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Jan 29, 2007 by elizabethannyeager

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this phone. I bought it with cash and no rebates for $500 and it was well worth the money. The ONLY downfall of the phone is that it doesn't have speaker phone, but you will soon forget about this once you realize everything it does have. It is also extremely sturdy. I'm not the most careful person with my cell phones, so I probably dropped it an average of once a week for 1 1/2 years and nothing ever happened except for a couple of dents on the corners. Because of this, I called it the silver bullet. The camera is exceptional and the sound quality on both ends is perfect. I recently had my purse stolen and my phone was stolen with it. They do not have anymore of these phones as a replacement, so unfortunately I will no longer have this phone. But, it's my favorite phone by far and I would suggest it to anyone that is looking for a superior and unique phone.

I love this slider


Sep 10, 2006 by itsslvr22

Its a pretty nice phone display is beautiful pics have great quality better when slider is close.. I love the color of the phone.. mp3, I also use a program called wavepad to change my mp3 into ringtones guess I use this phone more for the mp3 lol.. Everybody at my job loves my phone


Its a samsung

Its a Slider too fashionable

The keys light up in a blue its real pretty can't get over it

2.0 mega pix Camera flash is great It takes great pictures even in the dark..



Voice Dialing I get lazy sometimes
I dropped my phone a couple of times and no damages thank god cause I'm a clumsy person

Texture feels rich

Its a Slider did I mention that?


Short battery life.. now I love to listen to my mp3 but those 3 bars I have goes quick..

No speakerphone

no bluetooth but I found a bluetooth headset for non bluetooth phones so I guess that still works

Sometimes when I'm getting a call the ringer is extremely low why I don't kno and the next call it gets loud maybe I need to fix something I dunno

Its a bulky phone so so its so noticeable in my pocket but I'm gettin use to it.. it doesn't seem so big compare to when I first got it..

Overall a great phone highly recommend it..

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What A Replacement!


Aug 31, 2006 by radio_shack_guru

I'd have to say this: The phone certainly trumps the LG MM-535. Slider phone fans: if you don't need bluetooth or speakerphone, find one and hold on to it.

I started out with the Samsung A-940, and quickly sold it to a friend for far less than what I paid for it. I was sick of horrid battery life, I was scared of the rotating hinge going out on me, and the camera was a bum deal. Bluetooth was nice... but without A2DP, I don't need it.

I bought an LG MM-535 on eBay, and regretted it almost immediately. Screen quality was a big step down, my phone had a firmware issue and couldn't provision itself and access Vision services. At all. After a frustrating visit to the nearest Sprint PCS store (A 150-mile roundtrip) I called LockLine and they replaced it with a refurb'ed A800.

It was worth the $50 deductible.

I work at RadioShack, and tend to play with my phone all day long, with the excuse that it's "a demo for customers". Constant access to Vision, sending SMS msgs, making calls, and demo-ing ringtones is an average day for me, and I typically get 2.5 days per charge, which is double what I got with my A-940 and my MM-535. The UI is beautiful, it's loud enough with classic ringtones to be an alarm clock, and reception is better (for me, at least, in Central VA) than any of the other 9 handsets I've owned for Sprint Nextel.

I've yet to load my TransFlash card with mp3's and mpeg4's, but I DID test a 1 gig card and it works perfectly, even though the phone supposedly only supports 512 MB and under.

All in all, I'd have to say this: I'm willing to give up the wonders of EVDO and the Music Store just to have a phone that works, and works WELL!

Now I just have to keep myself from snatching up an A-720 when they're released...

Can't wait


Jun 28, 2006 by x3ad0rablebabix3

*Although im only 17,I just fell in love with this phone and had to have it. Ive heard so many good things about this phone and hopefully they are all true, i just purchased this phone off ebay for 285, and i hope it was well worth it, i can not wait to recieve my phone, is you have this phone, and are extremely happy with it, please let me know...i would love to know more about it, and if you know if they're are any face plates let me kn0w...or if you kn0w really good headsets to use with this phone, and also where can you get the transflash card??...just let me kn0w...thanx!!



Aug 24, 2005 by energybar_2002

I have had alot of phones and this phone has got to be the worst! I have had 3 of these phones in 1 month. The speaker is awful!! The slider hinge looks great but it is not quality. If you are looking at spending $500 like I did...Go with the Sanyo 5600.

Very promissing but not quite finished


Aug 22, 2005 by mrwigggles

When you offer the first 2 Megapixel phone in the US market, you better make sure that is the phones strong point. With the A800, it isn't

Other reviewers have mentioned how slow it is to opperate, (I completely agree), but I will stay focused on simply image quality.

Let me first say that I am a bit of digital photography buff. I own 2 digital cameras myself and have access to many more. I know what the image from a good digital camera should look like. Let me also say that I wasn't expecting a highly feature-rich flawless megazoom cameraphone either.

However, ALL cameraphones should take good pictures under optimum conditions. When you are shooting outside with plenty of light at things that are far away, the focus should be sharp and the noise in the image should be low. Neither is the case with the Samsung. The Samsung doesn't take good shots in any lighting or focal distance situations.

