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Excellent Phone


Feb 27, 2006 by tdhoraje

Just bought this yesterday from a local retailer - brand new, factory unlocked since previous V600 died. Picked V620 over V635, Razr and V360 primarily 'cause of price and tremendously improved reception. Am getting full signal (5 bars) in places where V600 gave barely 1-2 bars. That itself is worth the price!

Haven't been able to get the bluetooth to work yet but am sure reading the manual will help. Overall I'm extremely satisfied in 24 hrs. Will post another detail review after a few weeks of usage.

v620 review


Dec 2, 2004 by mobilephonejunkie8

just picked one up yesterday. actually received it from ACS who doesn't have the best price but offers great service and always sells very clean/new equipment.

overall the phone is very nice. I also have the V3 Razr so it's hard for me not to compare it. Also, the features are so comparable it lends itself to that comparison.

great call and ring volume!
very easy user interface with some unique little features that are very cool... you have to try it to get it.
solid feel
great functionality

heavier than I would like
plates front and back seem like they could be scratched easily

Overall very nice. Would recommend it to anyone looking at the Razr for it's features and performance but not locked onto the size/weight and that needs to spend less$$$$. I would put the V3 just a bit above this one because of it's unique styling and size but it's VERY close in my opinion.

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Excellent phone


Jun 14, 2005 by policechief

I had a V400, then Sony T637. There's no comparison. This phone does everything better.
No negatives to report!

It is COOL


Feb 27, 2006 by hrcko2003

Motorola v620 is a SUPER COOL
mobile phone

the signal is great
the sound is too
but only it does not have a Trans flash card

i personally own a Motorola v620
and i love it

v620 - a sign of the times


Nov 12, 2005 by rhombus

I bought this phone on the basis of the reviews I read here on phone scoop. Finding something that met all my requirements wasn't easy.

I have had this phone for about a month.

First -- I didn't buy it for the camera. I don't care about the camera. I wanted a tough, robust GSM flip phone that would work just about anywhere. The v620 is a quad band, so it does that.

Second -- I didn't buy it for the games. Again -- I needed a phone, not a toy.

Third -- I didn't buy it for the looks.

Pros: It's a solid phone -- it has some heft. Some people complain about this -- I don't mind it. If I'm paying $300 for a phone it better have some substance to it. It has a bright, easy to read display, the sound quality is excellent and loud, and reception has been good. I'm using Rogers in Calgary, Alberta, and it's handled that just fine.

Cons: I have noticed one major con about this phone -- the battery management is extremely flaky. The phone gives me three bars of battery for 3 days, then goes from 3 to in one day flat. It also has a nasty habit of turning itself off for no good reason that I can discern. This is very bad, especially if someone is counting on being able to reach you and you think your phone is on. Then, to your horror, you discover that it is off. You turn it on, and there's plenty of juice left.

This seems to be a perennial problem with Motorola phones and it is a problem they desperately need to deal with. If I have one major complaint with Motorola equipment in general, it is that the quality control on the phone firmware is weak at best. Floating an inadequately tested phone with buggy firmware is not a good way to sell your product. It's worth noting that most of the field staff at Rogers are not fond of the Motorola gear for many of these same reasons.

The business with the battery is highly annoying, but sadly this phone is among the better ones; what that says is that the GSM market is pretty sad...

Excellent phone!!


Jun 2, 2005 by highlife202

Let me just say WOW!! This phone is excellent. Pros: good quality screen, good games , and very loud speaker. Also the video is very nice for it to be on a phone. Pictures came out excellent with the various modes to adjust lighting conditions. Only CON is the fact that the screen lights up when the event lights are activated. I haven't figured out how to fix that problem yet. That aside I recommend this phone to all Moto lovers and non-moto lovers.

nice phone


May 29, 2005 by kurtzville

i had this phone for nearly a month now and i don't regret buying it. But,... there's a few things that i bate about this phone!


* Clear Camera ( 4 me it is! i don't know if u think it is!)
* Video Recorder (video recording can take up 2 55 seconds on mine! but it doesnt always take up to 55 seconds!)
* Keys are easy to press!
*There's a photo editing software which you can edit your pictures!

I can't think of anymore but there are loads of features!!!!!

