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V262 for Alltel


Sep 8, 2006 by chuckvaz

This phone is one of the best I've had. I live in rural west central Florida and my company was at odds with a previous carrier that plagued us with a multitude of dropped calls and bad service. Luckily we changed carriers and we all got V262's as they worked best in our area. I've never had a dropped call in the 3 months that we've had the new phones. A word of caution: The only available charger is the travel charger and it has already messed up 2 phones in our company. If it's left plugged in for an extended period of time, the phone will not charge anymore and the battery icon will disappear and the battery will discharge completely. Overall if you need a phone that works in elevators and malls, this is the one to get.


It works, period. Even if you're in a manhole.
No dropped calls.
Distinctive rings.
Can program ringer/vibrator functions without opening the phone.


Travel charger can foul up phone.
No desk charger.
Holster doesn't support phone well, better get a cheap holster from any discount store or mall kiosk before you end up losing your phone in a jetway ramp or scaffold.

V262 Won't Charge


Sep 7, 2006 by schneller

I have had this phone for a year.

I have purchased 2 batteries for it and 3 travel chargers.

It stopped charging using the travel chargers but still charged using the car charger.

Now the car charger won't charge it either.

The battery is good.

This phone has proven to be unreliable and I don't recommend it.

Not The Best of Phones


Aug 1, 2006 by Meari

I've had this phone for less than 2 years and I am on my 3rd power supply cord. The other two went bad -- a problem admitted by my US Cellular reps. I had to go buy an earpiece 4 months ago because I can't hear using the phone itself. The calendar alarm doesn't go off at the right times either.

Not a good phone


Jul 26, 2006 by pixiesticks_101

I got this phone for my birthday. I was excited but it has been a pain and caused many headaches. The battery life is horrible. I plug it in all day and take it off and in an hour its dead. I can't charge it and talk on it at the same time because it becomes fuzzy but as soon as you unplug it from the charger you can hear fine but then the battery goes dead..again. I have missed many calls because of this phone. Some calls don't even show up on the recieved folder. I hear about them later from angry friends. My phone will have full signal and it will go straight to my voice mail. I don't text message either because for some reason I'm not able to. I've only gotten a few text messages. I can't seem to send them though. The battery is my biggest problem though.



Jul 12, 2006 by brassmonkey

This phone is the worst. I got it free with my plan. It makes calls occasionally, but after every call it hangs up. It doesn't hold a charge. The ring mode changes on its own which is very upsetting when you're expecting an important call and miss it because the phone set itself on Silent. The alarm doesn't work.

The best thing I can say about this phone is that I got it for free.

Nice 'n user friendly


Jul 8, 2006 by arctic.banana

I had this phone for a good 6 months prior to my upgrade to the V710 (not counting my 2 days of the 265), and to say the least I was impressed with the simplicity of it.

The 262 met all my expectations easily. The software was nice and simple for me to use, quick-linking the menu options to some buttons was dirt simple, and keys were large and fit nicely for those of us with fat and clumsy fingers (Hoorah!).

I've noticed in a couple reviews that people have been having issues with the battery life and reception. I run off of Telus' network and have always been pleased with them. Their American parent company Verizon, however, seems to have some issues making customers happy. I can't comment on how this phone works on US networking, but on Telus I get reception everywhere...literally. I've been everywhere from fields to underground parking 2 levels down, and this pup still works.

As for the battery, running off of the default settings will get you a nice long life out of it if your using it in homes, cars, outside, and most office building. More or less everywhere for the average person. But I find if your using it in isolated buildings like malls or rural areas where your phone does a good chunk of roaming, you MAY noticed the battery draining a tad quicker. If you go into your settings and change it from 'Search Signal' to 'Home Mode Only'. This will help cut down on roaming and save you some life on the battery...


- User friendly (IMO)
- Great Battery life
- Amazing Reception
- Sturdy


- Small screen

All-in-All, I've been happy with this phone. Besides the small screen size, I'd still recommend this to anyone that doesn't want to spend any cash on a phone, or using Pay-As-You-Go.

Very Tough Phone


Jun 6, 2006 by GC

This phone is really good. The voice quality is great and so is the look. Not only does this phone look and sound good, but it is very tough. I've dropped it on to concrete many times and it still works like it did before.

-Tough exterior
-Nice external LCD
-Speaker phone is very good
-Easy to use
-Looks great (inside and out)
-All the features work well
-Buttons on the side are perfect size.
-Good amount of contacts (unlike 250 or 300 this phone has 500 which is quite good)
-Enough ring tones (not a whole lot, but you should be able to find one you like)

-Not a whole lot of features, but a phone is to call people with, not to play games or surf the internet.
-Antenna looks cheap because of its cheap plastic.

