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It's a CDMA Nokia candy bar phone w/ camera & FM


Jan 12, 2007 by JebusWankel

Small & light. When i first got this phone I was afraid I would drop it it's so small. I didn't.

Reception is good. On par with Samsung a950, better than Audiovox CDM-8615. Keep your fingers away from the antenna (top back).

Screen is visible in direct sunlight, unlike above Audiovox, whose screen is absolutely impossible to see without the backlight. Screen is not big, but that's what you get with a small candybar phone. Neither bright nor vibrant colors but serviceable. I keep the phone in my pocket and the screen has a few light scratches visible from some angles but not with the backlight on or viewing directly.

Translator application is cute but worthless. It doesn't know "hello".

The joystick is there to save space on the face of the phone. It's not for everyone so try it out first.

I like how the volume rocker is small and out of the way but still accessible.

The camera is just about worthless IMHO. The shutter speed is so slow I can't believe it. 5 seconds! I tried lowering the resolution and picture quality but to no avail. To worsen the situation there is no fast way to get to the camera. There is no dedicated camera button. The only way to the camera takes four keypresses, as opposed to one press for a phone with a dedicated camera button. I may be making too much of this but I can't imagine using a VGA camera phone for anything but quick snapshots and this camera will miss all the action.

The FM radio is a nice feature, but make sure your earphones/wired headset work. Mine only give me mono although the phone supports stereo. My earphones are the standard blue Verizon stereo ones.

Good battery life. Full bars for 1-2 days then 1 day after you lose one bar the battery is dead.

The keylock serves as a bonus IQ test for your friends. I don't know why but some people can't do it. It's easy for me.

No free games.

Nokia UI, not Verizon, which I hate.

I've had the phone for 6 months. I've VZW. All other phones mentioned are Verizon phones.

Solid Dependable Phone


May 10, 2006 by t0mmyblueyz

I'm a super picky phone person. After breaking my fair share of LG Flip Phones, I decided to go back to this Nokia Candy Bar. (I had a Nokia from Cellular One/Cingular for 4 years -- it still works and was abusd to hell)

Anyways, quick review:

Phone works great, great reception (and its all digital) -- I have more bars in places where my VX-6100 did not. The joystick took me all of a day to get used to.

The speakerphone leaves much to be desires. In comparing it with the LG VX-6100 -- the speaker on the Nokia's side (a small slitted port) is no match in loudness for the speaker on the LG. I also miss the "Driving Mode" from the LG -- that allowed you to speak digits to call and would announce the number or callers name when an incoming call came. Also, the LG had a dedicated up of the 4 way rocker to turn on the speaker during a call that was unaffected by the dialing of digits...

i.e. you call you voicemail, enter your password so there are digits on the screen you've dialed -- you can still hit up to turn it on or off, the Nokia you have to "clear" all the numbers first before you can access the spkr. toggle button again.

The screen is great - while the LG's was definately brighter, the Nokia's can be red in DIRECT sunlight... the LG's just washed right out.

Another small annoyance was with such a new phone you shouldn't have to record "voice tags" to voice dial, the LG didn't need to be "trained".

The build quality on the Nokia is far superior, however, they take a beating and keep on going.

The battery life is so-so, but charges from dead to full in about 1.5hrs so its not a big deal.

The predictive text learns words after you "spell" enter them in -- however, for a phone with 10MB of memory it seems to overwrite them quickly and forget older words. My cheapy "Nokia Shorty" - the Virgin Mobile one - has remembered every word since I started using it.

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Absolutely a fine phone


May 8, 2006 by skybound77

In the 8 days I've had this phone now, it's been absolutely flawless! It should be of course being that new! I don't anticipate any trouble with it!

Pros: Everything about this phone! It is a Nokia after all!

Cons: What cons?! None!

I trust I won't have any with it either! Will give a further review in the coming weeks! Thank you Nokia and US Cellular!!!

The Way That You Use It


Apr 7, 2006 by GravityFails

I've gone through a bunch of Alltel phones in the last six weeks, trying to find one that will work well in my low-signal area. I've used a V710, a Razr, an LG AX5000, a Kyocera Slider, and now the Nokia 6235i. I can say without reservation that these are good phones, but the 6235 trumps them all with one simple feature:

It works as a phone.

Previously, in order to get decent reception, I had to stand by the Magic Window(tm)--one window in the southeast corner of my house that, through some strange Tesla-esque radio anomaly, seems to collect a good signal. The 6235 eliminates the need for the Magic Window(tm), because it finds a solid, workable signal with clear reception anywhere in my place, a accomplishment which no other phone has been able to boast.

