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What you see what you get


Aug 4, 2005 by mtdewitt

I have alltel based out of kalamazoo. I had a nokia 3587i prior to this phone. RF with this phone is very comparable to the 3587i. I work in Otsego MI in a plant with an interior office. I can make/receive calls just as with the nokia.

When I went to get this phone the two guys at my store, including one from another store spoke very highly of the Soho. I asked if any had been returned..including mine made in Mexico and they said no. This phone was receiving nothing but good reviews and the ones to stay away from were LG. Though I am not sure...I think my phone was built in March 04.

For what it is..this phone is very good. I cannot think of one real complaint so far...maybe....and I mean maybe battery life is a little short but not ridiculous. The speakerphone is what I want..for me alone...I hate Nextel and how loud they are and how poor their quality is. Call quality is very good compared to my nokia. One person I talked to asked if I had change my landline number..when calling from this phone. Voice dialing works fine. People complain about the keyboard layout...but number,send and end keys are very adequate...the rest of the keys are not huge...but for a very small phone you cannot complain.

All in all this phone is everything I wished for and so far...based on the negatives I have read...more than what some have seen. I just use my phone to make and receive calls, retrieve voice mail etc...and the soho does all I hoped it

I recommend Alltel's version of this phone very highly. It is a great buy for someone who wants a basic flip phone with good features..for a good price.

Great Looking Small Phone


Jun 29, 2005 by meteorite69

Alltel is my carrier. I have been an Alltel customer for years and have been very happy with them because I travel in rural areas of the country. So GSM just doesn't cut it for me.

I was attracted to this phone because of it's great looks. So I did a lot of research and couldn't find many complaints. Oh, some people complained that it did not have a camera (here is a clue for you people......if you want a camera phone, buy one. Don't buy a non-camera phone and then complain that it doesn't have a camera.)

It gets great signal strength in my home which has always been marginal at best. I like the stubby antenna because I break the extendable ones. The keys are easy to use and the screen is as good as it gets with a small phone. (again, don't complain about a small screen if you buy a small phone, good grief some people are stupid).

The only complaint that I have is that the speaker phone is not as loud as my previous phone which was a LG 5500 (with the exception of the LOUD speaker phone, the LG was a piece of crap. It fell off of my belt and got run over by a car and I was glad).

I love this phone and you will too.

Nice Simple Phone


May 16, 2005 by SpArkY101

Hello, I work for a wireless company, and the SOHO is the phone I use. It's very nice. It doesn't have all the fancy camera stuff, but it works. I like the sleek small look of it, and the red keypad lights, which makes is so it doesn't blind me at night. haha

PROS: Small, can fit in a pocket or small purse.
Loud ringer
Loud Speaker phone
Nice keypad
Exterior display is nice, tells time, date, life of batter and how much signal you have.
Has a game for when I'm bored
Lots of nice tools
strong vibrate
cute faceplate choices and its very easy to change them, no tools needed
Good antenna (signal)

CONS: no camera (it would make the phone so much better)
Loose antenna (it loosens up after a while)

Well, that's all I can think of for now. It would also be a good starter phone.



Apr 21, 2005 by blumajik06

A wonderful addition to Verizon's lineup of phones. It's cool, sleek, and very nice looking...

It's very affordable, has OUTSTANDING RF, a Beautiful color screen, very clear and loud speakerphone, durable, changable faceplates from manufacture*(OEM), and is an all out great phone.....



Apr 18, 2005 by tabbiejo

I just got this phone today and I must say this is the first Kyocera phone I ever owned, this phone is great I love it can't stop playing with it.
the only thing i dont like about it is I didn't get a holster for mine Verizon in kc mo stop giving them out. but other than that I LOVE THIS PHONE I would recommend anyone to tis phone especially the younger generation. WTG KYOCERA

GLAD there's no lo-batt indicator!!!


May 9, 2005 by sapphro

May 2005, Bhm, AL: Switched from Cingular (Motorola C331t, a TDMA/analog phone, dropped because phone had become more analog than digital and was always dropping calls) to Verizon. Only reason I got the KX1v was people's complaints it had no low batt indicator! I HATE the low-batt indicator! Esp ones that repeat! Most things posted are true so far, and I am very happy so far. The only points I wanted to add are:

1)Although there is an option for missed call alerts, and the number of missed calls does display on the external display, if a side key is accidentally pressed (e.g., by your car keys), the message disappears! & once the message is gone, there is no way to know how many times the person called, only the last time they called.

