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Alltel Motorola E815


Oct 31, 2007 by Psxmoe

When i first bought this phone i was in awe compared to my last phone Kyorcera KX16 candid. This phone has a large screen, the battery life is the best i've ever seen. I enjoy not having to charge my battery for 3-4 days. Reception was next to perfect even when i took the antenna off i still had signal.

Great Overall phone
Great Battery Life
Built like Chevrolet truck I've dropped this phone at least 40 times
Large keypad
EV-DO Data
40Mb Total memory
Use speaker phone while Flip is closed


Small Directional Pad
Uses Moto's Standard Charging Port which sometimes Requires you to fiddle with for a few minutes
Pops off the Holster to Easily
Holster damages the paint on the phone after a few months use
Setting pictures as a background from phones camera show up Blurry

Overall I still wish Motorola Made this phone or an Improved Model. As the V710 was replaced with the Moto E815

Good phone, for a while


Jul 6, 2007 by yankx51224

I have had this phone for about a year now and it was a great phone when i first got it. the ring tones were loud, nice screen, keys were large and easy to use, and i loved the menu system. About a month ago, the phone really started to act up. It freezes up approx 3 times per day, requiring removal of the battery to fix. Another problem that i had encountered is that the 4 key has lost all response feel. The problem with the 4 key is the most annoying of the 2. I do about 1500-2000 texts per month and having no feel on the ghi key tends to create a lot of problems.

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Great Phone... Gets Old Fast


Jun 21, 2007 by JP0804

alright i would like to say first that i bout this phone because i needed a good phone to take to concerts and would be able to handle rough crowds and my own personal frustration
it served its purpose for the last year
but i'm ready to move on

- Great Reception
- Awsome Sound
- Great Big Screen and Buttons [i recomend highly for older people]
- it took a year of my abuse for the paint and screen to start scratching
- its the only phone that gets reception all over my school including the basement of it
- never had a dropped call
-great to text message on

- the phone seems to freeze everyonce in a while and turns off and on as it pleases
- Pictures arent the best
- video is horrible
- i dont like the fact that it doesnt vibrate and ring at the same time like most phones do
- the camera seems to get dirrty very easily
- when it chargers it seems to have a mind of its own
- the alarm setting doesnt work sometimes

overall it has been trust worthy and has served its purpose it is good for active teens, older people, and moms with kids who like to play with phones

hoped this helped

E815 for alltel


Apr 8, 2007 by devon27

Disapointment would be a good term to describe how I feel.
Motorola could do better.
The old charger connection with the 2 prongs is outdated and makes it become a skill to charge your phone. I find myself having to plug it in half way for it to charge. when it does charge, the light on the phone will not go out. This battery charging problem is not the first time i have experienced it. When i had a V400 I also had the same problem with the same connection. I just want my old sliver back, but alltel cant offer it:(

The size of the buttons (being large) Is a plus, and the big screen, the camera takes great pics too. reception is good too. overall ease and operation is typical motorola genius. I just wish this phone had a usb charging connection.



Nov 15, 2006 by drewbot

I previously owned a T720 and was mildly pleased but wanted to move on to better things. I researched for a few months on the internet fo a phone that could serve as an mp3 player and do everything else. I finally solidly resolved on the E-815.
It has been the perfect phone to me and even though it is beginning to regress from the "cutting edge" it still outdoes any other phone that I have personally seen.


*3 minute video recording with flash card
*Large, high color screen
*Large external screen
*Music player
*Very strong signal
*Easy to use layout
*1.3 MP (1280 x 1024) high color camera
*Lots of built in storage for files


*No external music player buttons
*Volume range is narrow for music
*Video can be a bit pixelated
*Some patience will be needed when downloading with this phone
*Occasional short "glitches" or "freezes"

I've heard stuff about Verizon's problems, but I haven't had any problems with Alltel, which seems to the way to go for a carrier. The phone is a bit large, but not really bulky because it's sleek style balances it's size out.
It's always fun when someone else I know gets a new phone and they think they've got it all until they compare my phone to theirs.
Frequently, I'll be one of the few or the only person that gets a signal at school, church work or somewhere else.
Great phone.

best phone yet


Jun 29, 2006 by scotiez

I've been with verizon for a very long time. My old phone was a Moto T730 which i did like but started to have problems with it. I upgraded to the Moto E815 and from my very 1st call i had great reception. The person i was talking to said i sounded like i was in the same room as they were. The Battery life is excellent. My 1st color screen Phone was the LG vx4400, I hated that phone. From there I went to the T730 and now the E815. Motorola definitely knows how to build a great phone.

