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Good times


Nov 21, 2008 by Drunk

Back in the day this phone was the bomb, I had a color screen and ring tones that didn't sound like a beeping sound. I could still use the phone if I needed to. I really liked it.

Color screen
outside display
antenna thing

lots now but back in the day it was great, I would have had no complaints back then

Decent phone, but not the best


Aug 4, 2007 by EarthGirl517

I have had this phone for about 18 months and will be upgrading soon. When I first got the phone I was very pleased with it. However, in the time that I've had it, the quality is much deteriorated. I can't use the speakerphone any longer (person on other end cannot hear me clearly)and the button that holds the back casing has broken.

Phone was free with 2 year contract (US Cellular Wisconsin)
Changeable faceplate
Accessories easy to find including faceplates
Easy and quickly navigated menus

Sound becomes distorted after a period
Cheaply constructed
Doesn't easily support downloadable ringtones or wallpaper (may have to do with my carrier)
Cheesy standard wallpaper, screensavers and ringtones

I will say that the battery life seems to be fair. Also I get very clear reception with this phone, but have not had another phone with US Cellular, so can't compare



Jun 3, 2007 by pookie1

this is the third v262 i've had in one year. the "carge connection" goes bad, caller ID shows up double. On this particular "last one" , double caller ID, & it sometimes makes siren noises. I took it to my local Alltel, it's simple... take the battery out, put it back in. Problem solved-until next time. the v262 is the fourth phone i've had in 12 years. It's not me......Anyone have a v60 for sale?

looks can be deceiving


May 11, 2007 by pcfriedrich

The phone looks great, and is easy to operate. It just kinda sucks once you try to make calls. I don't know if it is the antenna, battery, or both. The battery will lose its charge in less than 8 hours and it doesn't get reception ANYWHERE. I've been unable to make calls when a cell phone tower is in plain view of my location. My brother is on the same network (Alltel) and he will have three reception bars and I get no service, literally. I've sat right next to him and he would call my phone as an experiment. No ring. just a missed call alert. Sometimes I'd receive text messages two days after they were sent.

I thought the phone was just a lemon, so replaced it. I immediately had the same problems.

looks nice

doesn't work at all.

I recently replaced it with a Samsung Wafer. I'm happy with that phone.



May 9, 2007 by rigmus

this phone was thurst upon me in a time of need. the phone was unempressive but cheap so i considered it a fair trade.

pretty cheap and offers most of the common phone attributes
-adequate signal
-color screen
-access applications program
-good speaker of better sounding rigntones

- battery/charging difficulties
- not quite good enough to get excited about

i highly doubt this fone deserves this rating, but i give it some credit for the signal it did receive out here in the middle of nowhere.

Motorola V262 - Low-end Phone


Feb 19, 2007 by Big Dave 88

I acquired this phone free as an "upgrade" from the Nokia 3587i. If anyone knows what the 3587i is, then you now it's not the best one around. The Nokia was a free phone given to me back when CellularOne was still around. I must say, it worked better than the V262. I gave the V262 to my grandmother when I upgraded to a Motorola W315. When I try to call her, I am trying for 20 minutes, and I might get her to answer, but only for about 30 seconds before the call drops on her side. We live in a small town in southeastern South Dakota, where there are at best 1 tower for every 60 square miles. The nearest tower is in Mitchell, 45 miles away.

I gave this phone a 1 only because it works 1/650000000th of a time.


The hinge is sturdy.

It's a tough phone, (I ran it over with my Crown Vic the other day).

The Silver/Black button colors are nice.

Nice speaker phone.


Very little service.

Horrible battery life and charger.

Alltel is evidently doesn't care about towers, because I have told them and told them that signal strength is at its worst, and so have my friends. I have been thinking about switching to Verizon.

