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Good phone!!! A+


Sep 6, 2005 by lorilicious

For the use that I have for this phone which is what the "average" person uses it for is GREAT!

Bluetooth!! (BASIC)
Large screen
Slide is sturdy, feels solid
Color resolution

Camera could be better
Can be uncomfortable
Can be difficult to text message

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Sep 4, 2005 by pocketzaintempty3100

i recently purchased this phone for the simple fact my phone completely broke into half! So i bought this phone as a replacement phone thinking it was just a junk phone something i could use until i got my treo 650. boy was i suprised! i love this phone it is sooo small and has tons of features to it. i see alot of people talking about the bluetooth and i do not understand what they are talking about maybe they are trying something i dont know about but i know bluetooth means wireless headset and thats exactly what i use and it works great! i am still going to switch to the treo 650 because it has a bigger screen and you can browse the internet and i will be able to edit html of the websites i do but if you the treo 650 is too expensive for you this is the next best thing in my eyes, bluetooth,schedualer,contacts,e-mail to your phone, what more can a business man ask for!

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LG PM 325 bluetooth


Aug 30, 2005 by sdlundbe2174

Cute easy to use phone, BUT I am on my second phone because the blue-tooth headset causes an echo for whoever I talk to.

When I first got the phone I called friends and family to see if the phone sounded clear enough. Everyone I called said they could hear an echo of what they just said, but only when I was using the blue-tooth hands free device. I bought the Ericsson Akono HBH 600 BT headset with the phone from Sprint. I exchanged it for a new one thinking it was the headset. The echo was still there. I then bought a Motorola HS850. The echo was still there, but the Motorola headset was much more clear for me than the Ericsson. The replacement phone I got from Sprint hoping to eliminate th echo was worse. The echo is very annoying and I have experienced it firsthand letting a friend use my phone and borrowing theirs to call. The only thing that causes the echo to be eliminated is turning off the BT headset and holding the phone to my ear or by plugging in a hardwired hands free device, but what is the point? I bought the phone so I could not have any wires attached to it.

-Easy to use
-Easy menu setup
-Color screen
-Text messaging capable
-Compact and lite
-Voice Dial
-OK camera
-Easy firmware/software upgrade - part of the menu system - do not need to go into the store

-No speakerphone
-Horrible blue-tooth echo for the person I am calling
-Poor battery life - I was replacing a phone whose battery would die every other day, this phone was not much better needing to be recharged every 2-3 days with no increased use

In the end I am extremely disappointed with this phone. I bought it for the Blue-tooth features and now am going to return it once and for all unless Sprint can fix the echo issue.

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Initial Test: LG PM-325 Works w/Prius '05


Aug 23, 2005 by jeffchernandez

So I finally got our 2005 Toyota Prius with Bluetooth. Already being under contract with Sprint, I found only two Bluetooth phone options from Sprint. The Palm Treo 650 or the LG PM-325.

Searching online I found plenty of information regarding the 650 & the Prius, however, I didn't find any information about the 350 & the Prius. I thought I'd take my chances with the cheaper phone.

By adding a new line (which I needed anyway) I was able to get the 325 for $70 (compared to the 650 for $400+). So the choice was simple.

Since I purchased the 325 primarily to use with the Prius's Hands Free Phone System, I haven't used many of it's other features, but so far the phone works wonderfully with the Prius.

I did do a Software Update and that also worked really well, although it took about 7 minutes.

After updating the software, I tried connecting to the Prius, but I was choosing the wrong option on the 325 (waiting), when I should have chosen (search/waiting). Once I changed that the process worked.

On the Prius I chose "Advanced Hands Free Bluetooth" and that was the combination that had the two talking. Now whenever I walk into the Prius I get a message on the screen that says the Bluetooth was connected sucessfully and I'm able to use the phone via the Prius' interface.

The whole system works well so far. I haven't tried any of the phonebook stuff, but I'll try to post after I've tested things out a bit more.

So, if you have a Prius w/Bluetooth, the $70 LG PM-325 is an affordable and functional solution (despite other people saying that it's Bluetooth is limited). It just works.

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Great starter Bluetooth/camera phone


Jan 14, 2005 by Sphexi

To start, this is a really nice phone. It's easy to use, straightforward in the menus, and has a lot of options. To me, the fact that Bluetooth was partially disabled in the phone (according to LG it was never intended to support OBEX) isn't a huge problem. I never wanted the phone for OBEX or even DUN, I wanted something with wireless/hands-free capabilities. This phone is perfect for that.

The screen is clear and larger than most others, and it's smart about what to display and when to display it. Close the slider and the time becomes larger and moves up to the exposed area, same with the CID information. The screen does dim slightly when not plugged into a power source, but only as a battery saving feature. Hit the right-soft key then * and it brightens back up.


