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Just didn't do it for me...


Jul 17, 2005 by darlingnikki

I only had the e815 for a few days before I traded it for the new VX8100. It isn't a bad phone, it just didn't work out for me.

Nice Big Screen
Loud Ringtones
Good Speaker Phone
Camera Wasn't Too Bad
Great Voice Command

Ugly Design
Too Big (Manly For Me)
It Was Crippled Just Like all Verizon phones
Battery Was Horrible
You Call That Vibrate?
Phone Book Is Buggy

I tried Moto & LG and I had to go with the LG. Not because I'm an LG fan, (actually I'm a Samsung fan) But for overall styling and needs the LG worked better for me.

best phone Verizon offers now


Jul 18, 2005 by ejspecv

overall great functioning phone.reception is great here in SoCal. gets reception in places my old vx6000 didnt, and better than the 8100 my friends have. it feels strong and in my opinion looks very cool, not "kiddy". it does what its supposed to do, a cell phone for talking long without dropping calls.

-loud earpiece
-loud speakerphone(usable with flip closed)
-better reception than LG(tested agaisnt my vx6000/vx3200, brothers 7000, girlfriends 8000 and 2 friends 8100)
-longer battery life than others
-big screen
-mp3 playability w/ playlist
-easy voice commands(when options are set right)
-DUN(who wouldnt want to get online in the middle of the park? this is something ive always wanted)
-ability to sync with apple iBook
-more internal memory

-weak vibrate
-no ring+vibrate
-"low battery" beeps even if set to "silent"
-alarm doesnt sound when theres an unread text/unheard vmail prompt

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Very impressive Motorola


Jul 23, 2005 by Portlandguy

It was not difficult making a final decision on a VCast phone. I had my choices narrowed down to the Samsung Sch-a890 and this phone, the Motorola E815. I chose the Motorola because I needed a speakerphone, and the features are endless! This is a must have cell phone!

*Reception is amazing, even in analog areas
*Sound is clear, no static or background noise
*Classiest and sleekest design of any Verizon phone
*Very solid construction, does not feel like a toy
*Speakerphone is decent for highway driving. Ability to use with flip closed
*Internal screen outshines the others
*Sub-display time large and always on
*Camera is great, one of the best 1.3MP
*Trans-Flash card has numerous options, including downloads of pix and MP3S onto phone

There are a few cons, but considered very minor

*Vibrate is weak, just o.k.
*VCAST is a little slow, rebuffering(I believe this is the network though)
*Video camera is o.k., but good in comparison to other phones

If you had a Motorola V710 this is your review 1/2


Jul 19, 2005 by jackzecher

Although my time with the phone has been quite short (since the release date), I have already thoroughly combed it for bugs and careless programming. I have found that this time Motorola has done a rather thoughtful job of mending the extensive bugs that plagued its predecessor, and my previous phone, the V710.
I am an authorized retailer of Verizon wireless phones which means that I have a comfortable knowledge of virtually all Verizon phones. However this does not mean that I am bias (I was very disappointed in the V710).
The problem areas for the V710 that have since been caught by the 815 builders are as follows:

(These are the collective opinions of myself, and many of my store customers).

- The Advanced Speech Recognition was cool, but took way too long to connect, with the prompt asking at least 3 or more questions just to make each call. The 815 solved this problem with a simple "call(*name)" command.

- The outer display only had 5 wallpaper choices, which would correspond to the color style of the phone. The 815 solved this buy having the wallpaper on the main display also set to the outer display.

- When a transflash was inserted with mp3's on it, more than one song could not be played without selecting another. On the 815, playlists can be set. (With the new 256 cards expected out soon, this means for a makeshift ipod).

- The most important improvement on the 815 is the battery life. The 710 had a disappointing 173 minutes of talk time and 165 hours of standby time, while the 815 has 280 minutes talk and 280 hours standby.

- One complaint of the V710's 1.2 megapixel camera was that that it was dark and dull. The 815's 1.3 megapixel camera is surprisingly sharp and bright. That .1 megapixel really does do the trick.

Continued on next review...

Very nice phone overall


Jul 18, 2005 by aopa1070

I was a little hectic in buying a motorola phone for I know how bad they have been. I work for Cingular and all the motorola phone they have had right now are breaking left and right. Our store refuses to sell them. I had the 8940 to start with and I enjoyed it very much. Then I took it back to get the 8100 and it wasnt worth its money at all. Now I have the E815.

great reception.
long battery life.
great sounding speaker for music.
loud speaker phone and earpiece.
loud ringer.
bluetooth reception is good.
good resolution on inside screen.
great camera.

very very light vibrate mode. (you can barely feel it when your holding it)
bad resolution on outside display screen.
dust gets trapped in camera screen.
phonebook is annoying but you can live with it.

Bye Bye Sprint...Hello Alltel


Jun 15, 2006 by SprintTampaBay

Sweet, really nice phone blows away the Samsung A920 I had...Very functional, great speaker and awesome reception...plus Alltel's service is so much better...my Sprint service was terrible in my office, my phone was constantly searching for service and had too be charged every day...with my new Alltel service I have 4 bars in my office great reception and I haven't charged my battery in 3 days...

Excellent combination...Alltel/Motorola E815, bye bye Sprint/Samsung...

I like it.........


