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respOnse to EverybOdy pretty much ! ; )


Jul 8, 2005 by shes_dope

Isn't this forum to speak your own opinion? Exactly !! your OWN opinion...

The phone is one of Nextel's better model's, but the pictures ain't all that. They could have gave it a higher level of mega-pixels. The picture's look great as you take them, but once saved they are blurry. On the phone that is, but if you transfer them to your computer or email they look fine. I don't think the phone is bulky, but it's not THAT heavy either. It has a lot of stuff to hold, therefore you cannot expect a lightweight phone for all of the features it has to offer. As for the looks, I just bought a Baby Phat sticker for mine and called it a day. Therefore I can still keep the warranty. If you change the housing thats when your warranty expires. Stickers are fine, don't let them bullshit you. Now, the phone freezing situation... I wasn't to keen on that. I had my phone since February and it has froze on more than one occasion. It sux yea, but close the damn thing n re-open it and your good. It's not that serious. besides I'm waiting for the i930 to drop. If Nextel would stop frontin and put that shit out, they'd be rakin in chedda like no tomorrow. Now thats dOpe ! Definitely disagree with dadler22 on that one. It looks sexy too. It's a bitch phone ; )

But anyways, The service is good. I used to have Verizon which was slammin ! But Nextel was better for me because I know more people with this cellular carrier. So financially it was better. There are places I get service now where i hadn't before and vice versa as well.

Another thing thats friggen dope is that i get all the free music i want !!! yeaaaaaa
why ? cuz i got it like that.

USB + WebJal = Free Music with Lyrix

not no lame ish poly or midi ringtones


Holla .......... - shes_dOpe

One of Nextels better models.


Jun 16, 2005 by deezmania

Let me start off by saying i have owned every nextel phone that ever came out (the high end models) and this one is far better than any phone nextel has to offer not including the blackberry. Over all this phone does what is supposed large screen and so on. Those of you who said this phone is not professional looking you need mental help.


-Large Screen
-decent pics
-loud ringers
-better reception than most nextels
-almost gets as good reception as blackberry
-looks are for everyone the business man and the teen
-buttons are easy to press unlike i830
-flip button great feature when driving.

-no bluetooth
-a little to expensive for the lack of good camera and bluetooth

this is a very big pro for me the S.A.R rating for this phone which means the radio frequency exposure rating is second lowest next to the blackberry.

overall this is a solid phone if you want to get a nice flip phone this is your best bet.
Just for those of you thinking of the i830 that has to be the worst phone nextel ever made.

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Amazing Phone!


Oct 14, 2004 by dsmmsd18

I recently purchased this phone and I am very impressed with it. The internal screen is AMAZING! It has 262,000 colors and almost all other phones have 65,000 colors. The phone feels durable like almost all Nextel phones. The camera is surprisingly good even though it doesn't have a megapixel. The menu is great, has tons of features. Some cons of the phone are the external display does not allow you to change colors and has a low resolution, however all I really need for that display is to see whos calling and check the time. The size of the external display is very large which is a plus so you don't have to squint to see the time. The price of the phone is very costly, however I can see why because it is almost like a computer.

Very Nice


Oct 11, 2004 by dperrone

Just a few things to say. I just got the phone 2 days ago. Overall its a very nice phone that feels solid. I have good reception and for the one picture I have taken it seems fine.

I would certainly recommend this over the other nextel phone but if you dont feel like spending over 200, then the i730 or 1830 are fine.

I am happy with the i860 and have no complaints.


very very good phone


Oct 5, 2004 by nextel18

i have to give this phone a 5 out of a 5 rating.

1. camera
a. very good quality pictures
b. a very nice multimedia center to store and take pics
c. very nice videos as well
d. add sounds to it
e. can send pictures to other mms phones especially i860 phones
2. signal drivers
a. very good signal drivers its better then the i730, i710, and other 3 digit phones nextel has.
3. web browser.
a. the web browser is very good its a lot easier to read and a lot easier to do things.
b. the other 3 digit phone's web browsers are not as good as this one.
c. Very big improvment in the software!!
3. clear calls
a. clear calls with direct connect and interconnect( cellular)
4. sleep mode
a. there is a sleep mode after 5 or so seconds of non use it goes to sleep to preserve battery life
5. battery life
a. its very good on both the standby and the talk time.
6. features
a. features on the phone are great
7. screens
a. the outside lcd color screen is nice and clear.
b. the screen inside is very very nice, crisp, and colorful.

1. i dont like the button where you flip it open. i dont think its very useful and it could cause the phone overtime to be fragile. i suggest to people to get both insurances.

so with all that said i give this a 5.0 becuase the button to flip it open isnt a big deal becuase i dont use it that much. i only tested it once or twice then after that i didnt even use it again. the phone is great and i hope others enjoy the phone too.

Best Nextel Phone To Date


Sep 25, 2004 by Krazy Kory

This phone is the best Nextel Phone I've ever used. The screen looks great, great menu, great browser. And the camera adds a touch of class to the Nextel name.

i860 suckage


Jul 3, 2008 by BJ Welsh

i had this phone at least 3 months and was horrible


cheap plastic
DC button came off

Worst Phone


Jan 3, 2008 by lildiggy1

The only good part about this phone is the auto-flip feature. Every other part is worthless. The phone constantly shuts itself off, takes a very long time to download text messages, and sound quality is poor. The overall nextel service is horrible too, I rarely have service anywhere I go.

Pretty Good Nextel Phone


Jun 14, 2007 by michael_herc

For being a Nextel phone, the Motorola i860 if very promising. The screen is very bright and the wallpapers show up bright and colorful. I love that the phone is black with blue stipes too. The camera is also not half bad for a Nextel, it took descent pictures when I had it. I loved the quick flip application, that was very convienient. I also liked that it was kind of on the thinner side compared to some other Nextel phones. The signal quality was very good as well and the speaker was very loud. The bad thing was just that Nextel's network is not the best and I would continually drop calls over and over and over again no matter where I would go. Otherwise, the phone itself was great. Overall, this was one of Nextel's better phones.

1) Bright Screen
2) Good looking
3) Camera is desent
4) Quick Flip
5) Great Signal Quality
6) Loud Speakers

1) Comes with Nextel's "Frequently Dropped Call Network"

Nice little camera phone.


Mar 25, 2007 by Silenceinfullcolor

This was my second Nextel phone. Overall, I really liked it, it's quite attractive, and relatively slim with it's push-button flip. Mine was really durable, which surprised me. It also got great reception.

The only thing I could find bad about it was the lack of bluetooth.

I give it a 4.

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