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Decent phone (for a Kyocera)


Jun 2, 2005 by chatterbox64

The Kyocera Soho is one of Kyocera's better phones. The speakerphone is loud & clear, and the screen is fairly nice. However, the phone CANNOT vibrate & ring @ the same time, which is a major issue for me. It does have a unique design, and the call quality isn't too shabby either w/ U.S. Cellular. The SoHo's keys are hard and kind of small for rapid text messaging, and the selection of ringers isn't that great. The Kyocera SoHo makes an acceptable starter phone (but if you have other choices, look at them first).

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worst phone I have ever owned


Jan 21, 2016 by CnC Pro

Carrier: Alltel

This phone is straight up GARBAGE. I had 3 of these phones in less than 3 months. The first one something happened in which everything on the screen went backwards. I would have to use a mirror to see who was calling me, The second one lasted 2 weeks and there was a software issue that required replacement. The third one would get hot while in use. This phone also not charge while in use. Alltel would not give me a different phone so I cancelled my service and went to Cingular (now A T & T) and got a Motorola Razor phone. I am still with A T &T now after 10 years.

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great compact phone


Dec 24, 2009 by narn3049

Owned this phone well 2 of these phones 2005 and 2008-09 era.

First phone stopped dialing only key works end key. found a refurb around 07 had it till 09 when i cracked the hinge and the phone broke in half.

Now before the phone shattered apart it worked fine, and was very durable. Great reception every where I went.

buy this if u get the opportunity too

OK phone


Sep 10, 2007 by Sylar

Ok but not many features

Poor quality, software unstable


Nov 23, 2006 by jmastrol

I've had this phone for a little over 1 year with Verizon Wireless in the SF Bay Area (Menlo Park, Mountain View, Palo Alto, San Jose .. South Bay). The phone is billed as a basic phone in Verizon's line-up and it met my needs up to a point.

-External LCD display to view call info
-Small flip phone form factor
-Decent battery life when within tower range
-Good size keys
-Easily adjustable themes and contrast

- Obnoxious ring tones (you must buy decent ones from Verizon)
- Poor battery life when on edge of coverage
- Poor construction quality
- Reboots frequently after being used 3 months
- As phone aged, reception of signal dropped off. It has been awful trying to place and receive calls over the past few months. Same network, same location, same phone. The capabilities of this phone drop to almost NIL unless you are right "under" a tower.
- Exterior of phone picks up scratches easily (soft plastic)
- Frequently calls were dropped (not network related, my v60s would have no troubles in the same areas)

See my other reviews (dating back to 2003) to get more ideas about where I use this phone. I've been a subscriber to almost all the providers in this area (at one point in time) and was really surprised at how poorly this phone performed. The most frustrating part was the frequent reboots and unexpected "shutdown" the phone would experience. Right in the middle of a call or when preparing a text message. All of a sudden you are without communication. And, yes, the battery was at 3/4 or higher charge when these problems occurred.

This was my 2nd Kyocera cell phone and I was very disappointed with its performance after using it for a few months (less than 400 minutes per month).

I Love This Phone


Sep 10, 2006 by neejoi

The reception is great. The ringers are very loud. I have nothing bad to say about this phone.

kewl but not good


Mar 6, 2006 by money0808

this phone has a very distinct design and its cute; but really not good enough.

screen size ofr teh flap of the phone
changeable faceplates but not housings
color screen is better than the Motorola v180 i had before this.

small navigation toggles and back and speaker phone keys.
kinda has a cheap feel.
VERY CHEAP BODY, the holster the phone came wiht made little slots at the bottom of the phone. Also the holster put scratches onte h side from me taking it in and out of the holster.
Scratches easily

other than that is kewl.

Good basic phone


Mar 2, 2006 by Nismoguy

As an employee of Alltel, this is the free phone they give us with our employee accounts so this phone was actually not my choice. I have always been skeptical of the Kyocera brand but have been surprised with it for being a "bottom-end" model. It has nice basic features, it supports realtone ringtones, down-loadable wallpapers and games, very functional speaker phone, and good ease of use.

Speaker phone
Good reception (thanks to Alltel's network)
Clear display
Easy to navigate menus
Changeable face plates

Vertical external display (awkward)
Factory ringtones/walpapers lacking quality

Over all I would say this is an excellent phone for the price and the pros definitely outweigh the cons. If you're on a budget and need a cell phone, this one is the one for you!!

This phone SUCKS


Jan 26, 2006 by CoMpMaStErRyAn

This is the worst phone EVER! I have it for Alltel and it stinks! It always freezes and goes slow when you are doing something, such as adding a contact. Also, when you close the screen, the backlight doesn't turn off until 10 seconds after! This wastes battery! Another thing- realtones sound very bad on this phone. They are crackly and full of static. I do not recommend this phone to ANYBODY, especially Alltel customers, because they will NOT let you trade it for a new one without first going through numerous trips there.

Good For The Money


Sep 12, 2005 by Lena

When signing up for the Verizon Family Plan with four lines, we had to pick a phone that would be adequate for our needs and not pay a lot for bells and whistles that we didn't need. A review of the reviews, prices and specs made the KX1 stand out. Not on any "special" at the time we signed up, we felt it was sufficiently better than the freebies to be worth $40.

Having used these four phones for two months, we are generally pleases with them. We like the aesthetics; the size is nice for the pocket, purse of belt. The external display (b&w) is convenient; the buttons are big enough and the tactile feel is fine.

We use this phone strictly for calling; no text messaging, no "Get It Now", no mobile web. It works great, sounds good, fairly intuitive to use. We really like the frequent call list, where those we call most often migrate to the top of the "phonebook" for easy dialing.

We frequently use the phone in an "extended area" where the signal is only two or three bars. This seems to drain the battery rapidly, and it must be charged every night.

IMHO, the PROs are:
size and weight
external display
no extendable antenna (would prefer a patch)
Frequent call list

The CONs are:
short battery life in "extended area"
hard to read display in sunlight
limited selection of ringtones

I wish this phone had a feature to save short text (notes) easily. Trying to save notes as text message drafts is cumbersome. I find the calendar (scheduler) not worth the effort to use.

But as a phone, for calling and receiving calls, fetching voicemail, etc., the Kyocera KX1 is a good deal for the money. None of the four of us have had any problems with our phones.

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