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v551 is going back


Aug 5, 2005 by firstclamshellphone

After years with Nokia phones, the motorola v551 my first clamshell-style phone.
Pros: It works. It's a phone.
Cons: Motomanual is inaccurate (ie: how to change ringtones). Speakerphone on back. Browser key right next to back button easy to press accidently, can't cancel, data gets sent. Text font is too small (and yes, I'm too old). Low-contrast key-caps - keys are light gray with white lettering.
I'm going back to a Nokia brick.

Go Back to the Drawing Board


Aug 5, 2005 by tequilam2

Switched from AT&T to Cingular 3 months ago. Live in San Jose, CA and use my phone all over the SF Bay area and the US. Switched from an old Nokia 8265 that I loved to the Moto V551. This phone is horrible, don't think I'll ever get another Moto - want to go back to my old Nokia but can't because I need the international GSM capability for business travel.

Nice screen but only if you are indoors, can't see it outside
Compact size
Large key pad
Camera - but I don't really use it

User manual is useless
Phone book settings
Poor battery life - 1-2 days at most with minimal usage (less than 2 hours) and yes I did follow the charging instructions when I first got the phone
No ring & vibrate option
Will drop a call after 6-7 minutes for no reason
Buttons on side of phone change ring settings if accidentally hit - can't figure out if there is a lock feature to prevent this.
Menu makes no sense at at all. Have to really search to find stuff. (i.e., alarm clock)
Software on phone is slow, slow, slow

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Drops calls


Aug 3, 2005 by speedy905

The overall layout of the phone is pretty good, but my phone constantly drops calls. Typically every 6-8 mins it will drop the call. I have Cingular in the Denver area, and my husbands phone works fine (Nokia), so I don't think it's the carrier. I've called Cingular several times, and they have tried upgrading the phone, which hasn't worked. This is my second phone with Cingular (the first one dropped calls too), so I'm stuck with this one.

I also don't like how they set up the phone book, as you can only enter one number per name. If someone has 3 numbers, then you have three entries for that one name.

I won't bother complaining about other little details, because what really matters is whether or not the phone functions, and this phone DOES NOT function well at all.



Jul 23, 2005 by Maverickup

I give this phone a 4.5 out of five because no phone is perfect. I have never owned a Motorola, infact I used to hate the things. But I decided since I've pretty much had every brand of cell phone there is, Ill give this one a try. I owned a Sanyo PM-8200 courtesy of Sprint... by the stay away from them.. any way... the sanyo is a typical flip phone.. camera, flash, zoom, etc... So I've had the high end phones and the low end. I love this phone.. Ive read most of the reviews, and the only thing i can agree with is that the blue-tooth does kinda stink. so anyway.. pros and cons, enjoy:

1. Size
2. Durability
3. Decent camera for a Cell Phone!
4. Speaker!!!!!!!!!
5. Large screen
6. Loud
7. Customizable menu's.

1. Blue tooth scratchy
2. No outside LCD.
3. there is pink on the phone... (thanks t-mobile)
4. Video choppy.. but its a cell phone!

So basically the menu is easy, I played with it for about an hour and its fine... the phone-book.. not that hard to figure out. Anyway if your thinking about getting this phone do it!! It rocks, I took a picture of a friends car and it looks great! I am very impressed!! happy hunting all.


best phone


Jul 19, 2005 by BB23

This phone is awsome the camera and video camera is great i really reccomend that you buy this phone.GET IT

best phone for the money


Jul 4, 2005 by romeo0830

has everything you want in a phone its ez to use and its the best phone for the moneey!!!!

T-MOBILE v330.... not bad at all!


Jun 18, 2005 by snakeeyes82

The big problem with this review board is it is TOO broad. I don't care what PhoneScoop says, the Cingular v400 or whatever, IS NOT the same phone as the T-Mobile v330. Similar, but different.

So I am going to review the v330 (T-Mobile).

This phone is replacing my v600 (which didn't work as well as my "pre-recall" unlocked AT&T V600).

I regard the v600 as one of the best phones I have ever carried. That said, the v330 *almost* ranks as high in my opinion.

Let's get one thing out of the way-this phone is Uglier than the red-headed step child. if not for changeable faceplates and leather cases, I wouldn't be caught dead with the phone.

