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SANYO 4920


Nov 10, 2005 by THEBEERGUY

This is a much better phone than the 4900. that model was a horrible upgrade to the 4700.

pros: great battery life
2-way sms
can recieve pics
nice color display

cons: not really any that i saw in the use of the phone.

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Wonderful Phone!!


Oct 25, 2005 by Nobleserf

This phone has been perfect for me. It has taken a lick'en and is still tick'en. I use the phone for 3000 to 4500 min a month and have done so for a year now. Other than the screen being difficult to see during the daylight... it's perfect.

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Great phoen for rough users!


Sep 11, 2005 by samael77

I have had this phoen for several months, and have enjoyed it much more than my previous phone which cost twice as much and was designed to be a "tough" phone. I have had no signal problems with it, including when I am out in rural areas. It has great reception and sound quality, and the features are easily accessible and easy to use. What makes it so handy for me is its toughness though. I am notoriously hard on my phones, and after many drops, sit-on's, mashed against walls, and the like, it still has not a scratch on it. My previous phone, another Sanyo, was in shambles after a few weeks of use. Definitely my new phone of choice.

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Best Sanyo EVER


Aug 8, 2005 by ianh

I have not found a single thing I dislike about this phone yet. The sound quality is superb as others have mentioned, I was really surprised how clear it was the first time I made a call on it. I had previously owned the RL2000 and I just have to thank whomever for FINALLY building a proper SMS interface into a Sprint Sanyo phone. Struggling with the minibrowser on the RL2000 to use SMS was awful.

I noticed that the "Data-Capable" listing for the RL-4920 in the comparison section on this website is listed as "-". I have tested interfacing this phone as a modem with a laptop and data cable and it connects to the Internet perfectly and with far less latency than my old phone. The column should read "Yes". It uses the same data cable as older models so throwing out your accessories to upgrade is unnecessary. If you have the RL-2000 or the 4900, BUY THIS PHONE. You won't be disappointed.

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Best gets even better!


Nov 24, 2004 by psilvio

I had the 4900 for a little over 2 years before switching to the 4920 and the only reason I switched was because I decided it was time to get a new phone. And if it's possible to improve a great phone Sanyo did. I love the smaller size of the phone, which was my only complaint about the 4900. I don't need a camera and all that on my phone, so the features on this phone fit me perfectly.

I use the charger and the PC Sync chords from my 4900, so there was a cost savings for me there. Also, the PC sync function works great and there seems to be more space for your personal ringers and wallpapers. People say they can hear me better with the 4920, so the microphone has been improved too, although I didn't have too many problems before. The reception picks up even better than the 4900 did as I can now receive in a couple areas that were previously drop zones for me.

I wouldn't buy any other phone than a Sanyo phone and they have another winner here in my book. A perfect phone for someone that wants all the bells and whistles without the extra cost of a camera.

If I do have to say something I dislike about the phone, it's the fact that the display lights up while charging. But I just put the phone face down on my dresser and it doesn't bother me. I just hope this doesn't cause the screen to burn out faster or anything.

Great phone and I highly recommend it, if you're on the fence. Make sure you get the software upgrade for it to resolve the speakerphone problem.

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I Love This Phone


Aug 27, 2004 by Tweaker_22

This phone is super cool. People talk about an echo, all they have to do is turn down the reciever volume. The echo is gone then. I recommend this phone to everyone. The reception is also awesome!

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I love it!


Jul 25, 2004 by MelbGuy

I traded up from the Samsung N240, and am so glad I did. While the Sanyo is a little thicker than the Samsung, it's about the same height and width, so it works for me (I wanted a small-ish phone). The fact that I now have service in my house is a HUGE advantage to this phone. It seems that the statements that Sanyo does better coverage is true ... no more twisting my head against the window to get a signal.

I love the screen and the amount of information that it includes when a call is coming in, or just reviewing information. I am currently taking advantage of the free trial for Spring PCS Vision, and I'm not that keen on the web browsing limitations, but that is just screen size issues. The simple integration of text messaging someone is awesome, and I'm liking that a great deal.

I've yet to test out the Ready-Link feature - still waiting for some friends to get online with that; but I have used it as a voice recorder, and I love that. I used to have to leave myself voice messages if I wanted to remember something, now I just record on the phone and review later - very handy. This feature along will probably be enough to keep me away from activating RL.

Overall, I'm exceptionally pleased with this phone, and glad that I was in the right spot at the right time to get such a great deal.

Not sure if I can offer any negatives on the phone at this point, so I'm rating it a 5!

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still in question


Jan 5, 2005 by sprintcustomer

My husband and I both got this phone because of the long talk time and battery life. However, we are not impressed with the sound quality. I don't know if we just happened to get two bad phones or if this is just a problem with all of the RL4920's. If I call a land line, the phone is clear BUT, if I call a cell phone, the sound quality is horrible. It sounds as if the person is holding something in front of the phone. The other person's voice is very muffled! I still have 7 days of my 14 day trail left to decide what to do with the phone: keep it for the talk time or return it because I can't hear them clearly? I wish they made all cell phones with 5.5 hours of talk time!

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Long Batter Life, but not much else


Feb 17, 2006 by BurpinJello

- Long Battery life

- Reception is bad (Singular)
- Microphone position is bad. If you let the phone get too close to your cheek the other end can not understand you (makes it seem like even worse reception)
- (personal opinion) I am getting to hate exposed keys. I dont like putting my phone in my pocket and hate keyguards (they make it difficult to use the phone in dark areas)
- Can not store addresses in the phone book (Boy I mess my startac with the organizer)
- Ear jack is weak and faulty (two have broken on me)

All in all I would not recommend this phone to a more than average cell user.

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RL 4920


Aug 21, 2004 by JWP

I have tried the 4920 side by side with my 4900. It drops calls and shows signal strength of 1 or none while the 4900 has a solid 4 bars and makes the same phone calls without any problems. I have tested these phones in my city as well as on the interstate. Even within 3 miles of my local cell site the 4920 will not perform when the 4900 executes perfectly. I tried 2 different 4920’s and they both operate the same. Reluctantly I have had to return my 4920. I believe this phone may be designed and set up for metropolitan use and will not perform in a rural area as well until some system changes are made.

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