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Good phone, but 635 & 360 are preferable


Mar 1, 2006 by j7r7r7

Connects very well to my Bluetooth headset, but not as well to my palmpilot.

I was pleasantly surprised by the capable (if cryptic) ringtone designer.

Reception is very good (Tmobile, NYC). Speakerphone is amazing, most people can't tell you're talking on speakerphone when you're in a low-noise environment. (But if you're in a noisy environment the speakerphone doesn't pick up anything. Not a big problem)

Biggest disappointment is only 1 number per name. (But you can have the same name multiple times.)

Next biggest disappointment is that voice dialing is a little flaky. Quite often it "forgets" the voice recordings or assigns them to dial the wrong entry in the address book.

Minor disappointments:
- Extremely slow CPU, Fortunately I knew this going in.
- it can take 2-3 seconds for a keypress to register, and some keypresses don't register so you have to go slowly when typing.
- predictive text input isn't as good as nokia's or sony's
- Java implementation (JREW) the only way to add custom programs is dog-slow. Fortunately I didn't buy it for Java or games.
- Camera (both still & video) is a disappointment. But I didn't buy it for the camera.
- Occasional phone resets and poweroffs for no reason. Seem to occur in bunches; may be connected to static electricity?
- Not expandable. Apparently expandability was planned but didn't make it in as there's a hole in the case in the same place as the 635, but the hole is plugged by an irremovable plastic tab.
- The battery gauge is only reliable on certain batteries; on other batteries it's "3,1,0-and-beeping,dead" in less than an hour.
-UI seems to be designed for a 13-line screen but the screen is only 11-lines.

I am totally baffled why the voice record & video record are each limited to 60 seconds of storage when there is plenty more memory free.

SW version R376_G_OE_66_0BR (British).

Summary: If you can pick this one up cheap, it's a worthwhile purchase, but I'd really pick up the 635 or 360 first.

V620: good solid phone


Jan 31, 2006 by ncheng

I purchased this phone from a distributor in the USA less than six months ago. From Sept (when I received it) to Oct, the phone performed flawlessly. Then in Oct, the phone mysteriously shut itself off and despite everything I tried, I could not get the phone to turn back on. After two months away in service repair, (including shipping to and from the USA) the phone appears to be working just as it was prior to the unexplained shut down.

I agree with reviewers both positive and negative; though I have not experienced the same symptoms as other users, most descriptions given in the reviews are accurate: the v620 is not the lightest phone, though it has a very solid feel. Its exterior is composed mostly of metal, which I have always preferred about some of the V series phones. The exterior display, though stylish, is composed of plastic and is prone to slight nicks and scratches.

For those that care, the camera and video are half decent, though as with most cameras of any kind, (phone or otherwise) the subject being filmed / pictured must have excellent lighting for the result to be satisfactory. Though notably, of all the camera phones I've tried, this is probably the easiest to use. Zoom and brightness control are two cool sub features of the camera.

Battery life is ok, though I do have multiple batteries from previous V series phones that I can use, so whenever one battery runs out, I swap another one in. Battery standby typically lasts up to five days if you don't use the phone (on standby 24 hrs/day) If you talk on the phone or use it for other functions on a daily basis, two, maybe three days on one battery, depending on your talk time and frequency of use.

Both the loudness of the speaker and ear piece are excellent, voice quality will depend on where you are, but if in a good service area I've found voice quality to be excellent.

As I understand it, this is a German made phone and is not available for sale thru retailers in North America

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Cool little phone!


Nov 16, 2004 by gregv

Had mine for about a week. I'm using it on Cingular in California. The charger came with an adapter for US outlets (awkward). Go to AT&T for v600 accessories since they're having a sale. The sync cable and Phone Tools software came in the box, so that saved about $30. No holster in the box... add $12.

v620 vs. v600... it's a matte black, still a VGA 4x zoom camera but can now record video with sound until it runs out of its 5Mb memory (30 seconds eats up about 500Kb). To me a camera/video is a novelty that I would seldom use/rather not have anyway. However, the internal screen is very nice at 176x220 256K colors TFT which betters the v600 at only 65K colors.

The phone book can now store addresses with the phone numbers but the Phone Tools software doesn't sync this information yet. Motorola could still learn something from Nokia about storing multiple phone numbers under one contact, but you can shorten the list by only displaying numbers marked as primary. It would also be nice to search your phone list by more than just the first letter (if you have a full phone book, you could be scrolling for a while to get to a number.)

It's a bit weighty but feels more solid and less fragile than some Samsungs, LG, or even Motorola flips I've encountered. It definitely doesn't creek when you hold it or open it.

I've heard talk about the v600 volume being too low... I can't comment on that first hand but I can say the v620 is plenty loud enough and I prefer it at setting of 4 or 5 out of 7. The built-in speakerphone is loud and clear too.

The battery is performing up to specs, but I've been playing around in the setup screens and using the data/camera software so much the last few days that I can't say for sure... it definitely lets me play with it all day, and make phone calls (normal and speaker) without requiring me to plug it in. Reception/call quality are excellent but it would appear that it doesn't get 5 bars as much as Nokia.

Hope this helps.

Great and easy to use phone.


Feb 7, 2005 by dunyamunya

I received this phone back in December right before Christmas and very happy with purchase. First of all, I am happy with design of the phone. It feels great in the hands and I am not afraid that it can be easily broken or lost. The connection on this phone is by far the best one I ever had. Before, I had several phones: Erickson T610, Motorola V60G, Nokias, and other Motorolas. None of them would work in my couch house on the first floor. This phone works great even in the basement of my parents' house.

The menu is easy to understand and customize. The only problem I ran into is setup of the internet and MMS through T-Mobile. MMS still does not work, and it took them 3 days to setup Internet.

