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Worst phone ever


Jan 17, 2006 by drum teacher

The only good aspect of this phone, is that it can make and receive phone calls. I am currently on my third replacement of this phone. Constantly the keys start to loose their function. Every two months after i get the replacement the keys do the same thing as the Provo's phone. Everyone mentions the bluetooth capability of this phone, but the only thing is to use a head set and as everyone else has mentioned, it echos to the point that the conversations have to be stoped.

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Dec 29, 2005 by AOAO123

OK I love this phone but it in the pass year I had to replace it 3 times... one time I could hear out if it then a nother time the slider part of it just fell of and was just hanging there. Then the last time I phone stopped and wouldn't turn back on ( and yes I tried to charge it) then other than that the camera sucks because it only works outside or with alot of light (no flash). other than that the phone is great. The ringer is so good and the so is the phone set up... its a very fun phone. I LOVE IT!

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PM 325


Nov 18, 2005 by sdl123

I am giving this phone a 4 because I really do love it. It's cute and small (you don't have to open the slide to talk on it). I like the slide becuase not that many people have slide phones and I like to be different (except that now 3 of my friends got the same phone b/c it's so awesome). However, I wanted to post the problem I have had so that people will be aware of what MAY happen. I got this phone in April, it recently started to turn itself off. It would be sitting on a table minding its own business and I would pick it up to use it and it would be completely turned off, regardless of the fact that the battery was fully charged. So I took it to Sprint and they ordered me a new one. The 2nd one turned itself off in the middle of conversations, again with a fully charged battery. So Sprint ordered me a 3rd phone. While waiting for the 3rd phone, the 2nd one would go through stints where it wouldn't turn on for hours at a time and then all of a sudden it was ready to work for you. I got the 3rd one yesterday and so far so good. I even called Sprint when the 1st started acting up and they don't know of any "factory defects" in this phone so I don't know what the deal is, but just know that you're not the only one if it happens to you. Despite all that, I love this phone, its easy to use and I can't wait to get the wireless headset.

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great phone


Nov 16, 2005 by psychoboy66

this is a great phone... i love it cause its not a flip phone and its something different ... it gets pretty good service just about anywhere and its small and easy to carry... but its really hard to hold on ur shoulder and talk.. it has blue tooth and all that good stuff.. but the only thing that dissapoints me is that it does not have speaker phone... and i took it up to the mountain with me and got good service and it is water proof cause my phone got soaked when i was snowboarding and it still works great but overall its a good phone..

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Good, not great phone


Oct 19, 2005 by stx

I have been a Sprint PCS customer for about 10 years now and have owned probably 15 phones in that span. This phone certainly has some strong positives over previous phones I have owned, but also some significant shortcomings as well.

Most of the pros have been already listed:

- Bluetooth headset capability (strong plus)
- slide phone (I prefer this over clamshell)
- nice screen
- internal antenna (this may also be a con - see below)
- etc., etc.

But the cons for me are what hurt this phone:

- reception for me is definitely below average with this phone. Again, I have owned several Sprint phones and know that there are many other Sprint phones that have much better reception around my area (Raleigh-Durham, NC). This is very frustrating because where my other phones worked in my house, this one does not get reception. It may be because of the internal antenna, but I have replaced this phone twice and have had the same result with both (same after the software upgrades too). You may be in a location where the reception is fine, so I would definitely check this out first before buying the phone.
- no speakerphone. This especially stinks when your bluetooth headset battery runs out.
- web browser appears to be slower than previous phones. In any event, it is way slower than it should be given other phones/services - but that may be a Sprint statement rather than the phone.
- vibrate ring is weak. It works if you are sitting still during a meeting, but if I am walking with a client and don't want a loud ring, I almost always miss the call.

This phone would have been the perfect phone for me if they could have just fixed these cons. The poor reception is what is going to make me either return the phone or choose a different carrier if they don't take it back.

