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Motorola v262


Nov 30, 2005 by smokey

Have used the phone with Alltel service for 7 months. It is dependable and battery seems like it lasts better than any I've used. Speakerphone is very good. Setting phone options (ring, etc) is very easy. Reception capability of phone is excellent.Seems to have a very complete selection of accessories (cable and office kit, etc.) available. Was glad to see that the charger connection is same as many of the preceding Motorolas. I like the tri-mode capability until we are sure of complete coverage by digital (and I don't think that will occur for years). Only thing that is close to a con is the size of the screen, but it is very adequate for use as a phone (and that is what it is supposed to be used for most of the time).

Great things come in small packages!


Nov 27, 2005 by Csquared

The Motorola V260 is by far the best phone I have ever used. I just traded my VX4500 in for this and I don't think I will ever look back! My LG was great but this phone definitely tops it.

-Great call quality..Motorola and Verizon go together well!
-Vibrant screen-the V260 uses its colors well
-Awesome ringtones-the ringtones sound great and the speaker is LOUD!
-Cool outside screen
-MMS-I can send myself ringtones in a picture message, no more paying for all that Get it Now
-Compact and lite
-interesting design
-Obeymemoto voice activation
-Just about every aspect can be personalized
-Keypad sensor-sensor knows when to turn the backlight of the keys on depending on how light your surroundings are.-this works great, people report having problems but it works great for me.
-Unique, not many people have this phone.

-Yes, the screen is a bit small but it is still easy to read.
-Battery life could be a little better, but charger is compact and easy to take with you.
-I have found no way to get the date on the home screen. It says Verizon Wireless and the time but this is just a minor inconvenience.
-storage space for ringtones and graphics is very low.

Overall this phone is amazing and I would recommend it to everyone.



Nov 21, 2005 by Crazey

This phone has some great features. However, it has an issue that is driving me crazy!!! There is a faint sound on all calls almost like a second hand on a clock. I had the phone for about an hour before I noticed it. I was out of town so I had to wait 5 days to get back to town and return it. I got a new one and within an hour, the tick-tock was back. I am getting rid of this phone and finding something better.

Excellent display
Cool Security Features
Nice Options
Good Coverage

Battery Life
Tick Tock Noise

A nice compact phone


Dec 17, 2004 by dwest185

I just bought a V262 from Alltel and I'm pleased with it so far. I think it's a nice little phone with just enough 'bells and whistles' for me.


-Very small, will fit inside a shirt pocket.
-Has a nice LCD display on the front that displays caller name, signal strength, battery level, etc.
-Voice Command Dialing--very handy when driving.
-Nice solid feel, doesn't feel cheap.
-Changable 'soft touch' face plate and battery cover.
-Stylish look


-display screen is small

Very Impressed!


Oct 11, 2005 by Raissa07

I am very pleased with this phone. I live in East Tennessee and use it thru Verizon and I have no problem with signal.
Easy to use
Signal Strength
Sound/Volume is great
Clarity and reception is great
The screen is a little small

Overall this is a great phone!



Feb 28, 2005 by jkersenbr

I recently switched to Alltel and upgraded my new package to the V262. It's a good phone. The screen is a little dim outdoors, but usable. Reception is better than most. Battery life is so-so. Accessories availability is poor at this time. Voice recognition is very good. User interface is good.

However, I live in a remote area and often have no coverage with ANY phone. So being able to use external atennas is a must. That's one of the reasons I got this phone. DON'T USE ONE! After about 3 weeks of using an antenna once or twice a day, something inside the phone broke and it no longer would get any reception unless plugged into an antenna. It charges slowly when turned on.

My dealer says this is a known issue with some older models, and they hoped Motorola had fixed it, but, alas, in their infinite corporate wisdom, they had not.

BTW, this isn't just a lemon. My wife and I got identical phones and both have the same problem.

Cliff notes:
Good phone
Just don't use an external antenna
And keep an extra battery or two.

Absolutely satisfied with my V262


Jan 13, 2005 by walywrld1

I have had a V262 for approximately a month. I can say without reservation that this if one fine phone. The reception is exceptional. The voice quality is great. It is easy to use. It feels good in your hand. I have finally found a replacement for my trusty V60i.

I tried several different phones getting to the 262. I tried an LG5450... neat phone, poor reception, dropped calls, etc. Also found the same with the LG5550. LGs just did not work in my service area... a rural/fringe area.

What would I change... maybe a bigger display but the one on the phone is bright and extremely legible. The outside display is great. You have to be a little more attentive to the position of the phone on your ear... a little more so than with the V60i. This however is not really a problem in that you quickly get used to it.

The only phone I had found that worked consistantly was the V60i. This 262 matches its performance. If you are looking for just a good basic phone, no cameras and other frills... you cannot do any better than a 262 IMHO.

Good features, fair execution


Jan 10, 2005 by phoneruser05

I bought this phone because it's one of the few Verizon phones that DOESN'T have a built-in camera. Radio Shack is the only place that I've seen this phone sold in the D.C. area, but it seems to take standard Motorola accessories.

Excellent reception
Excellent voice-dialing recognition
No camera
Usable speakerphone
External display
Reasonably durable

Poor battery life
Tiny, dark screen
Screen is impossible to read in daylight
Not widely sold
Very high SAR (radiation) rating

another so-so phone


Aug 31, 2005 by tallgirl

I am STILL looking for a good replacement for my trusty LG4400- I swear I may have to keep that phone forever!


-Good signal, AND it has analog
- Lots of cool faceplates to choose from
- Keys are big enough and arranged normally enough to be used easily by someone with larger fingers or someone klutzy (me on both counts)
- Rings very loudly


-Tiny screen, but it IS clear for the size
-Menus are not very intuitive, but can be learned pretty quickly if you take the time
-The often-mentioned speakerphone issue. Works great for a short time, then dies
-External display was hard for me to read

I don't care about a camera, Mp3 player, etc. I just want a new phone with a semi-normal keypad, good signal, a loud ringer and no huge known issues that companies refuse to fix for one reason or another. I'm starting to think that does not exist!

Motorola V260 (Great Phone)


Jul 23, 2005 by kbedient

I have recently just bought this phone. And I am very very pleased.


Great looking phone
Outside Caller ID
Awesome ring-tones
good speaker
good buttons
great front display
great settings to personalize you phone
great battery life
Great Service so far (verizon)


I can see myself having problems w/ the antenna down the road.
Smaller screen..

All in all, I would suggest this phone to all who don't care about a camera.

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