/ the standard headphone.

If you're still worried about spending the money on this phone, do the following. price a cheap 2 mega pixel camera, a cheap mp3 player, and an average phone of ok specs. See...about the same price but this is all-in-one. Hope this helps.

Samsung A800 The Best Yet!


May 16, 2005 by stephenl65

I want to start out by giving my history of phones with sprint. My first phone was a true brick not sure what the model number was but it was a samsung. since I have had sammy n200, n400, 8500, a600, a680, a700. sanyo 5150, 4500, 5300, 7400, 5600, lg 325, 535. Now the Samsung a800! I have to say I am truly impressed with this phone and not impressed with most of the reviews shown to this point. Obviously some do not know much about phones and features. This phone is actually getting a top rating from me the first ever I have given not even the sanyo 5600 got a perfect 5.

Let's start out talking about the (phone features) first!

1. Ear piece Great sound was a little worried after the a700, but this one is a winner!
2. Ringers loud and clear great sound without an exterior speaker.
3. Ezitap the new way to send text messages works pretty darn good once you get use to it.
4. STT works pretty darn good too, it's nice to just be able to talk your text once in awile.
5. Voice dial also works great
6. The menu very colorful easy to use and you can customize just about everything!

That is most of the (phone) features, now lets get to the rest of the phone.

1. The camera CCD sensor auto focus lens 2.0 mega pixels WOW this is what we have been waiting for! Pics look great and there is a real flash. Low light pics look good too.
2. Vision is super fast and very nice not sure if it's as fast as the sanyo 5600 but hey who cares.
3. I really like the way the phone feels in my hand not cheap feeling at all very sturdy and well built.
4. The QVGA screen is quite awesome looks great colors look awesome.
5. MP3's sound great also through the speaker or headphones whichever you want to use. I like how you can push a button to go from once song to the next. Awesome feature!
6. Biz card scanner I thought would be a waste but I was again wrong, works almost perfectly.
Again I have used many phones and pretty much know a good one when I see it! This is a damn good phone!

First 5 star ever on a cell phone !!


May 12, 2005 by Silverdale_man

WOW is a great word for this phone. The phone has so many things goin for it with ...IMO , nothing wrong with it PERIOD.

1. Beautiful and large color screen.
2. Buttons are very well placed and easy to use.

3. 2Megapix camera is awesome. Tons of options on changing rez from 2mp, 1mp, .8mp, .3mp. Auto-focus lense for perfect shots. The flash on the phone works perfectly with pics and video.

4. Able to use the phone while the slide is down. take a call..make a call thru the phone book, use media player, camera ect.

5. MP3 player works very well. Options of changing the look of media player fast forward ,rewind , Pause.

6.The business card scanner is somewhat odd but does work pretty well. ALso the voice 2 txt works..but will take some time to get used to what words the phone doesnt understand and have to talk kinda slow.

7. The whole menu is just PIMP. multi versions of menus and a ton of ways to make it look different.
8. Pics and Videos can be used to have as screensavers or caller id.
9.The browser seems to be alot faster to load then the 5600 did, but that might be just me.

10. CAN be used to DUN..#777

Only things I can see that I would of wanted them to do different is to make it so you can use your mem card for ringers...mp3 ect.. and Not something i care about but some people would of liked bluetooth.

I found NO flaws...The style and look of phone is unbeatable right now. Coming from a huge sanyo fan....WAY to go SAMSUNG...Pure winner Here.

Very Good Phone


Sep 7, 2005 by Big Mel

I think this phone is very solid. I have used quite a few phones ranging from gsm to cdma and I normally prefer flips but this phone is in my top 3 phones I have ever owned (Out of about 30).I do wish it had bluetooth but I have an adapter that works great. I highly recommend the phone.

Great Phone!


Jun 9, 2005 by topazguh112

This is my first phone review and I'm posting because it's one of the best I've ever had. I've been with SPrint for the past 3 years and have always carried their newest phones, but nothing is quite like the Samsung A800. I've never been satisfied with any SPrint phone until now. If it's sleek design doesn't win you over at first, then the camera and picture quality should. The camera doesn't take that long to load...it loads within mini-seconds, and the pictures are incredible.

It doesn't have a speaker phone, but the sound quality of the speaker, itself, makes up for it. The mp3 ringers are A++++ quality and so is the video camcorder. The Samsung A800 is also loaded with stock features...not to mention how the text messaging is easy as user friendly as ever.

As for the battery life, it holds up. I used it on a 3 hour road trip, and the battery still held up. At the end of 3 hours, my phone's battery still had half of its life left!

If you're one of those individuals that must always be up to date with their technology....then this is a MUST BUY.

Not only are you getting a great cell phone, but you're also receiving a digicam, camcorder, and computer all rolled up into one. And for the price...I wouldn't have it any other way.

Definitely the best I've seen!

Pretty Dang Cool Phone


May 15, 2005 by mscheelar


Bright, big vibrant screen.

Solid slider, not flimsy or or tacky feeling.

Great reception and amazing sound quality on the earpiece.

2 megapixel camera is amazing.


Comes with a sync cable but there is no software to transfer files from computer.

So expensive I am scared to take it with me anywhere.

No speakerphone

I think this phone is awesome, all of its flaws are minor compared to what it is capable of. I haven'ty decided if I can afford 500 bucks so I still might take it back. It is sweet though.

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