There is a Verizon tower about 5 miles from town, and when the phone switches to the tower, you can make 2 calls on it, 911, and Altell.

alltel v262


Feb 9, 2007 by tschreib

I've had the phone for 7 months, and have sent it in for repair twice. the phone will switch from ring&vibe to ring at a lower level by itself. i use my phone for work, and i need the vibe alert for calls. this phone has failed me many times. alltel is NO help at all. I'm stuck with this phone until my contract is up. if you go with alltel, make sure you really like the phone and test it out as much as you can before your 14 day trial period is up.
good reception
nice screen
ringtones ok
good volume

battery life is BAD.doesn't hold a charge, and the batteries don't last very long. i've replaced it twice in 7 months.
charging system is really flimsy.
flip isn't the sturdiest.
motorola repair is a joke!!!
must be a reason why they discontinued this phone already.

advice-don't buy it. period. looks like i'm buying a phone off of ebay.

this phone suckes @$$


Jan 15, 2007 by miller redneck

I have had this phone for about 6 months from Altell i had to get replacemet after 1st month phone wouldnt charge, and i have had 3 batteries put in on the new phone. i get a new battery about every other month that all they will last. I dont talk on my phone that much i didnt use it at all one day took it off the charger at 8:00 am and it was dead at noon i'm trying to get altell to let me trade for a differnt model of phone but they i have a new contract for 2 yrs. they say this phone gets the best signal but i cant fid where they tested the phone i never have a good signal. I think they need to find all the phones they have sold and blow them all up because they are junk

Not worthy of a .5


Jan 1, 2007 by m00ktoo

Although this phone has been discontinued by all of its providers, I know some people may choose to by a lightly used one or maybe one off ebay, so I would like to warn you! This phone is not worth a penny.

Sure, when I first got it brand new, it worked great. Came with alright ring tones, and everything seemed to be working great. It wasn't long after that when I started noticing problems. During almost every call, there was a distinctive beat.. I always referred to it as my phones heart beat, it is rather annoying while trying to talk.

Also, it didn't take long for the front display screen to mess up. There is something that is hanging down above the time. It is VERY distracting! And a eye sore.

The battery is crap. I have friends with other Motorola phones, and their phones charge could last them all day if they didn't talk on it.. If I am at school and leave my phone on all day, but the end of the day, I have one bar.

Also, I won't just have dropped called, but sometimes my phone just turns off. Apparently it must tell me when I have been talking too long? Because I can be in the middle of a conversation, and click, it turns off.

Consumer BEWARE!! This phone is not top quality.

Nothing that stays PRO

The Phone

Hope this is helpful for anyone thinking of purchasing this awful phone.

Mystery of the Blinking Screen


Oct 24, 2006 by That_phone_guy_A1A

I've read through every review, and I've got to say I agree with a lot of whats been said.

I have had this phone for close to two years. I have put up with a lot of stuff for this phone. I had the phone for maybe four months before they put out the recall on it, for the bad ear piece. I didn't know about the recall, and ended up just getting the ear piece replaced. After dealing with that, I have had to deal with horrible reception, and other issues. And especially as of lately, the battery.

The battery on this phone, to put it bluntly, sucks. Now, I can put it on the charger for my seven hour work shift, take it off when I leave...and then make a five minute phone call on the way home. And then the phone beeps and says low battery. My phone has been living in a permanent state of low battery for dang near 3 months. Toss it on a charger, low battery for 10 hours, toss it on a charger...etc etc etc.

And now the new occurrence. I went to Chicago over the weekend. My phone died in its "low battery" stage, and I could barely get it to turn back on. It would flash "moto" at me, and turn off. So I tossed it on a charger at work this morning...and...pllltbnbbbbthhhh.

Nothing. My phone doesn't even do that anymore. It blinks. It lights up, still black screen, and fades right back to darkness. Try putting it on the charger, It turns my phone into a freaking strobe light, not charging it, not turning it on, just making it flash.

I'm three months out until my contract is up, and great. I have a freaking strobing paper weight for a cell phone.


I hate this phone.

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