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You wont regret it!!


Feb 3, 2006 by leathernuts

I got this phone originally when I went with Verizon. Used it for about 2 months and got bored, so I went and got the LG 8100. The E815 is superior ( I used the LG for about 3 months) So I went back and bought another 815 and couldn't be happier.

Call quality
You can actually hear out of the ear piece (had trouble with the LG hearing)
the blue tooth works flawlessly w/ my jabra bt 250v (again- had trouble w/ LG)
feels good in your hand
customizable menu and so on NO RED BANNERS
voice command (way fewer steps than LG)

the only cons are all the toy features- as a communication device, this phone is awesome!!!!!! Which is what I need. I d rather make a call then take a better pic.

no obex transfer
camera delay
only 15 sec video

Well,hope this helps!!

E815 is a GREAT phone and toy


Feb 2, 2006 by jbalta

This phone absolutely ROCKS for just about everything. Not to say it is perfect, but it has done everything I want and more. FYI, I have owned it for over six months now.

*Excellent reception
*Good MP3 player is made great with the HS120 headset because you can answer calls while listening
*Camera phone does well in daylight, mediocre indoors, but what do you expect
*Wireless web (through Verizon for $5 a month) is very good for simple things like checking sports scores, weather and (Yahoo) e-mail.
*Real buttons that my stubby fingers can press; solid feel
*Excellent speakerphone
*Great screens, inside & out
*Excellent battery life
*No, I do not work for Motorola

*Obey Moto (voice commands) works well sometimes but can be quirky
*HS120 headset has button for answering calls, but no pause button for MP3 player
*No function buttons for MP3 player on outside of phone either

Had to reach for cons. Works great as phone, MP3 player, camera & web access device. Not as small and light as other phones, but my wife & son have the Moto V265 & it is "garbage" compared to the E815. Can ski, listen to tunes, and answer phone without removing my helmet. Camera is good in sunlight for 1.3 megapixel model, & you CAN get the pix out of the phone by copying from phone memory to TransFlash card and then transferring to PC (or printing at kiosk). 4" x 6" phots look decent in daylight but indoor shots are grainy. Wireles web is good, if you want basic functionality. The reception is great. I made a call from the base of a local ski area (in a valley), and was "accosted" in the parking lot by a member of the staff who couldn't believe I got reception ("what kind of phone is that?). This has been a zero-regret purchase. My cousin's husband has the E815 and says the bluetooth headphone is awesome.

My extra accessories are:

HS120 stereo headset
car charger
Eva clip holster
256 MB TransFlash card

BUY THIS PHONE!!! You won't regret it.

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Great Bluetooth Capabilities for MacIntosh Users


Dec 13, 2005 by dumblub

Verizon has only allowed us a few Bluetooth phones to choose from and they were very slow in making those available. The E815 was worth the wait.

It is easy to setup and sync with other Bluetooth devices and works seamlessly with Address Book on my Mac computers (running OS 10.4+). I can manage all of my contacts' info in Address Book using the computer's full size keyboard and mouse, transfer it to my phone, and keep it all up to date.

I hadn't anticipated that my iCal calender program would also be automatically updated as well. It even transfers alarms and appointment reminders.

The signal sensitivity, sound quality, and voice recognition dialing are all excellent, especially compared to the LG phones this replaces.

However, the charger receptacle is an abomination and needs to be modernized with a desktop charging stand that is easy to use (like the ones from LG).

I wish that it was possible to buy just a Bluetooth version of this phone without the camera functions, V CAST capability, Mobile Web, and other Gee-whizz fluff.

A Techie's Compromise


Jan 31, 2006 by jbosworth

I've had an LG VX6000 via Verizon for a little over 2 years. The contract expired and I had the bug to upgrade. The LG was just an OK phone as far as reception.

So I researched hard for over 2 weeks. At first, I focused on PDA (or near PDA) capabilities. Looked at Treo 700w, XV6700, VX 9800, Moto RAZR V3 and the Moto E815. Even looked at Blackberry until the big legal hoopla shut that idea down for a while.

