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LG TM-510


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Best phone Ever


Aug 11, 2004 by blueroom


If its phone reception and ease of use your looking for, then this phone is for you.



Feb 14, 2004 by DigitalDiva

This was my first flip phone and well worth it! I have recently upgraded to the LG VX6000, but I'm holding onto the TM-510 just in case the 6000 fails on me.

-lightweight and fits nicely in my hand.
-black color keeps it looking clean.
-battery life is good. I can go 3-4 without charging.
-nice screen size, so I don't have to squint.
-buttons are made of rubber, so no slipping of the fingers. Easy to press.
-easy to navigate menus--very straight forward!
-Caller ID on the outside.
-Wide assortment of ring tones. Vibrate function is strong.
-great reception.

-no color display.
-design a little plain.

Aside from this, this is a great phone. LG quality is impressive, which is why I upgraded to another LG phne.

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This has been a very good phone for me...


Feb 2, 2003 by CRCinOklnd

I have had this phone for over a year now, and have had no problems or issues to date. The voice quality is excellent, both for the listener (most claim they cannot tell I am talking on a cell phone), and for myself...can hear everyone very clearly...matter of fact, I have the ear volume set only half way! Reception in my area (S.F.-E.Bay area) has been excellent...most always full bars. The problems some people experience with the phone book (listing numerically), is not an issue for me. Matter of fact, I like it! I can place the most important #'s at the very beginning and end (to scroll back and forth) and list phone numbers/names together that I normally wouldn't be able to if it listed by alpha-order. Also getting into the phone book or voice-mail is not an issue if you use the mouse...right click mouse, left blue soft-key for phone book, up/top click mouse for voice mail...it does not take repetative steps if you know the shortcuts! Battery life...I only have had to charge once a day with the regular life battery, and less with the extended life I currently use now. The phone is very sturdy, especially since I use it a lot every day...don't have a land-line. My only complaint is that they only have 1-3 normal ringers...why all these "hokey" tunes? (even has the "hokey-pokey"!! can you imagine that?) But other than that, I would recommend the phone to anyone! Do plan to in 1-year to upgrade to the LG-4400.

I love this phone


Nov 13, 2002 by Jordan Greene

I got this phone when I signed up with Verizon Wireless in August 2002. I picked it because of the price and the fact that it was a flip phone w/an external caller id. I read some reviews before I made my choice, so I think I was pretty well informed. I find this phone to have an excellent signal strength. I go to school in NY and our school has some underground tunnels. My friends who have Sprint can't even go outside their dorm room and keep a signal, let alone talk in the tunnels, but I can go down there and never lose my call and the person I'm talking to can't tell the difference between me being in my room and the tunnels. I've seen some reviews saying that the battery is not very good. I don't know why mine is special, maybe I just got a good one, but I have the standard battery that comes with the phone, and I'm able to talk for extended periods of time. I think the longest I've made it before the phone started beeping is 4 hours 15 minutes. I'm not kidding. The menu system can be a little tricky to get used to, but i really enjoy it now. The one bad thing that I have to say is the belt holder. I can't get the phone out of the holder with one hand. Maybe I just haven't gotten the hang of it yet, but i always have to use one hand to pull back the clip, and one to pull the phone out. I highly recommend this phone.

Great phone, but the battery life sucks.


Jul 20, 2002 by Jeff Johnson

The LG 510 has all the potential of being a great phone. The call quality and clarity is excellent. I am always able to hear well on this phone, and the signal is consistently strong, even in analog areas. The voice dialing works nicely as well. The phone is compact and very durable. I've dropped it many times and the phone doesn't bat an eye. HOWEVER
This phone suffers from one MAJOR drawback in my book: battery life. I get maybe 30-40 minutes of talk time and less than two days of standby time. In analog areas, I'm lucky to get 10 minutes before the phone will shut itself off. Also, the battery heats up in standby mode, and it gets REALLY hot after about 10 minutes of talking. What's the point of having a phone it you can't use it? I have found myself charging this phone two and three times a day. If you want a flip phone, I'd suggest getting something else like the Motorola v60. Otherwise, just get a candy bar style so that you can actually use it.

This phone is in for the long haul


Feb 13, 2004 by rmyoun05

I love this phone. I've had it forever and it is soo durable. I don't know how many times I've dropped it, but it never does any damage. The phone is easy to use, so after a couple days, you know how to get into everything. My experience with the battery life has been fair. A couple days without charging and it gets low.
CON: can't down load ringers and it doesn't have a color screen.
All in all, it was worth the money I spent on it. It has lasted me 2 years now, no scratches on it.

A classic


Jan 23, 2004 by JPURINS

I finally upgraded to a camera phone, but I already miss my LG510. It's rugged, reception is very strong, and the ergonomiocs are great - nestles perfectly in the hand, and the keypad has great tactile feedback w/ those rubbery keys. As a basic, compact, and durable phone - it's an excellent value. I can't think of a single shortcoming, unless you want a color display.

Best Phone ever!!!


Feb 23, 2003 by Vic Ellison

This phone has been a great phone. I have had no problems, I live in the Finger Lake area in NY where reception is tough to find. This phone has better reception than my new Motorola 720 , and better battery life. The feats were kinda plain but for a reliable phone from day to day this is the best.

Not bad


Aug 3, 2002 by Darryl Joynes

Smallest phone I've ever owned. Looks slick. I bought this phone a year ago when it first came out and a year later it still catches looks. Exterior caller ID and large display is great. Outside case, especially the silver seems to scratch easy when using the belt clip that comes with the phone. The address book is very good with like up to six numbers per identity, but the search functions take way too long. Snore! Also, it would be nice to look at the call history and not have to press so many buttons to get the time of the call. Thirty ring tones are great, but why must almost all of them be musical? Battery life also nothing to brag about. Better buy a auto adapter or you might run out of juice if you are out for the day. Wake-up function, scheduler, calculator, auto answering machine all great features.

This is one of the best phones I have owned


Aug 20, 2002 by Jacob Voth

The LG-TM510 is a great phone. I work for Verizon (I am a sales rep in Iowa) and I have worked in cellular for my whole life. I have owned many nice phones (as far as carriers go, Sprint PCS has the nicest phones but terrible coverage) and this LG is one of the nicest. It is very easy-to-use and offers alot of advanced features for us techies. It doesn't have any games but who needs games on a cellphone when you can just sync to the web and choose from a bunch? It is very rugged (of all of the phones we service here only the Audiovox CDM-9155 is serviced less then the LG, and only by a marggin.) and has ok battery life (I recomend the extended Li-Ion battery). I recommend this phone to all of my customers. It ROCKS!

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