All in all this phone is pretty good and I highly advise you to buy it. It is one of my favorite non-camera phones I have used/seen.

V262 User overview


Jun 5, 2006 by quikcall

June 4, 2006
As an experienced Motorola user for years, my overall V262 experience has been very good.

I feel the Pro's are:
1. It generally feels good in your hand.
2. The ear piece voice is OK, but not great.
3. My network signal seems solid in my area of west Florida (Clearwater/St.Pete)and I seldom "drop" calls. (MetroPCS network).
4. Ability to plug into my RJ11 "docking" station. This enable's me to use standard "wired" phone devices on the MetroPCS network. I achieve the same benefits as if using the older Motorola 120.

1. "snap" in charger is still weak. I prefer the easier to use "plug" in style (for example, as on Nokia and Samsung).
2. Phone book is poor. Does not allow multiple phone numbers for same name, example home; office, mobile. Also does it allow adding such things as comments for a number.
3. Speaker phone is hard to hear. Callers tell me I sound like a am inside an "oil-drum".
4. Drop down/pull up antenna is very weak. I know mine will soon break.
5. Size of clock "time" of day is very small. (I need glasses to read it.)
6. Assigned "ring" tone (to my personal phone numbers) OFTEN plays the WRONG tune when my family or friends call. I now 100% don't trust it.
7. Poor battery talk time life.
(ps: My "plan" provides UNLIMITED talk time. Therefore, battery life gets very SHORT resulting in dropped calls when the battery finally goes dead. It forces me to always keep my charger plugged in when on the road).

Best of luck if you get this phone.

A Real Review


May 2, 2006 by FutureRush

I had purchased the V260 in late September 2005 and it is now May 2006. Most of the reviews here are from people that reviewed their phone after only days or a couple weeks of owning their phone. They haven't really given it a fair chance. On top of that, most people don't feel prompted to review their phone unless they are having problems with it - which can happen with any product. It doesn't mean they all are broken. Location is also important.

I live in western Pennsylvania and occasionally travel to central Pennsylvania around the mountains, and eastern Ohio. None of the times I have checked my phone did I not have a signal. Even when other phones were without a signal, I could still call on mine. Others may have trouble with that if they have not updated their towers. I have 4 bars on average - usually 5 at home. The battery I only recharge about once a week. I often have my phone off when I am at work or sleeping, but not always. I don't spend a terrible amount of time talking on it either. I have never dropped a call.

The speaker-phone works well, but since the speaker is on the top/back of the phone, I usually turn it on its side when I put it down or else I won't hear it as clearly. The ring is good, I can hear it even when the phone is upstairs in my purse and I am downstairs. I don't even have it turned up all the way - about level 4.

It's true the screen can be difficult to see outdoors, whether it's sunny or overcast; but not impossible. No more difficult than some watches. This is due to a type of screen also used for mobile video game consoles like Nintendo DS or Sony PSP. It's reflective to give more brilliant color. It's not a problem for me. The screen size is fine too. You can see everything alright. The only time the size of this screen may be a problem for people, is if they waste their time playing games on it. Or if they've just been spoiled by a previous phone.

If you read the manual, you should be trouble free.

Excellent performer for Metro PCS


Apr 22, 2006 by MrFlashport

I have owned this since October of 2005 when it was released for Metro PCS. Overall it has been excellent, with over 422 hours of talking logged on the timer, I can say it has been a superb phone. RF is exceptional, on par with say, the Nokia 3587i. Sound quality on both the caller and outgoing is phenominal. Plenty of volume in the earpiece or the headset jack. The speakerphone is clear, and the DSP is good (no VOXing or echoes) but it lacks the volume of an iDEN phone or even a V60s.

The only gripe I had was battery life. Living and using it nearby a Metro PCS cell site (within 1000 feet) you'd think I'd get the rated performance but talk time was around 2.5 hours max and around two-days on standby. I remedied that buy purchasing the extra capacity battery and cover from RadioShack, which was on clearance for 30 dollars. Now it averages around 4 to 4.5 hours of talk time and can go 4 days on standby. That's my only gripe.

Construction is very solid. No squeaks and even with all the use it's had it's hinge is still tight. The displays are excellent, especially the outer display.

It's a great phone if you need good RF and performance. If you like to talk, pick up the extended life battery (if you can still find it).

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