Though I have this sort of love/hate thing for Verizon (they have the best coverage for my needs, but charge too much for the "extras" - VCast, Mobile Web, "real" Email), I decided to look at other carriers and their offerings, too. Favorite was Cingular's 8125.

Bottom line, after reading by eyeballs into a blur, I bought the Moto E815 last night. I also bought the Bluetooth accessory package with a Moto HS850 headset, a leather case, and the car charger. Since I had the "New every 2" deal with Verizon, after a mail in rebate, the phone itself will cost me $19.95.

After playing with the phone for several hours, that is a genuine BARGAIN! This phone far exceeds my old VX6000 in features, quality and reception!

I live on a farm that is right on the fringe of suburbia. It isn't way out in the sticks. I can see two cell towers from the property. But I could never get a single bar with the LG here. Last night, as I sat on my living room couch in our 120 year old farmhouse, the E815 booted up with 3 bars!! The back part of the house has a tin roof disallowing even the strongest signal.

But the E815 allowed me to walk freely through the house watching VCast and listening to a local TV weather call with no break in signal. This alone makes my purchase decision absolutely correct.

I paired the HS850 to the phone in about 20 seconds. Works totally as advertised.

I'm a very happy camper so far. My next test will be to synch the phone to my PC Outlook. We shall see....

There is no other phone better than this one


Dec 30, 2005 by randyder

Unbelievably battery life, great reception, loud ring tones and ear piece volume, good size.
That is all matter to me.

I love my new phone!


Dec 6, 2005 by victoriouslauren

I'm new with Verizon Wireless and I purchased the Motorola e815. This phone is actually the best I've had so far but like any phone, it has it's pros and cons.

big beautiful screen

v-cast (which is amazing)

the ring tones are clear and crisp

the camera is cool too cause when you close the phone, you can still take pictures

the video recorder is good too

I like the speakerphone...it's on the side of the phone which is different and I like different!

calls are clear and crisp

it has bluetooth which is a big plus but it doesn't support the wiring of ring tones and pics. I used to have the Motorola v551 from Cingular and I used that to send ring tones and pics to my friends and I can't do that with this phone and now I have to buy them

Also, the last thing would have to be the call waiting. Either I don't know how to work it yet or it's just another thing that needs to be fixed. If I'm on the line with someone and another person calls, I have to get off the phone with that other person before I can talk back to the other person which is kind of annoying.

Overall, AWESOME PHONE!!!!!!

Moto E815 (10 month review)


May 8, 2007 by foneguy

After owning this phone for 10 months now, I can safely say this is likely the best phone that I've owned.

The only issues that I've had, pertain more to the accessories, than the phone, so I will leave my impressions on those out.

I will list my con list first, because that's easier:

-Media player is a pain in the arse to use for multiple songs.
-No ring & vibrate setting
-Would love to have stereo bluetooth
-Bluetooth connection issues need to be worked out, but that's normal on many phones.

A very short list indeed.

The pro list is far longer, and highlights the highs of the phone, of which there are many:

-Amazing signal. I get service in places my Nokia dreamed of.
-Likely the easiest UI since the 5100 series Nokia.
-Great speaker, and speaker quality. Volume is NOT an issue with this phone.
-Nice large keypad.
-Picture quality is good for a 1.3 mega-pixel camera.
-Battery life is average, when compared to other phones in price range, impressive when compared to similar featured phones.
-Can take a beating.
-Good solid feel in the hand. Doesn't feel cheap.
-EVDO is a plus, however, it does seem to be beaten in speed, slightly (tenths of a second), on some pages.

The only things I really wish it had and doesn't are stereo bluetooth, external media controls, and was black instead of grey. Not that it's bad looking, I just like the black version's more professional look.

To sum it up, other than minor irritants (bluetooth connection issues, odd media player issue), I love this phone, and none of the issues are enough to hurt it in any way.