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circus band ringer reminds me of polish weddings


Oct 13, 2005 by luvvzw

i just got this phone today, and i bet i'd be reeeealllll happy with it if sprint got up and activated it (it's been 8 hours and i still cant use it). i'm a regular verizon customer and had a samsung a650 but had to get a new phone asap due to a little mishap (u can read about it in my review for that phone...it's kinda funny). anyway i couldnt renew my contract and get a cheap phone til 2007 (!) so i had my boyfriend add a 3rd line to his sprint service. this phone caught my eye for 2 reasons (1) the price and (2) the look. ive always wanted a sliding phone but ive heard so many bad things about them (pieces of flimsy junk etc). this one seems sturdy enough not break right away. it's light and compact, and the ringer is LOUD which is great for someone who's losing their hearing like me. the ear piece volume was on medium high and i could barely hear anything, but once i switched it to high it was good. the screen is bigger than most flip phones which is a plus, and i luv that u can slide it back and still see all the important parts on the on screen display. the colors are great too by the way. and so are the preinstalled ringers. the charger is also very convenient because it plugs right into the phone. i'm a big fan of lg phones because of their durability, so i'm hoping this will be no exception. i dont really use bluetooth so i'm not concerned about that. i'm really disappointed with the camera; it's just terrible. even in the light u can hardly see anything but a blur. but as one reviewer mentioned, if u want great quality get a digital camera. maybe better picture quality and video clips would make me wanna show off the phone a little more. but all in all i love it....so far. when my verizon contract is up in 2007 i hope they offer a similar phone.
so all in all, nice phone; i'd certainly recommend it to a loved one, maybe even buy 'em one for christmas. the earpiece volume could be louder, but that's my only gripe for now.

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its a risk


Oct 6, 2005 by goorioles747

I bought this phone early in 005 recently after it came out. the 0 key stopped working and it kept taking things off of my plan. so i got it replaced under warrenty and it started turning off randomly. This continued to the point where now it won't even turn on. I have gone to 3 sprint stores multiple times each and have turned me down for one reason or another every time. Although if this phone worked well i would give it a three and a half. I liked the phone and everyone I knew thought it was a really cool phone. But, having used the phone more than any of my friends I have a few complaints.
Cons- phone gets HOT while talking
keys feel very very cheap and plasticy
so so battery life
uncomforatale to talk with
camera sucks
no video
keys are bad for text messaging (to small and close together)
Pros- looks great
relativly good reception

so if you notice how many more cons there are than pros you will see why i gave this phone a 1.5/5

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Decent phone but needs new firmware


Oct 5, 2005 by oneBithead

I have been a Sprint customer for over 4 years and was really excited when Sprint added the PM-325 to there portfolio. I have had this phone for about 6 months and primarily purchased this model because of the size and form factor.

I travel allot with my job and rely on a cell phone to communicate with colleagues and customers on a daily bases. I am not a causal user so I did a lot of research before selecting this model and since purchasing the phone I have not been very happy with the performance.

The first problem is that this phone does re-set when used for long periods of time (conference calls etc). I had to replace my first phone after 3 months because of this problem and my new phone behaves the same way. This is definitely an overheating issue but I do not know if this is due to a bad batch of phones or if this is a common problem with this model.

Secondly I consistently experience roaming issues where this phone will stick to a tower until it drops the call at which point you will get full signal strength. I have never experienced this problem with any other phone on a Sprint network and have reported this problem to Sprint multiple times with no resolution. This problem can only be attributed to software and I can only assume a future firmware update will correct this problem.

This phone is ideal for causal users but I would not recommend it for power users. If you plan on using this phone for business there are definitely better phones on the market that are more reliable.


- Screen
- User Interface
- Form Factor
- Robust
- Battery


- Crippled Bluetooth
- Roaming
- Small Keypad
- Overheats

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Sep 15, 2005 by seretc

I am the owner of an LG PM 325. I purchased this phone on December 19, 2004. This phone has been nothing short of a disaster since I got it.
To begin with

1) right away the screen had two marks on it from where the phone slid open and closed.

2)Soon after I got it , approximately a month later, the screen cracked in those two spots. Sprint would not replace the phone or screen because they didn’t think it was the fault of anyone but me!

3)Anytime I put my phone near any of my metrocards (the cards I use to get on the subway) it demagnatizes them. So far I have lost a total of $200 in metrocards!! Once these monthly train passes of mine get demagnatized there is nothing I can do but buy another one. This is unacceptable!

4)Along with my demaganatized train cards I have had problems with the phone killing the harddrive on 2 ipods. If I even put the phone anywhere near my ipod it doesn’t work and I have to go to the Mac genius bar and have them replace it! I am currently on my 3rd ipod.

This phone is literally ruining my life. I am fearful at every moment if I see my phone anywhere near any of my train cards or my ipod. I can only imagine if it does this much damage to these things what it is doing to my brain when I use it!

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Jul 19, 2005 by BB23

this is the greatest phone ever.the camera is great.Its worth every penny.

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