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I was so excited until...


Dec 12, 2005 by ColdWhiteLight

I am really big text messager. I send probably 20-30 messages a day. The only thing that really kills me is that this joystick completely gets in the way. When I reply to a message. I press the stick over when I get to a button that has the same letter on it so I can type another, and it will send the message uncomplete. I also have problems with navigation. I will want to go left or right in my menu, and I will push to the direction but I somehow manage to select a menu option I do not want. I do like the sleakness of the phone. Very small and lightweight. Here's my list:

- Lightweight
- Small
- Nice design
- Good reception


- Joystick - What is up with that thing? Annoying

- VGA camera is terrible (same quality as the 6255, but VERY SLOW and the delay makes taking a picture worthless because by the time it does take a picture, most of the people have either moved, quit smiling or they blinked)

- Voice quality isn't very good

I had originally started to submit a review previously stating how good I thought the phone was. Now I am very glad I waited so that I had time to find out this phone was annoying.

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Dec 9, 2007 by litpooh78


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My Nokia 6235i


Jun 22, 2007 by I Sell Phones

I know some folks would say it is a little early for me to submit a review on this phone, but what the hey. I've had this phone since mid-late October of '06, it is the phone I picked to get through the company I work for, and it has not upset me yet. Except when I am over by or in my house and it drops the call(I live somewhat in a remote area). Or by the Medical Center area. The minor inconvenience of stepping outside of my house to use my cell makes for an easy fix. Everywhere else in San Antonio it does work, best signals I get are downtown, and NE part of town. I would strongly suggest to get this phone if any customer was looking for a nice little candy-bar style phone.

-decent sound quality
-interchangeable face/back plates
-easy to use menu
-decent battery life(depending on use)
-picture/video camera
-voice memo record(set as ringtone)
-internet accessible/downloadable

-non bluetooth
-not a whole heck of a lot of memory for your extras and no SD,micro SD, MMC, or tranflash card slot
-not all that great of a signal in remote areas

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Durable and dependable---just like I like my men.


May 15, 2007 by ActionFigureStepho

I've had this phone for nine months, and I always get clear reception. I've used it up on Lake Erie in Ohio down to the Gulf in Florida without a glitch.

The bar design is extremely durable. I've dropped, soaked and mutilated this phone in countless ways and it still looks new.

The camera quality isn't great, but it's the picture messages it sends are clear which is really what's important in a cell phone camera.

The ring tones are nice and loud, and I never have a problem with my speaker volume.

Zoom is sort of funny.
Picture and text messaging are sent through a different application, which is sort of inconvenient.
Doesn't support true tone ring tones.
Battery indicator is sort of funny. It will stay "full" for three or four days, but as soon as it starts to lose bars it shoots down over the course of a few hours. Not a very accurate meter, I suppose.

This is a great dependable phone, especially for someone who lives in a bad reception area. Also, if you're tough on electronics this should withstand the test of your abuse far better than any clamshell design.

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Good Nokia in Metroland


May 11, 2007 by diner8well

Mine is with MetroPCS in Ft.Lauderdale,FL.for 1-2/3 yrs. Having had a very basic Nokia 2270 for the 2 previous yrs.with Metro that I liked, I wanted to upgrade to a phone with a built in antenna. I like Metro's very basic Nokia 2116i, yet it doesn't have a standard headset plug, so I got the Nokia 6235i instead. It has whistles and bells I wasn't seeking, but now I'm glad I have. ///////PROS: good sound quality (both listening and transmitting)---very decent talk time (personally tested multiple times at 3.75 hrs.)---adjustable backlight duration (much appreciated)---excellent reception (have done side by side comparison with other phones). After Hurricane Wilma (Oct.'05), everything was damaged, including phone service. Mine hung in there, sometimes barely, with 1 or 2 bars, yet I was able to receive and make every phone call. Overall, I seemed to do better than most of my friends, even those with landlines and different carriers.---efficient joystick (correct term?)---logical, classic Nokia menu set-up and operation---crisp, rich graphics---camera/video adequate (haven't compared to others)---glitch free operation (I maintain it by removing the battery every 2 wks. or so; something like rebooting a computer, I think).---Rapid charger provided with phone is rapid (1-1/2 hrs.,empty to full)---overall very durable(keypad, battery, structural integrity, etc.).---light,compact "candybar"---interchangable covers (can be found at flea markets and dealers, and of course Nokia ///////CONS: speakerphone a little quiet (have heard better)---some displayed numbers, letters and symbols a little difficult to read sometimes (have seen better). ///////I'd recommend this phone even if it had to be bought used, at this time.

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Finally the Perfect PHONE!


Feb 20, 2007 by xyzpdq123456

Ok so I have had tons of phones....I just love getting a new phone...but this one is a keeper! I have had this phone for 3 months and love it! I was able to transport everything (pictures, ringtones, games, videos, etc) from my 6255i via infared. It worked so quickly! And the memory on the info sheet is wrong! IT has 14MB not 10! It holds a ton! I have over 450 pics and the meomry is not even half full! Sweetness! I just love it I have so many PROS!

Small Size- (its as long as my 6255i when closed~!)
Joystick- Saves space and is so cool!
Ringtones- SOSOSO Many!
Keys- at first I was like these are way to small, but they are placed so well that I can text super fast even with fat fingers!
Camera- VERY good!
battery life- last forever!
media gallery-organizational!
UI-Super easy!
Profiles- love them!

no flash on camera
cannont type text message while one is sending!

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A very nice Verizon [phone.


Dec 31, 2006 by teeshchicago

The Verizon version of this phone is very good. I have great signal and the phone has a beautiful color display. I wish Verizon still had this phone for new customers, I enjoyed only having to pay 19 dollars for the phone. It is the best Verizon phone out there. 5 out of 5 for my rating.

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Great phone


Jul 31, 2006 by binggoy79

I got this phone back in March and I have been pleased with this phone since then.

- good size
- Interface is a good change from the normal red Verizon format
- Battery life is excellent, although I like to charge it at 2 bars left
- User friendly
- Easy to handle

-cannot assing a downloaded ring tone to a specific contact(solution: make a caller group for them if its only one)
- Ascending ring tone on downloaded tones
- No picture ID. Took it to a Verizon Store and they could not figure it out.

I used to have a bad signal in my apartment in San Gabriel, CA with the old LG VX600(1st camera phone for Verizon, but with this new software, I have signal everywhere. I really wanted to get away from the flip phones for a while so I chose this. I like Nokia's product because its reliable. My first cell phone was a nokia (forgot the number) but it was reliable then too. Overall, very pleased. Highly recommended.

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Not Too Bad


Jul 21, 2006 by jbeal

Phone has great reception, the joystick takes time to get used to, but overall it is a great phone!

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best phone ever


Jul 15, 2006 by chitoboy

absolutely love this phone. it has alot of features i especially love the predictive text. everything is simple to use, no more messing the phone up because you got confused with what you did. great camera almost as good as mega pixel camera. get this phone you'll love it. i hate flip phones which is perfect for me. great style more features then the razr and about the same size. battery life is great. the keys are so easy to press, much easier then the razr's keys. everything is customizable to fit your life style and needs. these are the only bad things about it: the scroll key is alittle hard to use and is tedious to use, only ten mega bytes of memory, no memory slots. but there is soooo much more features(that out way the bad) that we actually use everyday giving you the full benefit of this phone not like some phone that have features we don't even use. get it now while you can

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