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You get what you pay for...sometimes.


Jun 10, 2006 by laurenszoo

I, unfortunately, got this phone about a year ago when it was a $70 phone. Now, you can pretty much get them for cheap or even free at a retail store. I would never spend money on this phone. It has been a headache from the start, and I just recently ditched it.

PROS: good reception (Alltel in Mobile, AL), small size, menus are set up logically

CONS: speaker phone went out after only two months, no battery life after about four months, freezes up for no apparent reason, after five months caller id started screwing up(wrong id would show up for the caller), awkward vertical cover screen, scratches way too easily, antenna fell off twice in one year(I was not overly abusive to this phone), phone actually refused to charge on its own after eight months(had to charge battery out of phone on a battery charger), ringtones were pretty bad, I could go on for days...

It would probably be a good first phone for a kid since they will probably want a new one in a year; however, I have a pretty good track record with keeping phone until they just give out from old age. I don't really like to replace them every year.



Jul 20, 2005 by UncleKoolAidKool

THIS PHONE SUX!!!!! DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE! i personally do not have this phone but mi parents do, both of them and they are constantly saying thing like:


.-Blue Buttons! =)
.-Drawing thing.. for screen savers and things =)
.-Caller ID people... lil animated pics of cartons.

.-Only Good reception when phone is fully charged,
.-HORRIBLE battery life (mine as well turn it off when not in use!).-Complicated Text messaging
.-Looks cheap and GEEKY
.-Takes too long to charge
.-WORTH THE 99cent price with a two year contract! (i'd rather buy a cheeseburger, it might last longer)

Personaly i would recomend the LG VX3200!! REALLY GOOD PHONE!!!

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it's been nothing but trouble....


Mar 23, 2007 by babydollwhit

Less than 1 month after i purchased this phone, it began freezing up and just overall not working. I would have to take the phone back to the store i purchased it at to have it rebooted and fixed. It randomly turns off and on with no reason. It also will turn off in the middle of calls, which is very inconvenient. Another big con of this phone is that is is way too fragile, apparently made off super cheap plastic, because it cracks and breaks without being dropped. Also, people will call me while my phone was on, but my phone would make no mention of the call. I would not reccomend buying this phone to anyone. It's been absolutely horrible.

My friend has this phone and we laugh @him!!!


Oct 29, 2006 by xyzpdq123456

My friend got this phone from his grandma! His Alltel contract was up and his grandma got him his new phone as a 40th birhtday surprise! (he knew she was buying him a phone just not this one!!!) So she bought it (it was free wonder why!?!?!) So he opened the box when his granny wasnt there and we all laughed and sh!t our pants over this phone! IT looks like a 12 yr old phone! We laugh at him all the time because he is on his 7th one in 6 months! He prays that it will break again and he will get a different replacement phone! NO ringtones are good! Txting is horrid and the look and feel of the phone is horrid!!!! Overal the dumbest phone ever made!

color screen
volume buttons (its really feture lacking and it was hard to even come up with that!)

everything else

MOral of the story dont let ur grandma pick out ur phone or the whole world will laugh at you (oh did I mention he is a city atourney and he has to be seen with this thing!!!!!) HA!



Aug 11, 2006 by lovelypirate

Ugh, I cannot stand this phone.
I have Alltel, and the service sucks as well as the phone.
Its a good thing this phone was completely discontinued.

The purple faceplate I got was a really pretty color.
~I like the eZi txting mode. It usually guesses the right word.

Granted that might be my service, but it was freaking LA.
~Though I generally liked the eZi mode, it would always forget the words I had inputted myself. It had short memory.
~I've had to get this phone replaced three times because when I turn it on, the txting says "Updating messages. Please check again later."
~I WANT MY TXT MESSAGES NOW. Not in three hours, or in most cases, NEVER.
~The phone, being made out of plastic, creaks all the time and sounds rancid. Many of my friends say "What the heck is that noise?"
~Downlaod quality SUCKS. My ringtones are of poor quality.
Even on the lowest ring tone volume, I can still hear the phone ring when I'm in the living room and its in my bedroom. If I want it to be loud I would put it on the highest volume, not the lowest.
~The menu colors matched nothing. They were all bright too.
~The screen is so old looking, you can define every single pixel, making the designs look sloppy.

I have not been pleased with this phone.
Granted this is my first phone.

There is a good reason why this phone is free with a new contract at Alltel.



Mar 9, 2006 by hdayejr

Luckily, my money was not wasted on this junk phone because it was a replacement for a se47 that was much worse. The KX1 I had was through Verizon. Seemed ok at the onset, but once you download Get It now applications, that seems to be was causes problems

Pro: Sleek look
Very Loud Speakerphone
Cons: Crashes alot, especially during Get It Now games, and alot of crashes for no reason
Small keys(as stated in the other reviews)
Scheduler would not remind you of appointments, even when set correctly, a clear glitch in the phone

This phone started crashing about 4 weeks after I got it, and got really bad the last few days. It finally locked up totally. When I powered it back on from a crash it was totally frozen. Couldn't even retrieve my phone book info. Told Verizon to keep it and ended up getting an LG. Kyocera seems to be a really cheap junk brand from my experience, hard to believe people here actually worship the ground Kyocera walks on.

Can't hold a signal!


Dec 6, 2005 by Razr Freak




-Awful reception,can't hold a single bar in most places
-Super crappy stub antenna,the worst of it's kind
-Terrible battery life
-Confusing menu

Advice:Stay the heck away from this eyesore!

What a Waste!


Sep 12, 2005 by clr7181

Don't waste your money, or in most cases with pricing on this phone, your contract length. Phone has very poor signal, poor display, buttons too close together to navigate smoothly, and it doesn't fit and or stay in a leather case or holster from the funky design. Props to Kyocera for trying something new and different...but better luck next time.

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