2) Pressing and holding side key switches phone to vibrate, at least for that one phone call.

3) Keys are a bit too flush with inner face, diff to TM w/o looking.

4) Ext. ant. makes it a bit uncomf. to hold phone with your shoulder.

5) Things that are customizable don't need to be, and vice-versa. For example, there is an array of screen savers and wallpapers and icons that can be assigned to callers and messages and displays, but the up/down/left/right keys cannot be customized! A bit frust.

6) GPS can also be set to where only 911 services or Verizon Services (and they don't say who else) can track your tower. (Not sure if this is carrier- or phone-specific)

7) A slight lag after pressing buttons which is akin to the dial-up lag when you're waiting for a page to load, regardless of battery strength. Not for the impatient.

8) Doesn't prompt for you to make any last-minute changes to text messages, just sends immediately.

9) BTW, it does record voice memos (although the memos can't be made into a ringtone).

10) And best of all, it does not chime in my ear when the battery is low! (Although lights do flash, and the battery icon does blink). It simply cuts off! Woo-hoo!!!

Good For Calling, Texting, BUT NOT GAMING


Apr 24, 2005 by bundy5000

I am a 16 year old boy. Who recently purchased this nice phone. I also suffer from Obsessive compulsive disorder so maybe its just my mind but I have downloaded plenty of programs and applications. I think the middle Button (5) got pushed so much it is sticking. I am probly just being paranoid but I am really scared to use the #5 key cause i think it would get stuck. I have the leather case that i had to pay 20 bucks for but i dont think it really helps since it protects it from Water not PRESSURE of the finger.

Great for Calling
Great For Texting
Nice Display
Loud speakerphone
Nice Design

Key's are cheaply made
The Keys Design looks like a calculater from the 70's.
Not many Games or other applications work with it.



Jun 1, 2006 by chicklover563

This phone is well worth money.

1) fast charge time
2) great speaker phone
3) easily customizable
4) easy to get through menu
5) not a pull out antenna
6) external caller ID
7) download new games
8) play little clips of cartoons

1) fair battery life (considering price)
2) has antenna (stub) (not so bad)

(really no major cons)

Overall this is a great phone and the only way it could get better is if it had a camera.

my advise- GET THIS PHONE

Different is not always good...


Sep 21, 2005 by Static

Don't get me wrong, this phone is sharp. It has a very attractive design (most likely moreso for the younger crowd), and is packed with features. However, there is one drawback that I feel is the nail in the proverbial coffin for the KX1...

Key size.

Way too small. It's so easy to mash on several buttons at once. Every time I try to sell this phone, the button size is everyone's numeral uno on the complaint list. Keep in mind that the digits are just fine; it's the navigation controls that make for instant aggravation. The "OK" key is way too tiny to not accidentally press it when using the control pad, as are the "Back" and speaker phone keys.

It's just not convenient nor is it ideal. They've unfortunately sacrificed looks and "uniqueness" for good, smooth function. If, and only if, this is not an issue for you or you have abnormally small digits, then by all means grab this phone; it is otherwise great. Just be aware of those flickin' small buttons.

Best of the Bunch


Aug 10, 2005 by dbet

Have just signed up with Alltel in Northern Oklahoma and was having a terrible time with reception. My first phone was the Nokia 6255i (actually 2 of them) and had very hard time acquiring and holding a signal and making calls.
The second phone was the Motorola V262 (if you can call it a phone), worst phone I ever tried to use--constantly searching for network.

The store manager suggested I use the store demo , an LG 4750, and I found it as bad or worse than the other two.

I was so disgusted, I told the manager to give me the cheapest phone he had with a QualComm chipset in it. He gave me the Kyocera SoHo and EUREKA-!- I can make calls.

Reception--the best of the bunch. Will make and receive calls with only tower (no bars)showing.
Sound--Loud ringtones and earpiece volume (I wear aids in both ears) and have no problems.
Screen--Don't care much for color, but the dialed numbers come up big enough to read with no problem (also have failing eyesight).
Speakerphone-- seems to be decent, however I don't use it much.

Screen--Very hard to see in sunlight
Battery--Has to be charged every day
Key Pad--Keys are very small and sometimes difficult to press.

Overall I would recommend this phone to anyone who just needs a phone for what it was designed for--making and receiving phone calls.

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