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Audiovox SMT 5600 / SPV C500 (HTC Typhoon)


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Missing features makes this phone annoying


Oct 27, 2005 by jlgarcia75

Yeah, sure, this phone is "feature rich" but it is missing some key functionality that makes it annoying to own.

1. You've read enough of these from everyone else.

I'm surprised more people haven't mentioned the following cons...

1. There is no way to sync the date and time with a network. When you first get the phone you have to enter the date and time manually. Then, if you travel, you have to manually change the time zone (three menus deep) so that your phone will show the correct time.

2. If you carry over the SIM card from a previous phone there is no way to transfer the numbers from the SIM card to phone memory. The bad part is that contacts in the SIM card can only have one number associated with them. If you want to add multiple numbers to your contacts, you can't!

3. The "action" button on the phone is annoying. You are supposed to press the middle of the joy stick button to select menu items. Fine. But it often moves to a different menu selection when you press the button so you end up selecting the wrong menu item.

These negative features make the phone annoying enough for me to return it. Thank goodness Cingular has the 30-day return policy.

one big thing missing


Oct 20, 2004 by thomas

Dual band phone???? come on audiovox how can you make a smart phone not international???? maybe that can explain a more reasonable price compare to other smart phones.... but for the rest it's a great phone i am having problems trying to figure out the zoom though i've used it just a couple of times since i work for a cell wireless company i did notice the battery not holding a very good charge, i'll play with it more overall great features very compact phone but dual band cannot work for me

Outstanding Phone


Mar 24, 2006 by GM1954

Transfer of MS Outlook contact, calendar, and Tasks is automatic. The phone charges via USB cable as well.

Perfect for what I do.

Great Phone


Mar 18, 2006 by Stymieho

Bought the phone a couple of weeks ago...
Still don't know half of what it does...

The keypad definitely needs to be locked when carrying this phone in your pocket or in the belt clip thing that comes with it.

In fact, last night I heard a voice asking me if I was satisfied with my voice message. I had inadvertently made a call to someones voice mail and the speaker-phone engaged as well. You can hear the phone make all of its little noises in you pocket too, so keep the keypad locked.

As far as functionality, I would say this is the absolute best smartphone/pda available without a QWERTY keyboard.

good phone in theory buttttt


Nov 18, 2005 by EXcingularslave

great phone excpet reception is awful compared to my s710a guess i will just trade up for a treo :(

Great features.....but


Oct 12, 2005 by kaiaj44

Great features but in my experience it doesn't pick up the Cingular network very well in the Northeast US. I was standing right next to someone with a Nokia random looking phone on the Cape, they had 4 bars, I had "no service". Same network. So I got to noticing that I didn't have a signal much less a strong one very often at all. My Treo 650 performed got a better signal. But, it locks up all the time and turns on for no apparent reason.

It doesn't matter how great the phone is, if, you can't use it as a phone! I returned it for the Mpx220 which I should receive soon.

I registered just to slander this phone.


Aug 21, 2005 by roborex

**** Disclaimer: please understand that after reading many rave reviews here, I simply feel someone should point out a few flaws/oversights which may not have been aforementioned, but which may be crucial to some users. ****

News Flash: by the way, Cingular/ATT customers *pissed* with their signal/service anytime between last October and potentially even today may thank the recent merger of the two companies.


This phone is "oh so snazzy" because of some of the media capabilities it posesses. The MiniSD is nice, etc etc. However, I'm just jumping on here to point out a pile of cons I've noticed in 30 minutes. (The first and last 30 minutes I'll own this phone, thank you very much!)

First, I'm not a novice user, I've been around the block a bit with cell phones. I've used a landslide of phones- OOOLD Nokias, Nextels, Motorolas, etc.

Among these: Nokia 6160i, Nokia 3360, Nokia 8260, Nokia 6800, Motorola MPx200, Motorola V551, the list goes on. . .

Now, I formerly had the Nokia6800, upgraded to the MotorolaMPx200, realized how far Windows Mobile had to come (and was also FURIOUS for nearly 2 months with my service, which I later realized was a result of the ATT/Cing merger), and decided to leave the SmartPhone arena and get a simpler phone again. I reluctantly got the V551, and snuggled into it.

Now, let me tell you what my now glorious but "StupidPhone" V551 can do that my wondrous new peice of trash, the SMT5600 cannot. With my V551, I can pair with my Jabra 250 headset, place a phone call, and simultaneously connect with my HP iPAQ 4705 PocketPC and provide it an Internet connection so that I may surf on my PDA while talking on my headset with my V551 in my pocket.

Can I do this with my brand new heap of overpriced trash the SMT5600? No. Not only can I not do this, I cannot keep a reliable connection with my Jabra, and I cannot surf the Internet with NEARLY the same speed (or reliability, again, for that matter) as with my V551.

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