- Bright, easy to see display.
- Decent camera quality.
- Lots of ringtone options built in, easy navigation.
- Slick look, the slider is NOT as flimsy as you'd think.
- Great reception, no antenna is a huge plus.


- Lack of full Bluetooth profiles is a downside, but not a huge one IMO.
- Keys are slightly small and closer together than I was used to, makes fast typing in TXT messages difficult.

Overall I think this phone is a winner, and the lack of Bluetooth certainly doesn't warrant it losing 3 points in the rating. If you don't need OBEX, but just a phone that'll do pix and some web work, this will work great.

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One of Sprint's best ever


Dec 7, 2004 by mikec

Wow, a lot of function packed into a tiny package.

Pros: Tiny size (and very light), beautiful screen, strong battery life (yes!), Bluetooth (Headset and DUN), and a surprising good camera.
Reception and sound are excellent.

I like the slider, and the phone works opened or closed. The auto-keyguard is great!

I've owned probably 30+ Sprint phones; this is one of their best ever.

Cons: The monitor only "speakerphone", and the lack of OBEX profile for Bluetooth (firmware upgrade?)

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Fun phone that does it all...


Jan 24, 2005 by sfinaki2000

As far as Sprint is concerned, this is one of the best phones Sprint has carried to date. The reason I say this is because of the great little features that come with this phone. Bluetooth, although it is crippled, and its automatic updates are wonderful. As the previous reviewer stated, I recently received over-the-air software updates that fixed whatever problems my phone had; made it much more responsive too! The ringer is the loudest I've experienced amongst the Sprint phones. I love being able to connect to the internet via Bluetooth from my laptop, and having a wireless headset is very convenient. The only reason this phone did not get a 5 from me is because of the bluetooth limitations. Another drawback is no flash for the camera, although the phone takes great pictures for a phone.

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One of the nicest phones I have owned


Jan 22, 2005 by stewartsalien

I had to switch phones from my Samsung a760 because of a shoddy earpiece and I must say that this is the coolest phone that i have ever owned. Not only does it work extremely well as a phone (great reception and earpiece clarity), it has a camera (no flash though) and the slider design is cool and makes for a tiny phone that fits well in the pocket. The vibrate is strong as well as the loudness of the ringers. A very good phone for the price. LG came up with a great one, even though the Bluetooth is lacking.

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The real scoop on this phone!


Jan 21, 2005 by danbfree

I work in the industry and have this phone as my work phone. To address the bluetooth issue, I personally don't care for the "locking out" of the features, but hey, that's the way it goes. I also don't feel that giving this phone only 1 "star" out of 5 is appropriate either. This phone has excellent reception and the vibrator ringer is nice and strong (2 most important things to me).

Another positive also is the "over the air" software upgrades. This is already fully functional and I highly recommend all who have this phone to utilize it (upgrades software from ver. 16 to 17) as it fixes the unable to upload pictures feature and also improves the progress meter performance (according to the info provided).


- Excellent reception that rivals or exceeds even Sanyo (Portland, OR area, Sprint PCS, non-roaming)

- Over the air software updates: No need to go to the store to upgrade.

- Strong vibrator motor, much better than the newer Samsung's that I'd miss calls on.

- Can answer phone either by sliding out or just hitting talk.

- small compact size fits easily in pockets and works well on vibrate mode.


- Crippled Bluetooth

- No flash for camera (even the cheesy one on newer Samsung's helps)

- So small that it can be dropped easily (even with small hands) and hard to dial and text message.

Overall, if you like the small size and want a phone for it's reception and not full Bluetooth, then I can whole-heartedly recommend this phone!

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cool phone is tougher than it looks


Jan 8, 2005 by tsquared127

I'm just here to quick tell you all that this phone may look a bit flimsy but it's totally not. I work at a Radio Shack and I've seen more stuff done to phones than the average person could imagine.
Small size is easy to store basically anywhere
Sliding feature is way cool and not as weak as you might think
BlueTooth system may not work as well as some people hope but with Firmware updates that may improve (Sprint) and it still does stuff like bluetooth headsets and such.
Picture quality is pretty good and though the screen isn't the most amazing in the world it's still pretty clear. (It's a phone not a camera anyway, if you really want great quality buy a camera)
Menu features are really easy to use
Auatomatic keyguard is handy for those of us who have a tendancy to hang up and stuff it in the pocket. (I'm always accidentally calling people)

Some people dislike the small buttons but you get used to it pretty quickly
The bluetooth isn't as mind blowing as people had hoped

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