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Sep 9, 2005 by NEXTELROX123

for all of you who thinks that the camera on the i860 sucks..you just have to know the right settings...open the camera... click menu > Camera Setup > and make the Default size XLarge..and Change quality to Fine instead of Normal.. exit the camera and go back..take a second to wipe all the dust on your camera lens with a qtip and a little bit of water.. and i am sure your pics will be crystal digital clear..mine are...this really is a good phone and its so easy to use...and better reception than any other nextel ive had in the past.this phone has a lot of great features and tools..most people say its a bad phone because they are clueless on how to do some of the stuff...i rate this phone a 5 out of 5 and reccommend it to anyone that has nextel.

Nextel is improving


Jan 15, 2005 by Diamond1978

I had Nextel before for about two years. I have tried the following phones...i90c, i95cl, i730, and i830 and I was still getting bad reception. Finally, I decided to switch to Verzion Wireless. Bad choice on my end. I had problems with them over charging me and the representatives are not consistence. Verizon customer service sucks but I did get great reception. I got tired on Verizon BS-ing me and decided to cancel my service. My friends still had Nextel and they told me the service area has improve and that they made some adjustment on their towers from 3:1 to 6:1. A good friend of mines let me used her i860 for two days and I went to areas where I would normally get drop calls and no service. The phone still worked and had good reception. This sold me back to Nextel. I purchased the i860 and I am happy with this phone. For it to be a camera phone, the clarity is awesome compare to other phones. I have always thought Nextel has good quality phones compare to others. I notice the reception has improved for the better. I wish Nextel improve their towers while I was still a customer two years ago before I switched to Verizon Wireless. Anyway, I'm back with Nextel.

Worst Phone Ever


Jul 5, 2006 by bapickens

The Nextel i860 is the worst phone I have ever had. Nextel service is no better. I continually have Low to no signal, calls and direct-connect connections are dropped.

I am stuck with this service for 2 years unless you pay the early termination fee. Phone freezes up and the only thing you can do is take the battery out of the phone. Nextel Customer Service is awful and will not offer any solutions or help.

I went to a phone swap store and they wanted to give me a refurbished phone not new. I did not pay for a refurbished phone.

I was told by a service technician in one of the stores that this phone was discontinued back in October 2005 because it was such a bad phone. But the phone is still on the Nextel website.

Nextel's work in progress.


Apr 17, 2005 by dadler22

Nextel as most people know are famous for their direct connect business phones.

But to take a step out of the ordinary, they added a new phone that has Camera and Video, which seems to be the new craze in cell phones


Large Color Screen
Loud Speaker phone
Loud Ring tones
Nationwide Direct connect.
Strong Antenna
Eye Catching Design
MP3 Ringtones
So, So camera Quality.
Excellent coverage of download-able content

Weak Signal in bay area. Expecally with out antenna
Phone freezes up randomly.
Phone believes Sim card is not inserted randomly, no warning so you could go several hours with out noticing, incredibly unprofessional.
Not very Business looking phone.
Push to open button makes the top of the phone loose and annoying
(called nextel they have no idea what is wrong)
(wont last 12 hours on stand by, barley last 2 hours on phone call. Average battery life 1:30 mins on phone)
Heavy phone
Bulky design
Gloss Black outside scratches very easily

There is alot more wrong with this phone but i don't want to list them all.

Later on in the year nextel will release the i930, with windows mobile software installed.

This phone is not worth buying, save your money

I also don't recommend switching to nextel

Nextel, Restart phone... Done|

Digital Camera with a built-in phone!!! (Looks neat compared to the old candy-bar Nextel)


May 27, 2005 by i860OWNER

The only good things about this phone are the camera, and the sleek design, when compared to the older Nextel phones.

Free give-a-way models from Cingular, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc. provide better reception and service reliability than this cool digital camera that happens to have a built in phone.

However, for the $299+ that I spent (which was a deal I got on the day it came out) it lacks a battery that will get you through the day,; for the avid user-a morning. That doesn't take care of business, it hurts your business, and its bottom line.

The SIM Card is non-compatible with other models, and so far, proving impossible to crack, I've brought it to places to try-no success yet. I'm not stopping though.

If you don't care about money and not receiving calls/messages than this phone is made for you. Otherwise, don't buy it-jump ship like I have, and Crack that SIM!!!



Feb 23, 2005 by 2phat7622

My story: I was a happy Sprint customer for five years. I loved it! I got reception everywhere, including places where other phones couldn't such as the river, lake, mountains, etc. On family trips I was forced to lend out my phone to all my family members because their Cingulars, Nextels, AT&Ts, etc. didn't work. On top of that we all know Sprint has the best phones and are idiot proof. But I was a sucker for the walkie-talkie feature and the fact that "everyone" had a Nextel. And then it happened, Nextel came out with a "super phone" that was "greater" than all phones, ever. Yeah right! First of all Nextel sucks, bad. The phone is okay. The camera doesn't even compare to the Sprint one. And on top of it all the phone cost a fortune.

My advice: If you are an existing Nextel customer and don't have an i860 then your phone really, really sucks. Plus it's probably big and heavy. Therefore get an i860 because it is a "super phone" compared to the other sorry Nextel phones. But if you are planning on switching to Nextel from another carrier then slap yourself, hard. I feel like doing it all the time when I see and miss my Sprint. It ain't worth it! At least wait until Sprint takes over. Perhaps then the reception will improve and/or they might do something about those horrible cameras.



Oct 9, 2004 by KEVIN1270

THIS phone is the best looking and has the largest screen . But what good is a phone that gets shitty reception and the last two phones suck when it comes to reception . I have the 830 also it was the worst nextel tell i have ever had! i guess nextel is upgrading the towers ??? maybe that will help (the blackberry gets the best service that i have ever had in a nextel phone.

i860 Is A Pretty Coll Phone When You Have Software And A USB CABLE!


Jul 26, 2005 by victor28

if you have an i860 and you like to buy tones of ringtones,wallpaper then get a usb with software that can download mp3,audio clip ringtones and pix's.It might also let you coustomise your phonebook.thats what i did.O yeah the i860 is pretty coll.if you have alittle money then this is the phone to get.then eather get Nextel or my saggestion is BOOST MOBILE.

Best Nextel Phone Ever


Sep 28, 2004 by averix312003

Even thought the phone isn't really supported by Nextels towers yet it still has the best service and features of any nextel phone out. The camera is great I mean what else can you expect out of a camera attached to a phone. The sound quality is superb and the speaker phone almost hurts my ears. The screen is a lot better. I went from a i95 to a i730 and was a little disappointed but the i860 makes up the difference. When Nextel switches from 3:1 to 6:1 the service will probably shoot through the roof. It is a little fragile though so if your rough on your phone and don't have another $400 to dish out get the i530 lol.

Great Iden Unit


Sep 20, 2005 by bigwrigg

One of the best IDEN units I have used to date.(i730, i830, i860, i605 and now i850) Great reception (Dallas, TX Market) I think giving the unit a spring loaded flip with push button hinge was a great idea, sure made a friend of mine with Cingular jealous. LOL I like the thought of a big external LCD, but the resolution on it is a bit low. But a good start. Unit seems to have good battery life for the size of battery and both LCD screens.

Pros -
Spring Loaded Flip. Very Nice.
Big Exteral LCD
Big Internal Screen
Buttons seem to be spaced pretty well.
Battery life is Ok.
Reception is pretty good.

Cons -
Low resolution external LCD

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