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Motorola E815 / E816 Hollywood


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best phone ever


Jul 18, 2007 by atlgurl

this is probably the best phone that i have ever had and i have had a lot of cellphones..this is the only phone that i know that u can block numbers from calling u which for me is a very big bonus. I just hate it that Verizon decided to discontinue selling it or even being able to get replacement for it. U can however go to Ampd or attel and get it's twin the E816(hollywood). i had a motorola Q but decided to go back to my E815 because i like it 10 times better than the Q.

Great Phone!


Jul 13, 2007 by SanAndreas12543

I've had this phone for about 11 months, it will be a year on the 23rd. This has been the BEST phone I've had, a MAJOR upgrade from my piece of crap Siemens CF62T. So, I guess I'll start making the list of PROS and CONS now...

Huge internal screen
Always have a great signal with EV-DO [I'm in central NY and have Verizon Wireless]
Good sized external screen, thats color and can be used as a viewfinder for the camera
O.K. camera quality
iTap is awesome
Plenty of ring tones, that are nice and loud
Respectable amount of memory [40MBs]
MP3 player
Big alphanumeric keys
Voice dialing

Cameras not as good as I expected, but what are ya gonna do, its a phone
Battery doesn't hold its charge for more than two days [but, to the phones defense, I do send and receive about 150+ text messages per day]
Voice dialing isn't always right, but most of the time, it's fine
Only 15 seconds of video time, and its resolution isn't that good either

Overall, this phone has been extremely reliable for me, and I would definitely recommend this phone to anyone who is willing to buy it, though they would have to go through Alltel or Amp'd and get the Hollywood [E816]. Its just a shame VZW discontinued this phone...

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This is a keeper!


Jan 3, 2007 by xyzpdq123456

I had a nokia 6255i and i had to lay it to rest after it was runover in my driveway! I got this phone and i completely love it! It is like my 6255i only better! First i had the silver razr but that was a pos! I got this phone since it is the closest to my beloved nokia! I love it mp3 bluetooth, sweet camera etc make this phone rock!

Pros- Huge front and inside screen
-sweet camera with flash 1.3 mp
-Great battery life! Like 2 days with tons of talking and texting
-Keyboard is so easy to text on!
-easy to use motorola UI!
-so many short cuts it takes you a month to figure them all out
vibrate is not loud
- great ringtones
-memory card slot
- plays mp3s
-iTap is great is spells words that my nokia did not and it saves time it spells stuff like
u, ttyl, crap, asap, wtf, etc

cons- front screen cannot be customized
-i am a little scared about the charging port
side buttons are small

I seriously love this phone and i will keep it forveer!

Great Phone BETTER than the 8100


May 5, 2006 by dtaz85

This is one one MOTOROLA's best phones since the StarTac! AND YES the 815 WAS RATED #1 BY CONSUMER REPORTS 02/2006! The


Charging Port
MOTO Menu Style
Camera is not great




Feb 27, 2006 by e815sammy

Love this phone!!! I finally found a phone with everything that i need.

Big Screen
High Quality Camera
Expansion Card (512) got over 200mp3s on my cell phone.
40 megs of internal memory
V cast
Get it now
Mobile web
Speaker phone quality is great

Vibrate is too soft
Phone is a little too big

This Phone is Fantastic


Dec 31, 2005 by Tom26

I have had quite a few phones and this one tops all them all. Reception, reception reception!

Great and solid piece of equipment!


Dec 28, 2005 by alex.s.moore

I have had this phone since it came out in July, and I love it. It has very much proved itself overall to me.

Incredible battery life
Reception is top drawer
Great, bright display
LOUD ringtones
Bluetooth works very well
Camera is very good quality
Classic Moto. interface (I guess this is a pro to some people, and a con to others)
Basically everything else on the phone

Vibrate is weak (but this can also be a PRO if you don't want to the phone to sound like a cow when it vibrates haha)

Hope this helps.


Wow! I Like this phone


Dec 25, 2005 by goheels

I decided to write a review after having the phone for at least a month to see how it really works. All I can say is...I Love it! I had written a review of the LG5200 on this site...I liked that phone but the sound quality was horrible. I returned that phone back to Verizon after a week. I spoke to several Verizon wireless reps who told me to try the Motorola E815. I like they way the keys feel, I like the size of this phone; love the sound quality; its just a very nice phone. I highly recommend this phone. The reason I did not give this phone a perfect score; because there are some cons.

sound quality
size of the phone
size of the screen
speakerphone is good
has the voice dialing/recording feature
loud ring
Vcast is cool
has a camera that takes ok pixs
like having shortcuts
i like the beep to let you know you have a missed call/text

-on the voice dialing, its clear when the phone states 'say a command' but the voice that repeats the command, sounds like an old robot.

-vibrate feature is a lil weak

-Verizon had to replace the battery. my first battery, the phone would die within 4hrs without a call ever being made. I was in my home calling area and the battery had been charged properly

So far so good


Oct 18, 2005 by jdbarrera

I have had this phone for over four months now and am more than satisfied. It is a little big for a flip phone but I have grown used to it and now find my old T720 to be very small. What you get for the bigger size is an amazing screen. I have had great fun taking videos of my new kittens to show to friends and family. Which reminds me... the camera is really good. I actually had some pictures developed at Costco and was shocked at the quality. It will make 4X6 prints with ease. Focus up close needs work but good camera overall. Voice quality very good, especially in noisy environments like a car, or restaurant. Battery life is good, much better than T720, if you turn your phone off at night you can get 3 days at least, 2 with the phone on 24 hours. Antenna is flimsy for my taste, I'm always worried I will bend it in half. The ringer on this phone is really, really ,really loud. If you keep your phone in a purse, this is for you. On the other hand the vibrate is really, really, really weak. Speaker phone sounds good on my end but I am told that the quality on the other is less than spectacular, especially in a car. The calender is actually usable, although still not everything it should be. Calculator is much better than older Moto's. Address book works well, although not completely customizable Haven't tried bluetooth, V-cast, Mp3 etc. Overall I would highly recommend this phone.

Great Screen
Great Reception
Full Featured
Camera, video very good.
Good battery life considering screen size
Loud Ringer

Weak Vibrate
Flimsy Antenna(fortunatly you won't always need it to be up)
Front screen not really good
Software features still not totally outstanding

JB in the LBC

The Best Phone Period.


Aug 26, 2005 by TheBrickHouse

Don't bother looking for another phone, especially if you are looking within the realm of Verizon Wireless. This is the best phone out there so far. I live about 30 min. north of Detroit in Michigan. It is a solid EVDO area, and I couldn't ask for better reception. The calls coming in are extremely clear, and dropped calls are now a thing of the past courtesy of VZW. The transflash, camera, and Bluetooth options that can be unlocked via a seem edit make this phone absolutely incredible. The construction is extremely durable (although I do recommend you get a leather case if you drop your phone alot), and the quality of the picture and sound is almost priceless. I am new to Verizon Wireless, and I am extremely happy with their service.
If you are considering other phones from LG or Samsung, don't waist your time and money. LG phones are cheap inside and out, and Samsung phones don't even match up.

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