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Audiovox SMT 5600 / SPV C500 (HTC Typhoon)


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Amazing phone but a bit short


Nov 11, 2004 by gadster

This phone is, by far, the best phone I've ever had. It's the windows environment that makes it so fun and entertaining. But, there are some flaws and I returned my phone to the AT&T store today (on the 29th day) due to some shortcomings. My first review goes like this...

- Having a secure digital card for storage is impressive.
- Easy to use.
- MP3 player is awesome.
- Having the ability to use my Outlook is amazing.
- Having Explorer and Windows Media Player is sweet.
- The key lock is so simple (press on the hangup key for longer than two seconds).
- The size of the screen is big and the phone is just the right size.
- I paid $300 for the phone but the price is already dropping. Saw it for $199 so that will only make it more marketable.

- The main reason I returned this phone was due to the reception. I'm like everyone else, I want the best overall phone with all the extras. All that being said, a phone should, well, be a phone. My reception in Phoenix was not great. I had friends who have AT&T and they could get better reception. Plus, I kept getting dropped. Never had that issue with my old Nokia phone.
- You can't view word or excell files. Doesn't make any sense if you get e-mail but can't open attachments. If the attempt is to replace your PDA, it doesn't work.
- The main toggle button is hard to control.
- The camera is not that great.
- The start up takes a long time because you have to wait for the Audiovox screen, then the windows screen and then the mmode screen - whew, that's alot of screens.
- The written documentation that came with the phone is not adequate.
- I did have a bit of an issue having the Windows Media recognizing the MP3 files I put on the SD card.
- Maybe it's just me, but the carrying case was a bit stiff.
- I like the headset for the music but not for my everyday business calls.

This phone is a winner but the reception, at least for me, made it difficult to keep. I'll keep searching.

Still Like it after 2 Weeks!


Nov 3, 2004 by ATown_5600

This is my first review, so please bear with me...

After coming off of a Motorola V600, I have to say that this phone has much better audio quality and volume level.

The V600 had problems in noisy environments. I have actually had to turn the volume down to almost the lowest setting on several occasions b/c it was too loud! Love that!

I live in the Allentown, PA area and use AT&T as my carrier.


Sound quality and volume level
Bluetooth works well (a little too many clicks to initiate though)
Solid design and overall feel
Excellent interface and layout
Signal Strength and reception
Fantastic amount of business features (VPN, etc...)
SD Slot
MP3 Player

The camera quality is poor, even with the steadiest of hands - compared to the V600
Would love a shortcut to bluetooth activation and to close all open applications

Overall, I highly recommend the phone for those who are looking for a solid, full-featured phone/PDA that has excellent reception and expandability. Just remember to bring your digital camera if you're in need of some nice pictures!

This best phone I've ever owned


Mar 10, 2007 by yanike

This phone is a life saver. It does everything I need and more. Everything is great on this phone. Windows Player is awesome and Internet is great (Opera Mini and GMail makes this phone even better). I've always liked this phone, but now I LOVE IT. Long story short, it helped me do my college work online when the PC was down for a week. I T9ed college essays and more. This phone is impressive!!!

Windows Mobile
Call Quality
Screen Display
Video and Audio playback and recording :)
Everything else not mentioned in cons

Camera quality is not the best, but not the worst. Good enough to live with.
Speaker is great, but hard to hear in really noisy areas.

Bottom Line
If you can get this phone, get it. I got mine off eBay and now I love shopping on eBay :) If you can get the Cingular 2125, I would get that instead because it has Windows Mobile 5 and is an upgrade to this phone :)

Read more into the Cingular 2125 here --> https://www.phonescoop.com/phones/user_reviews.php?phone=800

I wish it would breaking


Feb 10, 2007 by DaHans

I love this phone; the size, the look, features and abilities all amaze me. Easy to sync, layout is straight forward. I do not get my work email on it due to my work having restrictions, but I easily get my personal email. Texting on it is great. The camera and video are...well phone quality, but good enough for what you end up using it for.
However, mine just keeps on breaking. Either it freezes up, the screen dies, or keeps saying SIM card missing when all is up to date. I am on my third one in just over a year. Covered under warranty, thank god. I reccommend this phone, but make sure you back it up on your computer, it WILL break and you do now want to loose all your data.



Apr 26, 2006 by tavosol

I had an MPX220 an jump to this phone because of the shape (bar), cause of my work (contractor) I use a lot the phone, actually it´s like my office, so I need something hard but elegant, intelligent but fast. And best of all with a lot of capabilities...and this type of phone (smart phones) has it all an more.