I downloaded several games, ring tones and wallpapers and was impressed with the quality. I even got a chance to download part of a song with words and worked just fine.

Speakerphone on this baby works great. In most cases when someone uses the speakerphone, you can hear an echo. With this one, people do not even realize they are on speakerphone until told.

I love the design of the body of the phone as well. Slick black casing which holds together pretty well. I dropped the phone on the tile flooring and it slid for about 10 feet. I thought I will have to change the casing due to damage and scratches, but to my surprise there was nothing on the phone. Not even a scratch.

Quality of the camera is best I have seen yet. Very clear pictures and video.

I was able to connect the phone to the computer with no problems at all and view all my ring tones, pictures, videos and contacts on the computer.

The only thing missing in my opinion is an expansion memory slot. I wish they had it on this phone, so people can store music and listen to it anytime you want.

I hope this helps in any possible way.

My Take on the V620


May 7, 2005 by nodoze

Had the phone for about 3 weeks. Nice phone, but maybe a bit overpriced, probably due to Bluetooth licensing.

Very attractive phone.
Has a solid, high quality feel to it.
Very configurable.
Good signal reception.
Good LCD screen. (dual)
Many features and options.
Bluetooth enabled.
Sound levels are good in all areas, except key tones, in my view.

Neither Pro nor Con:
Extensive menu selections, but may have been organized more efficiently.
Bluetooth works very well, but drains the battery rather quickly, so it is of questionable use.
Keypad is excellent for average size fingers, keys have a fairly precise feel to them.
Reception is average or better.
Battery life is average under light to moderate use. Not exceptional under any circumstances.
The video recording feature is nice, but new models will certainly improve on the quality and capacity of this feature.

The cons depend on what you expect from the phone.
The camera is definitely one of the weaker points, but I won't use it much, so I don't really care.
That solid, quality feel comes at a price. The phone is just a tad on the heavy side, compared to, say, and LG 1400. But, the LG 1400 doesn't have Bluetooth or camcorder capabilities either.

So, there ya go. I paid around $300, including shipping. I probably should have waited for the V635. It will likely improve upon all the V620 features and cost about the same, or less. But, i like my v620. I give it a -4-

Pleased so far.


Jan 25, 2005 by vita3351

I live in Brisbane, Australia and purchased the V620 a week ago. Having been a V60i user for about 2 years I was looking for something with Bluetooth and a bigger screen. I am very impressed so far, including the bundling of a headset, a leather case and an in-car phone charger with the phone price. The navigation is in a different world to the V60i and message handling is far superior. My wife has a T720 and it is a creaky, clunky toy compared to the V620. I have converted WMA files to MP3 on my computer, taken snippets from these tunes and easily loaded them into the V620 to use as alert tones. I am impressed with the Mobile Phone Tools software that accompanied the phone.

Having for some years been an Ericsson user I looked elsewhere when the two T28's we where using became quite unstable. Given I will never buy a Nokia (on principle, because I want to be different from the masses), my move to a V60i had me wondering if I had done the right thing, particularly when Sony joined forces with Ericsson and their products became respectable. Now that I have changed to a V620 I believe that I have a phone that is packed with the sort of features that suit me and that is easy to use for someone who has trouble with sight. What remains is to see how durable and reliable the V620 is over time.

Simply one of the BEST. (It's not v600)


Sep 21, 2005 by jun19

Make it clear.

It's not V600.

It Looks alike but NEVER EVER THINK

this phone is indeed a "black version" of


I even wonder how v600 and v620 can be this

much different...

Ok... I know most of US cell phones suck.

(Usually European version or Asian version

have better features such as better camera

and better finishing quality... with the

same spec...)

BUT this v620 even has different spec.

V600's Ancient phone book system and SMS

system are still weak points of V620...

But V620 has

- Much better resolution 262K.

- Much better reception and volume.

crystal clear, loud enough.

- No "emergency only" freezing

As a phone itself v620 is much better than


I personaly own 3 v600 and

I realize that v600 is honestly

a piece of junk.

Reception is the worst and

phone's OS seems to have a problem.

So, I really worried about V620.

But now I'm pleased.

V620... one of the best black-color phone...

You're gonna love it...!



Jun 25, 2006 by nikemaxair36


v620 - Excellent


May 18, 2005 by xerath67

I've had my v620 for a month now and I have grown to like the phone more and more each time I use it. I have never had a better phone from Moto. The reception is the best I've encountered. I also was surprised by the quality of the pictures. The pictures a far better than the MPx220 and the v3. I have only had two phones that come close with picture quality and those are the SMT5600 and the Nokia 6230.

Solid construction

Front LCD area can be scratched too easily.
Almost perfect

This is by far the best phone I have ever had the honor of using.

Good but I'm ready to move on.


Oct 6, 2006 by weasel05

I first bought this phone off of ebay probably about may 2006. What I really liked about the phone was the color display, ringtones weren't too bad, and the round circle that lights up all different colors when the phone rings (I know not important but it's pretty anyway)
You can hear pretty well on the phone most of the time. Speaker phone is great. It's over all a pretty neat phone that's sturdy and attractive.


This phone was extremely slow when entering numbers or text. Overall it was just slow responding..to anything. I wasn't impressed with the menus either ( and the reason why I decided to not purchase another motorola is because even the razors have the same menu) Since my phone was not branded or carried by cingular (even tho they carry the V600 and it's basically the same darn phone) I was not able to download ringtones from them. I was once able to download from yahoo mobile but I guess they changed their policy or something. I'm not sure. camera kinda sucks too. I liked this phone better than my nokia that I had previously but I find myself once again ready to move on.

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