The shots are WAY too oversaturated in terms of color, out of focus, noisy and lack shadow detail. Here is an example (I hope the link will work)


Please note this picture came after I did some sharpening algorithms to improve things. I left it oversaturated to illustrate how overblown things look. This is also MY BEST PICTURE out of about 200 I took. There are too many errors to note. The general focus is off. The center is OK but everywhere else stinks. The shadow detail is absent. (It is impossible to make out anything below the car for instance). There is noise everywhere. Look at the side of the house and how splotchy the colors are.

If you look at some sample pics of older 2 Megapixel cameras at www.dpreview.com you can see what a true digital camera can do. A 2 megapixel camera should be able to create a flawless 1024X768 after resizing.

Anyway, I returned the A800 within my 14 day trial. Samsung tech support couldn't help resolve my issues.

For $$$$ the A800 should be better.


Samsung at Best Buy, Not Bad


Aug 20, 2005 by armstead101

This Samsung has a very good concept and design. First I tell you that it has no speaker phone and no Bluetooth but still the design is flawless. It comes with a 32mb Transflash card. If you have a card reader and Photo Shop you can make your own wallpapers.

You can change all menus
2.0mp camera is the best on a phone yet
Save pictures on transflash card
Mp3 player
Sync with pc+mac
Good camcorder

D-pad is small
No bluetooth
No speaker phone
No mp3 ringtones
No ready link

You should make your own choice
Good luck

What are these guys smoking?


May 18, 2005 by zeno

A 1.5?!?!? Give me a break!!

First surprise on this phone is the reception. I expected to loose reception, but it actually increased over my 8100.

The menus are stunning. Having that many visual options is certainly a welcomed surprise.

Other pros are obvious. The camera is absolutely the best I have ever seen on a phone. The pictures are spectacular. The pause between the button push and capture is very small, though the sound is delayed considerably. I have no problems getting to the camera at all.

The screen is amazing. crisp, clear, and great color.

The mp3 player is great! great quality sound. The media player in general is impressive.

Video is surprisingly good. Watching media is extremely good.

business card scan actually works!

The only con I could list is dictation. It takes a lot of training to get it working properly (or at least it has for me). Not having t9 may also affect some people, but I was never a fan of t9.

This phone functions like a top end phone. great reception and sound. It does everything is says it can do, and does it all EXTREMELY well. Great slide, and it can be adjusted easily. The quality of pictures and the removable media make this a usable camera as well as a phone. The first phone I've seen that can actually be used as a normal camera with good results.

Anyone giving this phone a rating under 3 is either stupid, bias, or had a lemon. As much as features like t9 and speaker phone mean to people no one can claim this is not a good phone.

It will do


May 18, 2005 by rod292

Its not the A940 which is the phone I really want but who knows when sprint will release that so I got this.

I only have had 2 phone to compare this to:
sanyo 8100 had for 22 months
Treo 650 returned after 10 days

-Amazing screen
-Camera works nicely(havent seen its full potential since I can't get the pictures off my phone)
-Bright flash( can use it as a flashlight 30secs at a time
-Business card scanner and dictation tool are cool don't work all that well but cool.
-Nice interface
-Texting work very well on this phone

-Can't transfer data from phone to PC(biggest flaw)havent been able to check out the MP3 player
-No speaker
-No Bluetooth but don't even bother if you wont include A2DP (treo) and there is no software to transfer data
-would like a birthday in the profile that connected to the calender

-Web connection is somewhere in the middle much better than Sanyo but not as good as treo.

Its not the perfect phone but the best I have found that is out now.

So right yet so wrong


May 15, 2005 by Invader J

I was very excited about this phone for a while - it seemed to be positioned as a super high-end CDMA handset. In a way it is, but it fails at the same time. I'm coming from a Toshiba 4050 (also QVGA screen) which is probably the best handset I've ever used, on Sprint or any other provider. So most of this is in comparison to the 4050.

- Overall, it's a good phone. The earpiece manages to best the 4050's which is fantastic. Great reception too. So as a phone, it's excellent.

- The screen/display in general. Bleh. They totally waste the QVGA resolution: you can't set a small font for ANYTHING - text messages are huge, the browser font is huge, it's a total waste. A text message that takes two full pages on this phone barely takes 3/4 of a page on the 4050. It's totally ridiculous that you can't set the font. And the quality of the screen is nowhere near the 4050 - it has a slight blue tint, which isn't terrible until you upload a photo and see that whites aren't quite 'white'. The plastic over the actual LCD is very thick which results in the screen looking like it has a 'sandy' texture to it. And it can't reproduce details in photos and pictures uploaded to it nearly as well as the 4050. Completely disappointing especially when seen side by side. After a while I got used to it, and I've accepted it but man, the 4050 spanks it when you compare them.

- The camera. Takes good photos. But it takes 9 years to take one. Open the lens cover, hold the camera button, press OK to launch it, wait, hold shutter button... again, ridiculous. And you have different resolution choices depending on whether the slide is open or closed! Who the hell thought that up?

- Photos copied onto the memory card for viewing on the phone have to conform to a certain filename structure, and display in reverse order. Ludicrous.

Running out of space, but for every positive on the phone there's two negatives. In a word, it's underwhelming. Try it before you buy it.

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