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Jan 29, 2003 by J Klun

I am a little bitter. This phone was recommended by many and I am sorry I listened. The one good thing about the phone is the size. After that it is all downhill. I am least impressed by the obnoxious ring choices or the fact that it takes way too long to get into voicemail. These days technology has advanced far past what we had in the early 90's. So why am I stuck with a phone that has 27 of the all time worst rings that sound like the old days before there was digital cellular phones. How about checking voicemails? Oftentimes I actually get annoyed when I get new one because it takes 10 touches to the keypad to check one voicemail! Also, what is with the "theme" options, or lack of options in this case? I don't even have to mention the lack of battery life considering everyone on this page seemed to noticed it. One last thing, why would they make a phone book that does not have the option to organize the names alphabetically? I personally have never seen a phone book that rather than sorting numbers alphabetically, it sorts them by the order that each entry gets inputed into the phone??? Are you serious?

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Great overall phone....


Jan 22, 2003 by Kevin Cox

I have been a reseller for Verizon for over a year, had this phone for about a year and a half. Overall, this is a great phone. Very durable, has withstood many drops. Voice quality is very good, as is signal reception. Better signal wise than most phones Verizon offers. Although the battery life isn't as long as some of the others, I have never had a problem with it. My phone is only cut off late at night for approx. 7 hours while sleeping. I average around 1000 minutes of use each month and I only charge it every other night. When I first got the phone and didn't use it as much as I do now, I only charged it every 3rd night. Still using original battery and still lasts as long as when it was new. I am ready for a new phone with color screen and retire this one but it has been great phone.

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Who cares about the good features, if the battery is always dead.


Dec 10, 2002 by H Stars

Yes like everyone else says, the phone has good sound quality, very durable, good reception, but like everyone says also, the battery doesn't make it more than 8 hours most of the time. So in all honesty, who cares about everything else, if your battery is dead, you can't use the phone. I have to walk around with the charger through out the day, just not worth it anymore. I don't know how a few other people posted that they gotten up to 2 days with the regular battery, this is my third TM510 with all different batteries, and I got the same battery life on all of them. Verizon suggest that I buy the extended battery, give me a break, LG should give me the extended battery for free, cause they were way off on their battery life expectancy. I'm getting the Samsung A530 when it comes out, and I'm chucking this phone in the east river, I'm sure I won't electricute anything, cause the battery will be dead!

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LG - Awesome phone


Nov 8, 2002 by Jay Tredway

The lg tm510 has been an awesome phone. I previously owned a qualcom 860 and the tm 510 was a hugh step up. The features are extremely user friendly and the voice dialing is a hugh plus. I have thought about upgrading (tried samsung a310 and a500 and also motorola t720) but returned them all because I preferred the 510 to all of them since the only true advantage to any of them was the color screen.

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Good Business Phone


Aug 5, 2002 by bill fready

able to use USB data cable $48 from Canyon River with my old Startac software, Phone Tools. I love the record conversation feature. supports long chain dialing, voice calling. my only beef is battery life. i have to believe its due to more computing power than my old Startac.

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Worst Invention EVER


Jun 21, 2004 by thespork

Someone please explain to me why my phone can't put the names in the phone book in alphabetical order! Or better yet, why do i need stupid features like "data/fax" who sends a fax from a cell phone?! here's a great one, i know there has been many times i've needed to know the country code for Bangladesh. Also, according to this phone, apparently somewhere over the last few years Alaska and Hawaii became countries. I love how i know the country code for over 15 different countries....yet the phone has 2 language settings...English and Spanish. Whoever designed this phone is hopefully as miserable as i am.

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Good but the software leaves a lot to be desired


Dec 21, 2003 by radionet

Every feature of this phone is flawless, except the alarm and vibrate functions.
I have had 4 of these phones and every one has the same problems: (even one returned from the factory supposedly repaired for these problems)

1. The alarm intermittently does not activate when programmed to do so, sometimes missing the set time 5 mins to 10 mins late, and sometimes not coming on at all. Therefore is unreliable. This problem may as well have migrated to my new VX 4400b! Last weeks programmed alerts on the scheduler did not activate. I had to reprogram them. so far they haven't missed a sched, but it is now hard to rely on this new phone for important scheduling alerts.

2. vibrate motor acts as if it has a loose connection when in use. It's as if the wire touches the solder pads intermittently, again the feature is unreliable. This problem has not surfaced on the VX 4400b.

So there you have it. 4 phones about 1 year apart in production dates, same problem. I can only assume they all suffer from this. It's a real shame too, because I really like a black phone, it looks much more professional than the sissy silver ones floating around now.

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Decent Phone, but Battery sucks A$$


Apr 22, 2003 by Jeff Lin

I've had this phone for about 1.5 years on the northern California Verizon network. I got it mainly for the flip-phone feature, which I prefer over the open keypad phones.

Generally it's not a bad phone. But What really sucks about it is the poor battery life. Don't trust the stated times in the specifications. I leave my phone on 24-7 and I have to charge this sucker every night or else it won't last through to lunch time on the second day. This is if you don't use the phone at all.

If I make any calls during the day (total ~30 minutes), you can pretty much guarantee that the battery won't last though to the night. The optional high-capacity battery is almost a no-option because of the large size.

The one thing that brings this phone up from a 1 star is the durability. I've dropped this phone so many times I should have it tied to my hand. But, the phone just keeps on going.

Overall, I would recommend against getting this phone. For a mobile phone, battery life is just too important and the TM510 is seriously lacking in this department.

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Mar 9, 2003 by Eugene Barra

I fell that the TM 510 is a good qualitiy phone but the draw back is that geting to the menu is hard and also to powering on the phone take a 2 sec time laps it would be better at an instant powering on the external caller ID could be larger i fell programing numbers and names is complex a bit i fell the TM 510 too me is light,and the . lasts a long time charged,

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Feb 28, 2003 by Dave Hoffman

Reception is good. Sound is fine. The speed dial is sorted by an assigned number (ie 1,2,3,4 etc.) not the name. If you don't memorize the number you HAVE TO ENTER THE FIRST THREE LETTERS of the name your looking for to use the search. Using only one letter will get you any name that contains that letter and not as the first letter. (Entering N for example could get you deNNis.) This system is WAY out of date. Reception is fine. It looks cool... IF YOU USE SPEED DIAL LOOK FOR A DIFFERENT PHONE.

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