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Awsome phone


Jun 26, 2005 by Danny24

I owned the phone for a month now and never had any problems. I have to say its a great phone. Its nice and loud. I use the gps feature all the time its great. If your going to buy this phone its a good choice.

Much room for improvement!!!


May 11, 2005 by Howard1908

I have many complaints about the i860 phone.

Overall my service with Nextel is okay. I will not say it's exceptional, but it'll do.

Cons about the i860:

-Extremely poor battery life
-I have to restart my phone several times a day to receive all calls and direct connects
-I receive text messages way too late or sometimes not at all
-My phone is starting to crack at the top where you listen. A few of my friends with the same phone are experiencing the same problem, or their's has completely cracked and fallen off

Other than that, I like my phone, but the battery life is a big problem.

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awesome phone


Mar 18, 2005 by chaldeanballer88

this phone is a must have if u have nextel

Better than I expected...


Mar 4, 2005 by kriten04

I switched over from Verizon to Nextel recently because of problems with the billing statements...But regardless, this phone is much more expensive than my previous phone, the VX7000. But the screen on this phone is AMAZING! and the ability to download songs off of the internet for free with the words is also a good feature. I'm not as quick with the push to talk as other subscribers but I'm getting used to it. I do find it annoying that I can be reached at almost all times through the direct connect.
One problem I have noticed with the phone is that its difficult to use because I was a hard core LG consumer. Nextel is pretty prevalent around here so I tried it. Overall, I'm impressed with the quality of the phone, but the picture quality is not as good as it could be...But, nextel hasn't screwed me over yet...sad, because i work for verizon and cant even get them to comply with me to fix an obvious mistake...

Solid phone


Mar 2, 2005 by Chuck_IV

This is a really good phone. It's built solid, unlike the cheaply made, fragile stuff you see from other carriers. And it's got a cool look to it. I've had several people see it and comment on it's looks.

The earpiece quality is solid and the speaker quality is second to none, as are most other Motorola phones. The outside screen is a nice addition.

The camera is suprising good. I tested a V710 from Verizon and these shots put the V710 to shame(the V710's camera was flat out horrible). About the only thing missing is a true flash for the camera. All this phone has is a spotlight.

About the only negative I have is the way the flip opens. Because it has a trigger button to automatically open the flip, if you do it manually, it seems very rough, which almost makes it feel like you are doing something wrong, to the phone.

Anyway this is a solid phone, that is finally on par with what other carriers offer.

BTW, saying Sprint gets better signal is just laughable. While Sprint may get a signal, it's usually roaming. They should call themselves RoamSpri cause that's all they do, Roam, Roam, Roam. At least when they merge with Nextel, they will have access to more towers so they can expand outside of just the major cities(and get rid of the roaming).

Oh and the previous reviewer is misinformed, about the merger. Sprint isn't "taking over" Nextel. It is a merger of equals. Both companies will have equal say in how the new company operates(the board will be made up of 6 Nextel and 6 Sprint people).

One big step for Nextel


Feb 8, 2005 by jeffk

Background: I am required to carry a Nextel for work and have been for a couple of years. That said, I have always carried a personal phone because of Nextel's inability to provide their customers with an even marginal cell phone and a failure to deliver cell coverage that was even close to competitive. I have owned the Sony Z600 and Moto V600 recently. The i860 looked pretty good and was enough to get me to try and make a cost saving move to drop my personal AT&T coverage. Shockingly, the phone and Nextel's coverage have been a very pleasant surprise. However, it is not a perfect phone. Here is the breakdown:

-The internal screen is large and brilliant.
-The menu software is good, big improvement over the Moto V600 (not saying much!)
-The volume, as with all iden phones is the best in the business. This phone is loud!
-Reception seems solid, so far. Again, Nextel must have upgraded their network in the last couple of years and the phone does it's part.
-Good size and weight.
-Aesthetically pleasing...a good color scheme, the black is pretty nice.
-Speaker phone is rock solid. Again, most of the iden phones I have used seem to share this trait but with the significant decrease in the size of these latest generation phones, I was concerned about this.
-Back-lighting and keypad lighting are brilliant.

-External Screen is color and nice at night but during daylight is difficult to see.
-NO BLUETOOTH! The great speaker phone softens the blow but isn't the same. There is a Jabra accessory attachment available but I haven't made the investment yet. I need some feedback on that front first.
-Battery life is not terrible but it isn't a strength either.
-It doesn't feel quite as solid as I would like, though a friend has dropped his a number of times with no issues.

All and all, this phone is very close to perfect. No bluetooth hurts but now I carry 1 phone instead of two. Congrats Nextel, you finally have a real phone.

Nextel I860


Jan 14, 2005 by whitedove

I just got this phone and I really like it best phone I've ever had. Everything seems to work great. Large internal color display.
Displays more text great for text messages and web. The external display could be a little easier to read. Great phone I would recommend it to anyone.



Jan 14, 2005 by tkdjrod1323

i love this phone.i had cingualr and had the v600 and v551..this phone is so much better..ive been wanting nextel for a while and finally got it. love the external display.camera is good.speakerphone and ringtones are obviously great.

Awesome Phone


Jan 10, 2005 by defector66

This phone is awesome, by far the best phone I have ever had. I have a few problems though. The battery dies in a hurry if you are in an area where you dont get a signal, and the belt clip scratches the front of the phone. If this phone was bluetooth capable it could possibly the best phone on the market, but thats why motorola came out with the bluetooth attachment. The GPS is a nice feature, it saved me from having to buy a whole other unit. All in all a good phone, and a good buy.

Yea It's Hot


Dec 13, 2004 by FlipFones

The big color screen on the outside is perfect, the big-er screen on the inside is hot. The only sketchy part is the auto open feature, but I quickly learned to like it when people notice your a hot boy with the phone the opens by itself, and when they know that they just put their number in automatically.

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