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Oct 24, 2002 by Brian Fedje

As a Verizon dealer, I have had very good luck with the LG 510. It is a durable phone with excellent reception, even in analog areas. I concur with other posts mentioning battery life. We do seem to warrant them quite a bit. Also the user interface is a little tricky, otherwise a solid phone, highly recommended if you travel in remote areas.

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good one


May 21, 2004 by thetas

i got this phone in june of 02 and my wife has been using it ever since.i had to go buy another phone(litterally)because she liked it so much she took it over.every time i ask her about another phone she says NO.it is durable ,good call quality,decent battery life and great features.if they still made them i would get another one.she has worn out 3 batteries and the phone has been a real gem.where i live has pretty low reception due to being in a very low spot between hills yet this and my 8900 are the only verizon phones that consistently give good reception considering the environment(no other carrier has reception at all).id give it a 5 if they still made them available

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hard worker


Apr 29, 2004 by bkdbeanz7

I had this phone for a year and for the most part loved it. The only 2 things i didn't like about it was that the phone book didn't alphabetize so i had to put most people in the voice activated dialing (which was fine.) and the fact that t-9 text editing sucks and doesn't really go away on this phone very easily. Other than that i've dropped the thing so many times i can't count and you don't notice. the clip design is great... love being able to leave the phone in the clip while talking on the phone.

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This phone sucks


Feb 19, 2004 by MsDebbs

I had three of these phones and all three sucked. The flip is constantly breaking, call connect is too long, Signal strength stinks, Battery life is O.K.
no games. this is the worst phone I ever had.

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Long lasting phone


Feb 10, 2004 by katsuya

I'm on the verge of dumping my LG510 in favor of the new LG4500. I've had my phone for close to two years now and for the most part it has been a joy to own. My only gripe with the phone is the fact that the address book is organized in the order that the entries are made instead of alphabetically. This unique feature (I'm being nice) makes it a little difficult to find names if you haven't memorized the number associated with the name. My phone has continued to work despite being dropped several times. I hope I can get good use out of the new 4500.

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Durable, balky OS, nice phone


Jan 31, 2003 by leech

I had this phone for 18months. It took quite a beating and showed absolutely no loss in functionality.

The Operating system is a bit tiresome as it locks up occasionally or just flips back to the home state while you're in the middle of something.

I switched to V60i because I wanted something slimmer that would fit less obtrusively in a suit or pants pocket. And I need the synchronization software.
With 300+ contacts in my phone I will never again be without PC sync on a mobile.

All told, this was a darn good phone. I had no qualms selling it to one of my closest friends.

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Lousy battery, but an otherwise great phone!


Aug 23, 2002 by Matt Siegel

I love gadgets - and this one is great. Except, that I'm tossing it out tonight because the battery stinks. It has never lasted anywhere close to as long as the specs suggest. And anytime I speak with anyone who owns the LG TM510, they same the same thing. Great quality phone - great small size - great display and features that are easy to use... But, you can't use them once it powers down. I can allow it to fully charge overnight, then keep the phone on, and by dinner it's off - even with little to no usage all day. What gives?? Sorry LG, your battery stinks!

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Great phone


Dec 12, 2012 by tinilk

Wait, no reviews since 2006? Has everyone moved on to the latest iGadget? No more love for that easy-to-read green LCD? The satisfying feel of flipping it open to answer a call? Who needs games or a camera anyway?

The TM-510 was my first cell phone too. Feels like a lot more than 10 years ago. I have mine here after digging it out of the basement. Oh, TM-510, you have seen better days. Your external display is cracked from that time I sat on you. Some shiny silver paint still clings to the edges of your yellowed badge, proudly proclaiming "CDMA Tri-Mode". And eww, what's this? It looks like your rubber side buttons have *liquified*. Reverted back to the petroleum ooze from whence they were made. Now I have black sticky tar all over my fingers. Ah, here's a napkin.

Yet your hinge still opens with that satisfying springiness. Your keypad buttons still feel like the day I first caressed them (must be made from something less petroleum-y).

I -- I can't help myself. I must find out. Yes, here's your trusty charger. Here's one of your svelte batteries.(Always had to have a spare on hand.) Could it be? Might you power on again, after all this time?

The battery slips into the charging cradle. A red LED shines forth once again.

I snap the battery onto the back. Tentatively, I press and hold the "end" button...and...you come to life! You play your power-on chime once more! And you show full bars. I dial a number. (Some of the buttons need a firm press to register.) I press "send" and..."Welcome to Verizon Wireless. Please hold while your call is transferred to an operator."

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I Miss This Phone


Nov 22, 2006 by bunnyville

The TM510 was my first cell phone and I miss it dearly. I currently have an LG VX6100 and don't like it near as much as the TM510. While having a color screen, camera and being able to download ringtones are nice, I miss the oversized spare battery, the great reception and the number recognition in dialing. The main reason I switched to the VX6100 was the ability to originate text messages and download ringtones.

I didn't have the battery problems others have mentioned; however, any phone battery will die faster if it's always looking for an analog signal. If you're looking for a basic/simple cell phone with great reception, this is the phone to have.

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The greatest phone ever made!!!


May 28, 2006 by jinanddevil

This was my first cell phone ever. I remember it came out the same time as the first V60 only it was about half the price. Same features pretty much, but the lg way out-performed the V60 as far as reception went. I believe the only CDMA phone that could get you better reception than the LG 510 was the Motorola STARTAC/TIMEPORT. Unfortunately Motorola never again produced that kind of quality. I have a friend who has a share plan with his wife. She has a pink RAZR and he (reluctant to switch his phone) still has his TM510 which far exceeds the RAZR with reception. I have cingular and desperately wish that LG could produce phones for cingular as good as they do for verizon.

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