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Super D Dooper!


Jan 4, 2005 by bsherman04

We need to get this phone's rating up! This is the best phone I have ever owned. I didn't buy it for the Bluetooth. I bought it for it's coolness. My parents got the A680 a couple days back, and I decided I had better not let them out technology me So I went and picked this phone up. They just got them here in Phoenix, AZ. My reception kicks butt! I can not believe all the places I get a signal now. Here are my PROS and CONS:

1. Awesome size (fits in the palm of your hand)
2. Excellent reception
3. Cool slider feature (does not feel flimsy)
4. Cool screensavers, and ringers built in
5. Great camera quality
6. 8X digital zoom for camera
7. Sound quality is excellent (for bother ringers, and voices in conversations)
8. Easy to learn text messaging setup
9. Auto Keyguard (that turns off automatically when you unslide phone)

1. Haven't been able to send pic messages.
2. That's it!

So if you live in the Phoenix, AZ area...I would highly recommend this phone if you are not getting good reception. And if you live anywhere else, I would recommend the LG PM-325 because of how cool it will make you!

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Bluetooth Problems Mythical


Jun 30, 2005 by briantmc

I purchased this phone after owning the excellent Sanyo 8100.

I wanted equal signal reception to the 8100 and new features. Especially bluetooth headset technology. I knew the limitations of bluetooth with Sprint phones but the hands-free was my main goal with a superior and small phone.

I live in the DFW area and use Sprint as my service.

Reception, size, and features for price, on this phone are excellent. I did have a serious problem with the first bluetooth headset (the only one Sprint had to offer according to the Sprint store representatives) the Earglove. If I had the phone within about 1.5 feet of the headset it was great if not it had horrible static. It was totally unacceptable to me that a device that touted 30 foot range would not work with the phone in my carpenter pants/shorts side pocket and the earpiece in my ear less than 3 feet away without severe static.

Upon considering returning the phone I first decided to try a different headset to determine if it was the phone, or the peripheral. I purchased a Motorola HS820 and am happy to say I can wander about my house and my job within about 20 feet with no static.

I am thoroughly pleased with this phone and recommend it.

If you are having problems with a bluetooth communications device with this phone please try a better (and it was less expensive in my case) headset or hands-free.

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Great Little Phone


Feb 12, 2005 by Biker

This is a great cell phone! My wife and I purchased two PM-325's to use with a shared account with Sprint.


*The voice quality is excellent.
*The fit, finish and overall quality is excellent.
*Small size is perfect for pocket use.
*Reception is outstanding.
*Camera quality is acceptable for cell phone.
*Bluetooth works just fine with headset.
*Great feature set.

IMO, the few negative comments I've read in some reviews are really very minor. This is the best LG phone ever and certainly one of the best phones currently available from Sprint and, since Sprint offers some of the best calling plans out there, this phone deserves serious consideration if you're in the market for a well-made phone that does everything it's supposed to do and is very cool to boot.

Two thumbs up for the LG PM-325!!

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Great Phone


Jan 7, 2005 by mtiza1

Anyone having problems with pictures, go to security area of phone and reset pictures, and after that phone will work perfectly. GREAT PHONE

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Excellent Phone


Dec 20, 2004 by JSpired

This is a great phone for a great, low price! The bluetooth features alone make this phone worth it's weight in gold!

**Works great with a Motorola BT Headset!
**Nice small size and lightweight.
**Good coverage in fringe areas
**Crisp, clear screen
**Excellent sound!

**Not the most attractive phone offered. Best described as "cute"

**Slider seems flimsy.

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Best Sprint phone since the 8100


Dec 19, 2004 by Chad4359

LG has really out done themselves on this one. I was very excited when I first saw this phone because I knew it was going to be perfect because LG has not been on Sprint's good side since all the bugs in the 5350 and phones before it. LG really stepped it up and have put out a killer phone.
Reception is the only thing I will talk about at length but where I live (a small suburb south of Pittsburgh, PA) coverage does not really exist. With my last phone (Sanyo 8200) I would get one bar but if I made a call it would go in and out even when it said it had a signal. The LG still only gets one bar but as long as I have that one bar it will hold the call and be clear as a bell.

> Great reception
> Blue Keys beat the hell out of green ones
> The slide function is very cool and feels very solid
> The screen is beautiful especially considering it is an STN
> Battery is only a PRO because I do not notice a difference between the LG and my old Sanyo (when you spend most of your time with one to no bars battery life sucks)
> The camera is great exactly what I expected
> Over the air firmware upgrades are awesome
> Finally a phone with no antenna (or Internal if you want to call it that) to take up space and break
> Bluetooth is great, a headset is all I will ever use and that works beautifully
> The price on this phone is unbelievable

> Even though the phone can make and receive voice calls with the slide closed I would have liked to have seen menu use and SMS use with it closed
> When the slide is open the phone doesn't quite fit your hand right and combined with the small keys can make T9 input a little challenging

When all is said and done this phone is a no brainer the Cons are very petty but don't really bother me too much and I send 3000 SMS messages a month. All I can say is if you can find one get it.

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Very very very good phone for the price


Dec 12, 2004 by Tajam

First of all this phone feels solid, The receptions is great better than the Samsung A680. You can record your voice and set at as anything you want, text message alert, as someones ringer, you can have your friends record their voice and set it as their ringer.
This phone is everything that I expected and more. I knew that the bluetooth will be crippled, I bought it knowing it, So I'm not complaining. I mainly use the bt for my car and it does a great job.

-Screen is great, big and bright.
-Blue-tooth works well with headset(easy to use)
-Phone style
-Menu is easy
-Battery Power
-Volume can be really really loud
-Slider works well
-camera's quality is great

-Keys are small
-Stupid seal when you turn on your phone

Sure this phone doesn't have obex, oh well, if you want it soo bad don't buy it.

i have not tried DUN but i have heard it works for some people and that there are minor bugs that they are currently working on fixing. there will be updates.

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Nice Phone but crippled Bluetooth features


Dec 8, 2004 by ambishop

I was very excited about this new offering from SPRINT, as I was growing tired of my Sony Ericcson T608 Bluetooth phone from SPRINT. As it turns out, the T608 is a MUCH better Bluetooth phone than this cool new phone from LG. The LG is nice and has some great features but they are following in the errant footsteps of VZW when they have brought out the PM-325 BLUETOOTH CRIPPLED. SPCS and LG have launched this phone with no OBEX! This means that you can not use the phone to exchange even CONTACTS from one phone to another, and contacts will not be loaded in your new Bluetooth equipped vehicle phone book.

This is ridiculous and your readers should be aware that this phone is crippled. You can not send someone ringers, contacts, pictures, etc as SPRINT wants to charge their users for downloading from their WAP servers, instead of using the Bluetooth OBEX capabilities to transfer files.

Very Disappointed, in LG on this one

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Great first phone to own


Jun 4, 2009 by jillylove222

I loved this phone when I got it. The slider was fantastic, the keyboard was nice, the screen was gorgeous, and sound was great.

The only thing I did not like was that the keys were a little small and if you charged the phone too often, the battery life would get worse and worse over time.

Overall, a very good phone in its time.

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Pretty Good Phone


Aug 31, 2008 by andrewsandahl

I got this phone and had it for about a year and a half. this phone was great. i had very little problems with it other than the small buttons.

Pros: Good Camera
good signal
good service
Plenty of storage space
never froze up
you can be slightly rough on it

Cons: battery life was minimal
Buttons are slightly smaller than useful
O.K. display screen.

this phone is better than it is bad. i would recommend it.

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