Best phone capability


Apr 29, 2006 by jj2me

Reception, reception (on Verizon in Northeast). It seems the best of all the similar high-end phones out there now. Noticeable difference from my previous LG 4400.

Extras? Comparable to its competitors, LG8100, Samsung a950. Short of those with keyboards (LG V/9800, PDA phones like Treo). After checking out the Treo, I concluded the technology for a decent-enough internet experience is a couple of years away (fold-out screen). Am not a text messager. I may try the $5/mo. internet offering from Verizon to get to Yahoo mail and maps (poor-man's GPS). I tried a bluetooth headset, but sent it back when I realized I don't really talk enough to have yet another device to keep charged and to deal with yet another charger.

- 1GB transflash (phone didn't format, used computer FAT formatting).
- Verizon "Essentials Pack" comes with a nice set of wired stereo headphones with mic.
- Extra capacity battery - seems twice as good as standard.
- Verizon case w/ belt clip. Works with either battery.
- Charger base w/ separate indiv. battery charging slot - need to use a folded slip of paper to get a tight enough fit when charging extended battery.

- Reception - better than LG 8100 or LG V or Samsung a950 or any PDA phones.
- Extra features like camera and MP3 player, are nice to have (although separate devices can serve to do these things).
- Durability seems to be there after a couple of short drops with case on.
- Cheap price ($0 with 2-year commitment)
- Speakerphone

- Sort of ugly and big, especially with case and clip and extended battery. Considered the Razr but like better the e815 features and battery life (especially on Verizon).
- No notepad - need for storing instructions for getting into the special programming mode.
- No analog band (though I had turned off analog in the VX4400 to get much better battery life, at least I had it there to turn on if I were ever in a remote place).

Best choice out of V-Cast phones!


Apr 23, 2006 by ffeje14

This phone is amazing!!! there are so many pros about it. I have had thbe following v-cast phones- LG VX8000, LG VX8100, Audiovox cdm-8940, Samsung sch-a950, Samsung sch-a970 and now the motorola e815 which is by far the best one


-AMAZING inside screen
-decent outside screen very big
-extremly customizable
-MOTO UI not the ugly nasty VZW UI
-Great standard ringtones
-decent camera
-great video capture compared to other phones
-very nice and large buttons (makes for easy texting)
-awesome reception,clarity, and quality
-great speaker volume
-attractive looking
-nice battery life
-fast internet
-fast sending of pix/flix/text messages
-very fast in GET IT NOW
-relatively light
-good size
-great price


-camera could be better but its better than most of the VGA's so im not complaing
-outside screen could have been 65,000 colors but its very bright and large so its no big deal
-a little bit big

Overall this is an excellent choice for someone who wants a phone,toy,and business device!

they should add another star for this phone


Mar 4, 2006 by SCWIDVICIOUS

This is hands down the best phone I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with.

I use verizon, and never lose signal.

after using this phone for 3 months, its proven its self to me in every way. I have recommended this phone to a lot of people.

Features, reception, sounds, usability, almost everything.

From the mp3 player, the memory slot, and that huge inside screen, its amazing. The outside screen shows up no matter how bright it is outside.
It has a good thickness for my hands, the bluetooth, wow. It has its hiccups, but overall, i love that.

Speaker phone, I have actually spoken to people and asked them how it sounds, they were surprised to find I had them on speaker-phone. its that clear, no buckets in this phone unless the lid is closed, then they can tell its on speaker.

I added a 128 meg transflash card, put albums in MP3 form to listen to, along with hundreds and hundreds of pictures, it will still take 3 minute videos (up to 5 min) voice recorder, well its just loaded!!

The only cons I can think of is....
Occasionally the bluetooth hiccups, however that might be headset related. The camera does not always take crystal clear pics, but other times it does.. Overall remember, this is a phone, not a high end camera, but it does the trick. Iv taken hundreds of photos with it.

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