Great reception
Very good Battery life before charging
Big Screen with very good quality
Camera is nice all though i purchased this for a phone and not all the little things it can do.
Blue tooth works really good while driving

not in my book anyway.

I would recommend this phone to anyone looking to upgrade or just starting out. You wouldn't be disappointed.

Awesome phone!


Jun 27, 2006 by bowhunter

I have had 2 different phones before this one, one a samsung and the other a Kyocera and both didnt work after a week. Finnally i decided to give Motorola a try and it is awesome, first i has awesome picture quality, and the reception is good also the voice clarity is second to none. This phone is easy to opereate and i recomend it to anyone.

Worth the $49.99!


Jun 16, 2006 by keyrse

Just hooked up with Verizon on June 2, after 5 years with Sprint. In our area, Sprint was clearer, or so I thought.

I took the bait on the free VX5200 and tried it. Couldn't wait to return it and spend the measly $49 for the E815.

Had the Sanyo 3100 with Sprint and loved it. Now have the E815 with Verizon, and love it even more.

In all honesty, this phone is great. Reception has not been a problem, not once. I get better signal with this than the VX5200 did, in the same places. My first phone call, my b/f commented right off the bat that I sounded much better.

Speakerphone works well. Battery life is good for me. I'm still, after 3 days trying to run it down to cycle it. What a problem to have!

We are in the boondocks, so we don't have VCAST available. Can't comment on that.

Interface is not difficult to use. Play with it, if you need to refer to the manual, go ahead. It all seemed pretty easy for me. I'm not perfect but it wasn't nearly as difficult as some posts on other sites have warned.

Someone else commented it is slippery. I agree, my son dropped the phone out of his hand the second day. It is slick and doesn't really have any protruding buttons to catch on to. Good and bad at the same time.

Inside screen is amazing, very impressive in both size and clarity. Outer screen is good. One thing this has over the vx5200 was the fact the outer screen does not shut off to save battery. It always displays the time. I don't know if there is a switch for it or not, I like it that way.

Overall, this phone is the best one of the 2 Verizon ones I've tried, and the 2 Nokia, 1 Samsung (which was awful), 1 Sanyo, and 1 I don't remember the brand.

If you need a phone that does have perks, but is excellent for signal strength, this is the one!

awsome reception


May 24, 2006 by bakemike

I recently upgraded from the moto v265, that was a dismal phone. I was reluctant to buy another motorola because of the v265, but the reception was so good on the v265, and the sales people highly recommended the e815, (only $49 after rebate, very reasonable). I will not be using all of the features of this phone, and I don't care if most of them are crippled, I bought this phone because of reception only. I have to say from the outside it is kinda big and ugly, but I am getting used to it, and it is becoming less of an issue, because when you open it you see a huge beautiful screen and big buttons.


reception is awesome
huge screen
good camera
loud ringers
great voice recognition
EVDO compatible (may use it, may not)
big buttons


build quality (bought insurance)
kinda large (antenna is huge)
old style charger

Overall excells in its phone functions, bluetooth headset works great with this. If moto can build a more solid phone, with this kind of reception they could be the whole package. My old lg vx4400 was a tank and had awesome reception, an almost perfect phone.



May 7, 2006 by ken10hcky

This phone is absolutely amazing. Previous to this I had an LG VX4500, which was a good and solid phone, but the features of the E815 far surpass any other phone I know of. The reception I get on it is much better than any other phone. I am a college student, and at the dorms everyone has to move up against the window to get their phones to pick up a signal, and I had to do this until I got the E815. It is so nice to relax knowing i can go anywhere around the dorm and still pick up a good signal.

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