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Awesome Phone!


Mar 17, 2005 by lbzrocks

Phone is very sturdy..you wont find this phone creaking or doing anything wierd when talking on it for long periods of time.

Excellent phone standby time.. Excellent talk time.

Reception is great.. I use t-mobile for my service..and with the phone being unlocked my reception is always great.

Ring tones and graphics are awesome.. very grapic intensive.


The phone when scrolling through the different menus and such is somewhat slow.

Otherwise..and outstanding phone!



Jan 24, 2005 by sctaylo1

FINALLY! they did it! Motorola has put out one of the best phones yet. This phone actually feels like you are holding something your hand because it has weight and it feels solid. It's not like one of those light weight plastic phones the creeks when you open the flip (V220) if you know what I mean. Anyway I got this phone because I realized that not many or any American cell phone companies had gotten a hold of it and contaminated it (Cingular), (T-Mobil) etc... This phone is being imported from Europe. This is a good thing because when these phones are released by Motorola overseas they come packed with extras the you will not find in the box once American cell phone companies get a hold of it and re-package it. You get the USB data cable, Mobil phone tools software, Motorola brand leather case, travel charger and car charger. You also get a 20 of ring tones, 4 full version games, not the demo's and 12 Moto mixer ring tones to arrange anyway you want! The screen on this phone rivals the Motorola Razor. It has the same 262,000k color as the Razor. So if you want the Motorola Razor without paying the price and you don't mind the 4.7grms of weight, get this phone!

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Great Phone!!


Sep 12, 2005 by justinu

I have had this V620 for 3 weeks now and I must say that it is the best Motorola phone I have ever owned. This is sooooo much better than my RAZR V3. On a scale of 1 - 10 I give the camera a 9. The screen is very bright and full of vibrant colors. I use this phone with T-Mobile service in Hawaii and reception is pretty strong wherever I go. I can even go onto T-Zones (internet) and send picture messages to my friends. What I've notice about this phone compared to all the other phones I've owned is that the inside speaker is very loud and clear. There really are no cons to this phone, just a whole bunch of pros. This was the best investment I ever made on a phone.

Overall The Best!


Apr 1, 2005 by Seriousblack06

I love this phone! The situational lights are the best! The bluetooth technology works great with my mac and pc. The speakerphone is clear and loud. Mine came with 3 pre-loaded games:

1. Skipping Stones
2. Wakeboarding Unleashed
3. FotoFunPack2

Non were demos. Not much more is needed to say! I did own the Motorola V551 before I ordered the V620 and there is a difference. I gave this a perfect score. I hear that the upgrade to this the Motorola V635 has a 1 megapixel camera attached and an external color display.

cool phone


Mar 27, 2005 by yamaha1634

looking forward to getting this phone for about a week and it doesn't disappoint. it has everything!!

i only had a few problems setting up:
first was the video only recording for about 30seconds
secondly was the battery meter said 2/6 bars when the phone was on charge and 6/6 when i took it off charge (both were within the same minute)

all fixed now though


This is a great phone


Feb 8, 2005 by rc89721

I love this phone. I know it is like the V600 from the US but it does not lock up on you and I just like it more. It has everything. Picture messages, internet, blue tooth, and a great screen. I finally found a phone that was worth the money. The only thing that I don't like about this phone is that it does not show the VM icon. It just sends me a text message. But after I buy the data cable that can easily be fixed.

Man a phone can't get any better


Nov 21, 2004 by alb_fly20

ok let me first say im Done! there i said it omg have been through so many cell phones this year alone from Motorolas to samsungs and now back to motorola.. and after my review this is by far the best phone i had it has every campability and also is a great phone i have nothin else to say but just buy it if your looking for a good camera,speaker,mp3,video cam phone this is it... Big props to Moto

i love this phone


Nov 15, 2004 by famerbtw

i was using a v600 when it frst came out.
till the v620 came out its an awsome phone the video capture if u set it right you can record up to about thirty seconds the phone also comes pre hacked with the feature to vibe and ring at the same time wich is the best thing motorola could of ever thought of aswell in addition to this feature another ringing optin feature is the led and lcd lights flash with a few different setting they flash with the beat of any mp3 ringtone that also comes preloaded into the phones os
the extra spacing they gave inbtween the lcd and the buttons is clearly visable and its great aswell the small rubber stubs that stop the flip are alot more firm than the v600 ones so are the button cant say much about the design being that not much of the physical appearance has changed besides the color and lcd spacing from the button mototrola also fixed the volume problem that most ppl experienced on the v600 no more need for the gain table alot of the seems are the same as the v600 aswell i used the v600 seem to change outer lcd text it worked great theres also alot more storage space probably for the videos or something either or bottom line it an awsome step up from the v600 and for those of you that are unable to get it at this time being that its not in the statesyet when it does come out dont ask questions purchase it you be very pleased also the menu themes are outrageous kinda likr themes on steroids lol there great and the phones os seems to be moving alot faster than the v600 i went from an i860 to this phone i completely dropped nextel just get this phone cost me a pretty penny too becuase its not available for us sales yet
great phone sorry for the long reveiw but this is a great phone and ther5es alot more new features i just can type \this anymore im at work but enoy to all my faithfull v series users enjoy



Apr 13, 2005 by pete4www

I am using the V620 unlocked on T-Mobile in the USA. I LOVE the phone. The only negative thing I have come across is I can't figure out how to configure T-Zones. Is there anyone out there that could please e-mail me and tell me how to setup T-Zones for the V620? I would really appreciate it. Other than that, this phone is great. It is nice to have a high quality phone for a change!!!

I Love This Phone.


Feb 16, 2005 by dboss52

Ive Owned The V620 for three Month's for Tmobile Unlocked of course and just to keep the story short All of the feature's on this phone is off the Hook The Mp3 And bluetooh And Camera is great also video capture is great you could extend video length on this by video setup also speaker is great reception and battery is very good worth the money then the Motorola's razrV3.

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