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One awesome phone


Jul 19, 2005 by Axe0312

This phone is hands down the best phone I have ever owned. Features are boundless and perfect. My E815 is with Verizon in the Cleveland, OH area.

-Very strong signal. My phone gets 4 bars while my mom's Treo 650 is struggling to keep two.
-Sharpest, clearest screen on a phone I've ever seen.
-Changable skins are awesome.
-Loud ringtones/speakerphone
-Color outer display which can show picture ID and be used as a camera screen also.
-Very quick UI
-Sleek looking phone.
-Nice camera, video.
-Mp3 player is awesome.
-Good, solid feeling size.
-Can customize everything.
-Strong battery life.
-Plays nice Vcast videos
-Bluetooth included.
-Nice keypad.

-Ringtones that come with the phone are lame.
-Wallpapers aren't the best.
-Arrow navigation key rather small.

All in all, this phone is one of the most feature packed awesome phones out there. If you are thinking about this phone, I highly reccomend it. I'll take this one over the non-functional 8100 any day. Way to go, Motorla!

How do you improve the Honda of Verizon, Release the E815!!!


Jul 18, 2005 by eric815

As an owner of the Motorola V710 since its launch late July last year, I was very happy with my V710. My phones prior were the Samsung i700, LG 4400, Motorola V60, Motorola Startac 7860, Motorola Flip Phone DPC550. Before my 710, I tried out others and have since tested my 710 and nothing came close to that match on Verizons network until now: the E815.

Ever hear the slogan "if it aint broke, dont fix it", Well Motorola just decided to tweak it to be better. And it is, so I just made the upgrade to the E815.

My top criteria was voice quality and reception. Of all the phones on Verizon's service, only the Motorla V710 and E815 wins hands down. My home in Scotch Plains NJ is in an area of weak signal due to the town not wanting towers. Everyone that has come to my home with their Verizon phones could not get a signal, while my V710 and now E815 can get at least 2 or 3 bars.

Next on my criteria of features was my ability for it to be a data powerhouse! Prior my V710 allowed my Pocket PC to connect ot the internet via DUN and Bluetooth. Now not only can the E815 connect my Pocket PC to the internet over Bluetooth (after enabling DUN with ##DIALUP), but it also can do so over EVDO speeds.

Finally to make improve the V710 to be the E815, motorola tweaked out all the little nuances.
1) They made the little rubber nubs under the keypad larger, so the screen is not scratched when flipped closed.
2) The keypad is easier to feel and use.
3) The voice dial menu is improved and more functional.
4) Battery included has a higher capacity (unfortunately, the backing is slightly raised to accomidate the battery).
5) The external clock turns into an inversed LCD clock always on. (The V710 would just turn off entirely).
6) Camera takes picters much better than the V710 (brighter and less grainy).
7) Double the memory for contacts
8) More internal memory for pictures, media, etc.
9) Refined Menu system with new graphics.
10) EVDO!!!! VCAST!!!!


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Jul 18, 2005 by mustangguy68

I had the 8100 and returned for this baby! Huge difference is sound quality, reception, and much less crippled!


Call quality
OBEX abilities(read forum for more info)
Beautiful UI
Speaker phone with flap closed
Camera crisp
Ringers very loud
Real MP3 player


VCast slow(maybe Verizon's fault)
Some bluetooth crippling, but can work around most of it

All in all, this phone works for me and just feels solid. I needed a cell phone with good reception and call quality, and this one has it along with all the bells and whistles!

THIS PHONE ROCKS!!!! Better than lg8100


Jul 20, 2005 by Grigor725

I love this phone! it has great reception, and Vcast is great. The vcast games are awesome like Asphault URban Gt, and SWAT.
-Reception the best EVER
-sound quality
-Ring tones that come with the phone are prettty good better than LG models.-
- Wallpaper is pretty good the water is the best!-
-Camera is crisp and clear!
-The internal screen is bright and SO dang crisp!
-menus are easy to navigate
-video recording is alright
-if u hack into the server u'll uncrippple dun wich is AWESOME
-normal size not to big not to small.
-buttons have a nice feel -
- The whole phone has a nice feel-

NONE except a very minor con get it now is not used to the phone so all the normal games aren't there like tetiris

thats this phone rocks and any1 with half a brain will get it.

P.S. dnt get the lg8100 it sucks to bulky and not smooth, and mp3 is screwed. moto e815 all the way!!!

Motorola E815


Oct 4, 2009 by boogard31

This is my first time I have done a review for a phone on Phone Scoop. I read these reviews and I just don't understand how all these people get screwed up phones. I have owned my E815 for over 3 years and I have never had ANY of the problems that most of these folks talk about. I have beat hell out of this phone and it still works till this day. The charging problem 99% of the people talk about, in my world, is a myth. I plug my E815 and it charges every time. If I have to say one bad thing about this phone is the vibrate feature. It could be stronger.

I know I'm going to anger some people but I have an idea.....LEARN to use the phone first, it might help you in the future.

Loved It!


Dec 12, 2007 by ronigirl

I had this phone from Alltel and I absolutely loved it! The only thing I hated about the phone was it was just too bulky and the 1.3 mp camera, but then again if I want to take pictures I should just use a camera!

Moto 815 a winner so far


Jun 27, 2006 by pra8f6ab

The main reason I went with the 815 was reception in a fringe area and so far it works very well and other than the user manual being a bit cryptic I'm liking the phone.

Pros: Works as advertised and as promoted by the Verizon dealer which makes it a very good choice.

Con: Hard if not impossible to read in bright sunlight but I'm sure this is typical.

I sampled phones from Verizon, Sprint and US Cellular in the moto/verizon combo came out on top if only slightly and I attribute that to the Moto phone that Verizon let me use while the others only offered somewhat cheaper phones.

Thoroughly Impressed


Feb 9, 2006 by izzykareem

I honestly have to give this phone the highest mark of any phone i have ever had and i have been with four different companies and had phones with each of them of course. The camera is great, can be a little fuzzy in low light situations but if you want a good picture, buy a camera.

The sound quality is excellent. The ringer is loud enough to wake you up. Voice commands are sweet. Removable memory card. The only CON, and maybe i ought to read the manual it might be there, is i wish you could turn down the ringer without opening the phone...that's the only CON i can think of for this awesome phone.

and just to let you know...i think in normal mode, i can store 480 pictures in it.

great phone but problems


Nov 15, 2005 by radioshackfreak

i currently work at a radioshack and sell verizon phones, and i chose to upgrade my lg vx6000 which was not getting the reception i needed, living in a basement. so i purchased this phone and is superior in the reception category and uncompareable in verizon phones. however, this phone has many glitches that seem to happen. i had my phone for about two months and the phone screen on numerous occasions would go blank and freeze up. so, i ask to receive a new one and this one seems to do the same. the phone seems to freeze up every once in a while which isn't to distracting for what the phone provides.
-quality reception
-large and durable
-nice sound
-cool ring tones
-1.4 mp camera

Is it possible to love a communications device?


Sep 7, 2005 by unbreakable

I did the "math" and research ahead of time and could BARELY wait until my "New Every Two" time kicked in! I bought one for me and one for my wife! We LOVE this phone! Oh, the only 'CON' so far is that it won't remind my wife to 'Lock' her keypad when she's carrying it around. I wonder what Moto has two years out?

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