But functionality is important, so here's my opinion, compared to the v300 and the v600:

v300: 2.0/5
v330: 4.0/5
v600: 4.5/5

Reception: Same as my good v600. Better than the v300.

Durability: Way less than the v600 (metal housing), and the same as the v300 (same shell, different key pad).

Menu: Motorola's menu either won't bother you or it will. It's amazing how many people refuse to try it, but say they hate it. Newsflash! New Samsung and Series 60 Nokias use rip-offs of the SAME MENU STYLE.

Sound: BETTER than the v300 and v600

Software: Improved stability over the v300, but otherwise the same as any new Motorola.

Screen: Motorola's best yet.

Camera: Crap.... utter crap... but I am not a fan of any current phone cameras either.

Video: a joke, 5 or 10 seconds depending on quality, but at least has it. v300 and v600 didn't.

Bluetooth: same as v600, *maybe* a tad better.

Overall feel: Like the v300 in size and weight, but i prefer the v600 as it just felt like a more solid phone. the Keypad feels really cheap too, but shouldn't be a problem.

Overall, it's essentially a v600 cheapened down a bit into a v300 housing. Could be a great value, but DON'T spend more than $175 on it, as that's what you can get a new v600 for on eBay, and THAT is the best way to go.

Great Phone


May 17, 2005 by fthful4evr

I am familiar with Several Motorola cellphones and it is my personal opinion that the V551 is the cream of the crop. I work in the cellular industry, and the camera has impressed me as being very sharp, I also live in a VERY rural area in Kentucky and service (Cingular) with this phone is the best I HAVE PERSONALLY SEEN,(the Nokia running a CLOSE second) with the added benefit of compatibility with an external antenna. As for the difficulties in charging that I have seen mentioned, it is probably just a defective phone (although the connector type is NOT my favorite) as we have seen (just today, as a matter of fact) one other phone with the same problem.All in all,2 thumbs up!

Good Moto Flip Phone - bad battery life


Apr 19, 2005 by crwhiting

Motorola has definately made significant improvements in their phone technology. I had (for a short while) a Moto v66 a year ago and got rid of it quick. In two weeks the hinge was loose and the reception was less than adequate w/ poor battery life. It is obvious that Moto has spent some time improving this lot of flip phones.

- Solid. Seems well constructed
- Full feature set, including BlueTooth
- Non-skid rubber finish
- Very customizable
- Speaker phone, actually works
- Nice screen, both front and back
- Features everywhere

- Battery. I get less than 3 days avg use
- Tiny sound on receiving end (bad mic)
- Cumbersome menu system
- Camera avg to poor quality pics
- Side buttons too easy to push

From a phone perspective, it is average. If you've only owned Moto flips before, this is the cat's meow. If you come from a long line of Nokia's (like myself), this phone is a little puzzeling.

The killer for me is the battery life. The adds say 7 hours talk time and 7 days standby. This was the primary factor for bying the phone to replace my old Nokia. Just with normal use (less than 500 minutes per month type use) I get less than 3 days of battery use with the phone. I don't even use bluetooth or messaging or the speaker phone. Just normal cell phone stuff. I've done a full overnight charge 3 times and after the 2nd night of use I woke to find the battery indicator at 50%. My old Nokia's lasted 7-10 days easy, and I leave them on all the time. I really hate deceiving adds.

If you don't mind charging the phone every other day, this phone is a viable option. For myself, I think I'm bringing this one back for another Nokia (the new 6620 is tempting), though I might try an LG out of curiosity. My brother has one which he dropped in the lake. After fishing it out and drying it out, he still has it. He's a stone worker and has dropped it several times on various solid floors. It's bullet proof.

I Knew Motorola Could Do It...


Apr 9, 2005 by Djanifer9512

This is one of the best handsets that I have ever owned. I am an employee of the wireless industry so I have had my fair share of phones. The Motorola V551 is by far the best phone that I have ever owned. My reception is very good (Cingular Wireless / Baltimore-Washington), battery life is excellent, and a boat load of great features. This is the Motorola non-smart phone to which all others should be measured.

* Large, Sharp Color Screen
* Great sound quality (with or without speaker phone on
* Ton of awesome features: Bluetooth, Edge, Video, Speaker phone, Mp3 Ringtones

* Small memory (5-6 MB, not expandable)
* Tends to reset itself

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