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Great Phone and Signal, All-Around Great Handset


Dec 8, 2006 by ooglek

Sure, this puppy is old, cell-phone wise. It doesn't do all the fancy stuff those new-fangled contraptions can do. But as a phone, this sucker is the tops.

* Great signal
* Phenomenal battery life
* Great sound quality
* Very durable, dropped many times, keeps ticking
* Menus are fast, virtually no delays
* 4 digit dialing (dial last 4 digits of a phone number, hit send, looks up in Contacts)
* Intuitive Operation
* Works as expected, no surprises
* Small and light while still very functional
* Well lit keys, raised and separated enough for good contact, nice travel
* Can tether to PC without Plan

* Cannot access GPS features
* No camera
* 1MB! Memory
* No bluetooth (not that bad though)

This phone is about function, not flash or bling. It does what it was made phone -- making and receiving calls -- very well. The other features, such as a nice T9 system, fast menus, easy customization of soft-keys, nice keypad layout, nice keys.

It simply works with no surprises. It's not the latest and greatest, but if your goal is a great phone that'll last, here you go.

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Sanyo and Sprint have another Winner!


Jul 1, 2004 by mrayw

The 4500 was good,4900 great and the 4920 is best I have had. I did use the VGA1000 for several months and was happy with it . Then replaced it with Sanyo 7300 and was not satisfied. I usually keep phones til they die but since 4900 the 4920 is the first KEEPER. Actually the VGA1000 was but the charging pin came loose, which was caused by my charging and talking as this pulls on the pin!
Pros;great reception,battery, dials easily for a small phone and I have large hands. Starts up quickly after shutdown. Finally a Sprint speaker phone that is capable of actual use. Small and light. Best sound and earpiece of any cell I have used. No sweet spot on earpiece! Only for talking, push to talk and vision! No useless camera crap, folks this is actually a working phone and a great one at that.
Cons: I did not find any!

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Jun 22, 2004 by MSH77

My last Sanyo was the 4700. When I went 3G, I changed brands. I am glad to be back on the Sanyo side again! Reception is FANTASTIC! Battery life is very good. The size and weight make it very usable and comfortable to carry. The display is very clear and surprisingly visible to be so small. This will remain my phone of choice until features change dramatically.

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Jun 16, 2004 by biggjd69

I have had just about every sprint phone on the market, with the exception of their PDA Phones, but 4920 takes the cake. The absolute best phone that sprint has put out. I thought the 4900 was a workhorse but this daddy puts the 4900 to sleep; permanently. Excellent battery life; I bought this phone on a Monday and use it throughout the day in to the evening extensively and when I was about to go to bed that night, I still had full bars. Went down one bar on Wednesday. Excellent Reception; I could not believe the range of this thing. I live in Greensboro and in this area dropped calls are very frequent, have had none with this phone. There is a Wal-Mart in this that with all of my other Sprint Phones I would roam in that store, with the 4920; full bars.

The size of the phone is nice and pocket size; very cute phone for a candy bar, will remind you of some of the Nokia Phones . The Color display is sharp and vibrant. The menu selection is convient and very easy to use and understand as with all of the Sanyo Phones. The SpeakerPhone is louder and very able to be understood from the other party compared to the 4900.The Ready Link is viable for those who likes using it. I have disabled mine because I have on one to use it with. The Web Browser is very fast and quick to your needs. The only cons to this phone I would say would be for the one's that love the camera phone, none with this model. But overall this is an excellent phone, hat's off to Sprint for outdoing themselves this time.

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This is a PHONE review, not a carrier review!


Sep 21, 2004 by nightsbridgecrossing

I recently switched to the 4920 from its considerably larger cousin, the RL2000. Not only is my new phone smaller, but it packs a bigger punch. The coverage and reception is about the same as all my other Sanyo phones (4500, 4900, RL2000) have been: SUPERB! The speaker is much more clear, and suprisingly louder. The screen has been drastically upgraded from a few thousand colors to over 65 thousand. This is by far the best of the series. I think some of the earlier reviews were unfair, judging the PCS network, instead of the phone itself. Sprint isn't for everyone, but for those of us who do use it, the 4920 may be the best phone on the network.

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this is one of the best


Aug 17, 2004 by jamar722

I just brought to new phone from Sprint and this is one of the ones I purchase. Along with the sanyo 8200, Anyway this phone is for my girlfriend. She has to travel deep in the country where the signal on her last phone (sanyo 6100) didn't get a signal. But today she was able to talk to me all the way there and only lost a connection one time.
Great signal
strong battery
great size
great color
great speaker
cool feature
basically she and i love the phone, I question the only she and i need to do is get use to the ready link. We keep pushing the button at the same time. we love it.....

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You Gotta Feel This Phone


Jul 29, 2004 by brian0754

I use every feature this phone has to offer. From the digit echo to the ready link. outstanding reception I live in Indianapolis so of course I get great reception (which is a surprise to me since I have sprint, but I work at RS so there is no bad talking about sprint for me.) great voice quality, and small and handsome, and with my one-touch access to messaging I'm sending out sms messages in a heart beat. Full lock is also great just in case you lose your phone. You have to have a password just to answer it! Ready Link is nuts, push the button, wait for the tone and talk away! Sleep Mode saves the battery even more by not sending out such a strong signal, like when your talking on it, but it sends the signal just enough to get and send calls and messages. Oh Yeah the antenna does stick out so much!

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A phone is a phone is a phone... or If you are familiar with the Sanyo 4900


Jun 10, 2005 by Breeegz

I upgraded recently from an LG 5350. My options for upgrade included camera phones, and I heavily considered them. What really won me over for this phone is the reported 5.5 hours of talk time. 5.5 hours of talk time was about 5.25 hours longer than my poor abused LG clamshell's battery could muster anymore.

My wife currently owns a Sanyo 4900 (few years old) and coverage compared to this older Sprint PCS powerhouse is near identical (after we got a firmware update for her phone).

Battery life is similar during heavy usage. (the 4920 edges a win, but then again my wife's phone is a few years old)

User Interface is nearly identical with only minor differences.

4920-The best phone I have ever owned
4900-The best phone my wife has ever owned (I tried to convince her to upgrade so I could use the RTT feature, however I was unsuccessful)

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Next to Perfect Phone for me


May 26, 2005 by cbackstrom

I work for a wireless company and the Sanyo rl-4920 is by far the best phone I have ever had. The battery seems to have endless life, more than the reported 7 days if you ever need to have it unplugged that long. The thing that would make it the best phone ever is a camera, I know thats not important to alot of people but I'm still fairly young and enjoy that feature on a phone. I recommend this phone to everyone, you won't be dissapointed.

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The phone that will never die!


May 31, 2012 by jabberwocky

I still use this daily as my only phone now, in 2012, and I've had it for 9 years, and it just refuses to die or break down! I enjoy having a "unique" phone nowadays, plus I never do anything with my phone other than make/receive calls. People are shocked when they see how ancient of a phone I'm still using. It works just like new, with excellent reception and sound. I still have the original battery, and it'll still let me talk for about 2 hours, or stay charged on standby for 2-3 days. I've dropped it who knows how many times, and it just shrugs off the impacts like nothing. Of course, after 9 years of living in my pocket with my keys, it looks pretty rough, with maybe 10% of the silver finish left on it, and all the buttons' writing has long since worn off, but it's no big deal. Too bad they don't makes phones this sturdy and reliable anymore these days!

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