Oct 18, 2005 by Dream Theatre

Definitely a good upgrade from the V710. The menus are faster especially if you use short cuts like I do. The V710 lagged where as the 815 goes instantly to a short cut. The battery life so far with the extended battery has been better than the V710. I get about 6:15 min of talk time on the extended and the 710 got about 4:30 to 5:00(Of course, that is not keeping it in standby or using any of the features) I like the 1000 capacity phone book and the voice dialing menus are a huge improvement. Plus lots of memory and better camera (I never use the camera as I own a 5MP that is smaller in size than the phone itself) I am sure next year there will be something bigger and better but for now, this is definitely satisfactory.

High price for the features.


Oct 2, 2005 by nhopper

I had high expectations, considering the cost for this phone. It delivers in some key areas -
1. camera quality
2. voice quality
3. bluetooth capabilities
4. voice recognition features
5. overall look and feel
6. speakerphone
7. ability to use mp3s as ringtones

but it fails in some very significant areas -
1. dependency on BREW and GIN for simple things like games
2. price/performance
3. RF performance (reception performance is substandard)

Item #3 is a significant factor in the phone. I replaced a Samsung a530s with the e815. Changing nothing but the phone, I noticed a significant degredation in reception in my apartment. Where once I could talk on my couch, I can barely do so now with this phone. In another part of my apartment (ok, the bathroom), the phone switches from Verizon to the extended network. This *never* happened before. Granted, I can still make calls, but extended network features are not up to par with Verizon native features.

High points on the phone include the bluetooth, mp3 ring tones option, and the nice heft to the phone -- it just feels solid. We all know how Verizon handicaps the phone in a way that should really be considered unethical and illegal. It's a shame hobble a great phone with the crap they pull, but I really just wanted to use dial-up-networking and a headset with the phone. DUN is simple to enable using the keypad, and I had no issues pairing an older Jabra BT200A with the phone.

In fact, Bluetooth performance withe headset-phone pairing is significantly clearer than when I used the Jabra with it's little basestation intended for non-BT phones.

As for the feel, it's a pain in the ass to swap batteries, but Motorola has securely attached the backplate to the phone. It was common for other phones, when dropped, to start shedding parts like vehicle rollover. The battery attachement prevents this.

The e815 shines, but not at $200 on a 1 year contract or $150 on a 2 year. A proper price is $129 (as of 10/2/05).

E815 has echo sound with land lines calls


Sep 19, 2005 by oldfart

Both my wife and I want to drop ATT/Cinglular. In Houston ATT was OK. In the San Jose Bay area, drop calls!! And my wife complained her ATT phone had low volume, small buttons, and small contact list fonts. She never learned how to turn up the volume buttons, honestly!

We are both mid 50s, and our vision is not young. So the search began. I search for a phone, with big contact list fonts, speaker-phone and voice dial. Don't care for Camera or Bluetooth.

I purchased Sprint's LG VI-125 and PM-225. #2 issue, only 50% ov voice dial worked, call "HOME" never worked. #1 issue, zero bar at home. Returned.

On voice dial, you say the name, then the phone says the name back. On LGVX 8100, the volume playback was so low, I could barely hear it in a quiet area. I wish I could have found a LG VX800 to try.

I purchased a V276(I love this phone for me) and the E815 for my wife. She loved the phone.

The MOTOR0LA voice dial REALLY WORKS!!!

But on the E815, we were getting bad ECHO on land lines to family memnbers. I had 4 bars. For two days I would try my V276, E815, and the house's land line. SPEAKER-PHONE ON and OFF. Volume low, volume high. I talked to Verizon. Finally I took the phone back and swapped for another. Even the second E815 had echo, not as bad as the first, but still present. All this time, my V276 had clear calls to the same land lines numbers, even with its spearker-phone ON and OFF.

Finally I swapped the E815 for a V710. NO ECHO!! And like the V276, signal is strong, and the voice dial WORKS GREAT!!

Wife is happy. The fonts are not as big as the E815, but easier to read then most. The E815's keypad was great, the V710's keypad is CHEAP!!. The V710's keyboard in the VW store was falling apart.

From playing with phones in the stores, for the last 4 weeks, and being a previous LG owner. I still think LG's durability is better then Motorola. But Motorola still does better what a phone should do, provide clean and clear calls.

E815- Great Phone, Battery Life is Horrible


Aug 7, 2005 by mike9031

The phone is everything everybody said it is. Just the battery life is horrible. I got this phone last Friday and have charged it completely fri, sat, sun, tues, thurs and again sat. Granted the previous sat and sun was because I was playing with the camera and messing with all of the settings, but the battery sucks. My wife got the same phone and she doesn't have a clue how to use the phone other than its main purpose. And for hers we had to charge it on fri, sun, wed and sat. Every time we had a LOW BATTERY warning and that annoying beep. My wifes phone had 2 out of 3 bars yesterday afternoon and we came home from dinner and it was off. I turned it on and it beeped and said LOW BATTERY. So I charged it and wasn't to concerned because my phone still had 2 out of 3 bars and i last charged it thursday (2 days earlier). Son of a B****, my phone beeped at 4 AM. The battery was dead, so i unplugged hers (it said charge complete) and put mine in. I called VZW and they said that 2 days was normal. And said that the 11 days they quote on there website is an estimate and under ideal circumstances. I said this is BS for a new phone and she said that i could buy and extended life battery for $60 and that one would last 4 days of standby. Nice try, she must get a commission. Again this phone reception is great, speaker phone is no different then holding the phone to your ear. Voice dialing is good, but bit of advice, when you save names in your phone book, spell them phonically. i.e. my father-in-laws name is Mahlon. Well the phone doesn't pick that up so I saved his name as Mail In. And it picks it up every time.

Great Phone, just fix the battery life and this phone is a must have.

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