* Camera doesnt work in the dark! theres an error message that comes up! Even in night mode!
* Video records up to 30 seconds sometimes! you can't record it up to 55 seconds whenever you want!
* Bluetooth drains batterry very fast
* Quite Heavy
* Key #5 is quite hard to press
* No flashlight
* Memory is only 5Mb! U can only record 5-7 videos and about 50 pictures and thats it!
* Can't download much games
* Phonebook entry! You can't put more numbers on one person! like when a person have a mobile/celfone number and home number, it will put it as two person
John 555-5555
John 556-5546

*Video Recording up to 1hr/10 mins or even 5mins
*Phone book
*More memory and to have a memory card

But,... i still love this phone!

Nice phone


May 22, 2005 by bchaplin2

The Motorola v620 is my first GSM phone. I liked the idea of owning a phone that I could use anywhere in the world (as most readers will know, the v620 has both US GSM bands, 850 and 1900, and the two international bands, 900 and 1800). I purchased this phone unlocked, and had no trouble activating it on Cingular.

The reception and voice quality seems fine, so far. Good feel in the hand (solidly built and the buttons are easy to press.)

The camera is all right, but I don't plan on using it very much. The updated version of this phone, the v635, has a more powerful camera, but I chose the v620 because my Mac can sync with it.

The screen is terrific. If you are a gadget junkie, you'll enjoy playing with the menus, which are extremely customizable. They work differently from either the Nokia or LG's that I've owned before, and it is worth reading the manual. I keep discovering new features.

The only thing I don't like is the phonebook, which seems to list multiple phone numbers or emails for the same person as separate items. Kind of annoying; I prefer the Nokia-style phonebooks. Also, you can not store physical addresses, which is unfortunate, because otherwise this phone would almost replace my Palm.

This phone is a tko compared agianst the Razr


May 14, 2005 by robertsfamily2006

This is an awesome phone! I owned the Razr for a short while, as well as the v400 and I was in awe of the efficency of the phone. I work in wireless,and a problem with alot of the phones (including the Razr) is the manufactuer's defects that accompany the phone, i.e. timing issues, battery drainage, and software glitches here and there. When I played with the phone, the first thing I noticed was that all that stuff had been fixed. The predecessor to the v620, (the v600) had many problems of this nature and was not a phone I would recommend to my customers. Not to mention that compared to the razr, this phone is a total knockout!!
Here is a comparison:
pros- 1.0 awesome reception 1.1 great screen visiblity 1.2 nice body style 1.3 large keypad for ease of use 1.4 immaculate audio(speakerphone, ringtones) 1.5 external photo caller id 1.6 easy storage(body style)
cons- 1.0 not very quick to sync with bluetooth components(I had a terrible time trying to sync the headset that came with the phone, it took about 7 trys.) 1.1 MAJOR timing issues 1.2 no camcorder(which alot of lower-end models have) 1.3 insufficent memory on device 1.4 WAY too delicate 1.5 my carrier (cingular) will not insure the phone (motorola and cingular signed an exclusivity agreement) 1.6 needs an adapter to plug in directly to a usb port(even though the port will fit in the charger outlet) same exact camera as the v400, v600, and v551. 1.6 completely over-marketed 1.7 completely over-priced 1.8 not a phone I would recommend to my customers.
So, as you can see, the razr was a disapointment to me because there are so many other phones on the market that have WAY more features for less money, i.e. the nokia 6230.
pros- 1.0 great signal strength 1.2 nice bright screen 1.3 seems to be pretty durable 1.4 nice audio 1.5 easy connectivity to bluetooth devices 1.6 good looking 1.7 came with usb and software 1.8 does everything I need it to.
cons- 1.0 only 5 mb of memory- That's it!!

classy little phone


Nov 26, 2004 by emenindian

Made the big swtich the the v620 from a Sony Ericsson t616. The V620 has a very solid feel to it. I must say I am loving this phone very much!

Pro's: quad band, very fast menu's, Solid feel, great call quality ( I have so far experienced little to no breakage in comparison to my t616)

Cons: Phonebook functionality a bit unconventional, The phone is not syncing time with local towers.

The V600 wanted to be this phone. Simply Perfect! (minus phonebook, tower syncing issue)

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