In terms of quality, the screen obviously isn't as slick as the Razr's or the Slider's, but that's really my only gripe. The fact that I can make and receive calls from anywhere is enough to obviate the desire for flashy, less-functional devices such as the Razr and the Slider, the latter of which routinely failed to hold a digital signal in my area. While the call quality on the Slider was second-to-none, it became a challenge simply to get connected. No such problem with the 6235.

The joystick does take some getting used to, but after the new, play-with-it-for-hours phase wears off, it's not such a big deal. The FM radio and the camera are each above-average, and the phone itself has a solid feeling to it without being heavy; no creaks or rattles here.

Many consumer phone complaints can be attributed to network problems, but the 6235 destroys the grading curve for other Alltel phones in Southern Georgia with its wonderful reception and Swarovski-clear voice quality. It's definitely worth at least a look from anyone who's in the market for a CDMA bar phone.

The next great CDMA Nokia!


Mar 26, 2006 by Tacoasm

I just got this phone with Verizon. It is great.

Great reception
great battery life
great feature set
awesome ergonomics
on and on...

The only con is that the ringer sometimes sets itself on "ascending" but that's a very mild inconvenience.

Highly reommended!

Decent Phone From Nokia


Apr 10, 2006 by LazerWolf

I've had this phone with VZW since December, and I can say that it is holding up pretty well.

It has good reception; even though at home it will show from four to six bars on the signal meter, there are no problems dropping calls or any kind of interference. Have made call with like one or two bars, especially at work, and no problems making and holding a call signal. Don't know why people freak out if their signal meter shows less than maximum.

This is my first Nokia to own, but have used them at work. I like the Go To feature and the way Profiles work. The phone lock,(not the key lock), takes more work than I'd like, but I like the phonebook search. Another review stated they didn't like the search box taking up space, but all you have to do is scroll down a name or entry, then press the Back button, and search box disappears.

Other posts have commented on the buttons moving or floating too much, like they're gonna fall out or something. If the keyboard is like some other phones, it is usually a one piece membrane, so the likelihood of a key falling out are not that great.

The toggle button took a bit getting used to, but now it is nothing to use it for all functions.

All in all, a real nice phone to have IMHO.

Really Good Basic Phones.


Oct 16, 2006 by chocolateman85006

This was one of many phones that I had. It was a great phone with only a few flaws

VGA camera (you get what you pay for {in this case i paid $0})
No headset included for radio.
Little memory

Great reception
Clear FM radio
Very compact
Easy to push buttons
Changeable banner (small deal to some, but big to me)

Good basic phone. I traded it in for the Q. It's doing good so far (87 out of 100%). Let's hope that that was a smart move.



Feb 13, 2006 by Jubes

I got this phone from USCC about a week ago and so far have only charged it once- 3 days ago and still have 2 battery bars. I really wanted the Motorola v323, but got this one instead and actually think I may be glad.

-Awesome signal- have had pretty much full strength the entire time

-Awesome battery life

-Simple and easy to navigate interface

-Good camera quality

-Ringer gradually gets louder on downloaded ringtones- no apparent way to change it

-Buttons are small and joystick is a little tricky to get used to

-Doesn't flip

All in all- it's a great phone and unless you are a person with HUGE hands, the small buttons and joystick are only annoying in the beginning. I would say well done, Nokia and USCC.



Jan 27, 2006 by sumfilipinodude

I recently upgraded to this phone. So far, it's pretty nifty. It has an appealing shape and design so it doesn't look awkward and boring. The display is great and i love the camera. It's not a 1.3 megapix but it's still good enough for me, compared to other cameras i've seen. The features are slightly limited due to Verizon's few cuts and snips to this phone.

-Size, shape, look
-Fun menu grid
-Reliable camera
-Around 3 minutes of video

-Joystick might hurt a little bit and takes a while to get used to
-Language translator doesn't have that many words. It can translate "table" but not "closet"
-You have to go through a couple of things to get to your phonebook

Overall, i good phone. I am pleased. I hope to download some cool MP3 ringtones, games, and wallpapers as well. This wasn't what i originally hoped for (i wanted the 6256i) but it's not bad. I love Nokia's simple menu system, unlike Motorola.
I do recommend this phone !

Looking for a great candybar? This is it!


Mar 13, 2006 by kmcfarlin

For anyone who is looking to stay away from a flip phone style, the Nokia 6235i is a great place to start. Nokia interface is genuinely easy to get used to. It was a great idea to use CDMI technology.

Unlike most other phones with radios, this one does not require any additional extention. The "extention" comes with the phone.

I have had great signal, typically 3 to 4 bars. However, there have been instances when I have had only one bar. The phone still sounds great (with one bar)! My carrier is U.S. Cellular, located within Metropolitan Saint Louis, MO limits.

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