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They got the touchdown but missed the field goal.


Mar 28, 2005 by HeroPsychoDreamer

Like the title says, Sony Ericsson scored big time with me with this phone, but they missed the extra point. But, like everything in this world, it has it's flaws. And somethings can't even be considered flaws, just not easily adapting to one's personal preference. So, here's my break down of Pro's, Con's.

-Large display; 262,000+ colors.

-Nice blue back-lit keys.

-Slide button to lock the keypad.

-Expandable memory via Memory Stick Duo, up to 128MB.

-Sliding cover the the camera lens.

-Bright LED light for the camera (Works alot better as a flash light though).

-External charging indicator.

-1.3 Mega Pixel camera with video recording.


-Easy, user friendly menu's.

-Easy to use/browse through contact list.

-Built-In AIM and Yahoo Messenger.

-MP3 Support.

-Speaker is loud when playing MP3's.

-Can access net when in-call.


-Swivel form factor.

-Speaker phone is too quiet.

-Number keypad set-up and design.

-You have to adjust volume every time you play a different MP3 in the File Managing folder.

-Can't customize incoming message alert.

-The first incoming message alert doesn't fully play, it only plays the very end of it, in turn making only a short beep sound.

-If key volume is turned on, it's not continuous, it doesn't sound off sometimes or it doesn't sound off completely.

-Semi-slow menu's speed, but only in the main menu and if you're trying to browse it quickly.

-Phone crashes when trying to access certain HTML websites.

-No "Enter Address" option in the net menu. (The above reason being for this).

-Can't erase pictures that come with the phone and messaging templates.

-The placement of the microphone, my cheek constantly rubs over it or covers it.

-Can't play games while in-call.

Sure, there are as many or almost as many Con's as Pro's, but the Pro's outweigh the Con's by far as far as importance goes versus dislike/annoyance. The Con's forced me to knock one point off. Past that, it's an amazing phone.



Mar 27, 2005 by cingularboi01

I must say I love this phone. I received mine on Friday and have hardly put it down! Every one I have shown the phone to is like " Where can I get one!!"

Great Screen
Incredible reception on the Cingular (and Tmobile) networks (was able to unlock my phone:)) The signal meter hasn't fluctuated below 4 any where I have been in metro Atlanta.
Speaker is second to none (phone-wise that is)
Bluetooth syncs very well and has a much greater range than my Nokia 6230.
Memory Stick Duo is simple to use. Unit comes with a 32MB MSD but MSD's are available up to 512MB as I have found so far.

Cannot turn off the camera shutter sounds.

If any one is considering The Moto Razr V3, I would say go with the the S.E. S710 instead. It is a much better phone with SO many more features for the $$.

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awesome phone


Mar 23, 2005 by scuba8145

Camera is awesome-good for appraisers
Battery life is good for a large screen
262k color display
memory stick and duo included
great call quality
easy to use menu
fast Internet navigation

lag in menu navigation
location of microphone. rubs on face and is sometimes covered by cheek

overall great phone.if you have $450 burning a hole in your pocket i would get the sony over the moto razr

Better Than Razr? Yes!


Mar 19, 2005 by pperez0622

I think that this phone has it all! What more can they put into a phone!


Mp3 player
Camera (200K colors)
Video w/ flash, zoom
Memory Stick
...And extras!


The only thing that I have a problem with is the lack of a radio, but that's okay. Also, the menu kind of lags a little, but it may be me being too excited experimenting with it!

A pretty good phone, I think, based on some of the phones I have owned, that Sony Ericsson's phones have better software, and that's why I feel that this phone is better than Motorola's razr.

What is he talking about?


Feb 28, 2005 by pyrofenix

GLH is just mad he hasn't gotten this phone that he won!

The phone size really shouldn't be an issue. It's a good size and very well balanced. The camera on the phone is really impressive (uses a CCD sensor like digital cameras vs. a CMOS sensor which other camera phones use). I haven't had any problems with using bluetooth or any other function of this phone.

The OS does seem a bit slow but not horribly so. I'm sure a firmware update will fix that issue.



Jul 11, 2005 by vinnyfrancisco


Excellent Phone!!!!!!!!!


Feb 21, 2005 by cell-dude-guy

Pros: It comes with the memory stick, the adapter, the reader, the software, the headset, and even the string attachment, not a bad deal!!

Feels nice and sturdy, a superior design and a great camera, plus i love the media player.

Good memory, great display with excellent color and clarity.... a great phone all in all!!!!!

Cons: The phone goes from screen to screen a bit slow, and when it is locked, the screen seems to blink/flicker.... but these are small problems, i think this phone is excellent!!!!!!!!!!

ONE SWEET PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mar 5, 2005 by crashover_ride69

I love it!!!!! the phone is easy to use, and has a great camera. Well worth the money. I am a wireless retailer so I know my phones, and this my friends is a great buy.


easy to use

great camera

good RF output

clear speaker phone


OS is kinda slow, nothing a software update couldn't fix.

Sony needs to make screen protectors

battery life is ok but not what it says

if your charging the phone and have to use the keypad, the charger cord gets in the way

Overall Great Phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

impresive phone


Mar 8, 2005 by lok2k1

about the review above me. i work for a wireless company and almost every model we sell has at least a few phones with problems. for example we got the treo650's in 2 weeks ago and 8 out of 20 had to get sent back to palm.

the s710s is a great phone and should get way more then a 1 for an overall rating. you problem has nothing to do with the actual phone itself, urs was just a lemon that should be exchanged.

Great Phone


Feb 27, 2005 by Caiman1900

I wont restate everything that has already been said, but I really do like this phone.

My only drawback is that the mic rubs against your cheak when talking and can make a static like noise.

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