The best of this phone is that I bougth it with 1gb memory card, and it´s just perfect.

SuperCool Smartphone


Dec 10, 2005 by badboybrad

As a Technical Support rep with Cingular Wireless...I get alot of calls from people having trouble with smart phones. The most calls I get are people with Treos...the self proclaimed king of the hill. In recent months I have been reading, reviewing and testing several different smart phones to find the right match for me. I now beleive I have found the gold of the smartphone world.

I have had the 5600 for nearly a month..I have had no problems with it whatsoever.

-Bluetooth...works great headsets and thinkoutside keyboard.
-WM10...its an Mp3 player and movie player
-WM 2003...fast! Easy procssing and fast response times.
-Screen...bright, colorful screen has just enough room for email, browsing, and media.
-Reception...by far, compared to the other smartphones I have tested..this phones RF (signal reception) is the true king of the hill.
-Size...this is not a brick phone like the treo, 6700, or bb..it feels like a sturdy nokia, but has features like a treo!
-Exp. Memory..a mini sd slot is underneath the battery...I have a 1.0 gb in mine...provides plenty of room for movies, music,apps, and pictures.
-Customizable....there are tons..and tons of freeware and shareware themes and applications available for this platform..

-The camera is not the best, but its great for snapping shots of business cards, and faces for photo caller id.
-Keypad..email and sms text entry is standard like a normal phone.. but if needed, a bluetooth keyboard will solve that issue... ;)

Awesome Phone


Dec 9, 2005 by phukket

Best Phone I have ever had.

easy to use
menus can be keyed to select instead of scrolling

No protective case available

Speaker phone function also works for win media playback. using 1 gig minisd card.

the smartest " smartphone" on the market


Oct 5, 2005 by cellboy

I just switched from my treo 650 to this a few days ago and i cant say i miss it. this phone has al the features i liked abot my treo, and the one feature i hated about my treo is fixed. The size. i think the treo is awsome but its so freaking big that i elt like i was carring a small child in my pocket. and the price on those things is a smidge high as well. i think that this phone is great for a number of reasons. I think that it definatly has its cons like mini sd under the battery is a goofy place, the whole joystick/toggle bar is odd to get used to. i do miss the touch screen of the treo. and the camera is only good in good lighting where as my treo camera was good even in dim inside lights. it can seem to lag if im moving through the menu too fast, and i miss the full qwerty of the treo. but those are all things that i would gladly trade for the much smaller size of this phone/pc as apposed to the treo which is very much a pda/phone. overall i think this phone has all of the nescessary features with a few more added in. so if you want to spend half as much as the treo and get the same functionality this is the one for you

Not the best phone.


Jul 8, 2005 by raxxal

I just got this little thing. It's OK if your budget is limited and you want a smartphone, and you are able to tolerate a few problems, or may be you just don't want a heavy phone in your pocket. It's very small and light. This is my first phone with Cingular here in San Fernado Valley in Los Angeles area, don't know if it's the phone itself or the Cingular network, but where I usually get signal with Verizon, with Cingular I get nothing. No service at all. The same applies in my house. Once in a while, I get the famous No service message.

Sync very well with Outlook. With the USB cable you don't need any blue tooth, also the USB cable charges the battery.

- Terrible signal. The bars keep coming and going away. At some point you get what you don't want to see. No service.
- The little joy button is TERRIBLE. Don't how to emphasize this. It's irritating try to hit an icon just right, or you will bring up an application you don't want.In my opinion, this is the major problem with this phone together with signal problem. No sure what kind of Quality Control Audiovox did on this phone. Now, this is a phone, this is its main function, if the phone function don't work very well, the device is useless.

Great Phone


Jun 13, 2005 by DaRev1

This is without a doubt one of the best handsets I've ever used. The Windows Mobile 2003 SE OS is pretty fast and stable, and very easy to get used to. I've copied over some MP3s to listen to, and the sound quality through the stereo headset is great. ActiveSync works great with the USB cable but is kind of a pain with bluetooth. The screen on this phone is big and bright. The keys are kind of flat, but I've gotten used to them. Call quality is as good as all my other phones that I use with Cingular.

Clicking down on the 4 way navagational buttom takes some getting used to. You can easliy push up or down when you're trying to click an item.

All in all, this is a great device. Very easy to use, and should be considered by anyone before getting an MPx220 or a bulky PDA style phone.


Small phone/LARGE SCREEN!
Stable OS
Great Battery Life
Easy Syncing via USB
Windows Media Player 10!
Expandable Memory


Pushing down on the Navigation key is tricky
Bluetooth snyc is a pain
no edge

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