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i know i'm a little late


May 1, 2006 by sowhatsowhat10

1 word comes to my urban mind when thinking of this phone: WOW! (mind you i'm hood).

in january of this year i promised my little brah a phone if he kept his grades up 1st period of the school year. he was leaning towards the n-gage qd so i bought it ahead of time. then BLAM! FLOOM! ZAP! SCHLAM! (like an old batman cartoon) he switch up and wanted a boost mobile phone (peer-pressure). i was gona put it on ebay but then i said let me try this thing out.

and here's how it went:

the phone's build is attractive. the shape if different and attract's flashy and abstract folks. options are endless. and nokia has battery life on lock hands down.
gaming is also fresh 2 def.


symbian software series 60. adds a PDA like feel in being able to add 3rd party software that wow's anyone.

the shape is different. some call it the taco phone, but they are always asking to play with my phone.

battery life. i added the ultra mp3 player and a 512 mb card filled with song played for 6 hours straight and the battery still read at half life.

keypad layout. next to qwerty this made texting easy and fast as heck. i found myself typing faster with this than some qwerty's. (without the help of pedictive text).

bluetooth. on this phone its a tad shakey but not killer like some make it seem.

screen quality. playing tony hawk was clean reminding me of a GBA or PS1.


NO CAMERA! i understand its a gaming phone but sheesh i'd like to be able to snap a pic on this bad boy.

NO USB! come on now NOKIA! what were you guys thinking? *****BIGGEST CON!

one memory card slot. i saw a piece on the nokia site that expanded one slot to 2 but it was unavailable.

internal memory is small.

no stereo playback.


this phone is hot! signal in central pa with cingy is always 5 bars. the symbian 60 platform is sweet. the only downer to this phone is no usb. aside from that no camera isn't that bad but it would help to add one.
i say great buy

A review from Denver, Colorado


Aug 17, 2004 by dark_phable

When I first heard about the N-Gage I was pretty excited, then it came out and pretty much bombed. So from that point on I never wanted to get one and I never looked back either. What seems like a few months later, they came out with the QD and I still had a hard time believing that it was any better. I'm still amazed how quickly they responded to the complaints about the original N-Gage and fix them. Well a friend of mine at work had an N-Gage and showed me his phone, I ended up liking it. So I went out and bought the QD and come to find out I love it.

I went with AT&T wireless, and I don't know if it's the service or the phone, but my signal bar never goes down. It's full 24/7. My sound quality is great and I love all the features.

The negitive side of this phone is NO MP3 Player, NO FM Radio, NO REAL Player and NO USB port. Most of the QD's flaws can be fixed with 3rd party software though, but to get stuff on to your phone you have to do some extra stuff. Having no USB sucks. You either have to buy a Blue Tooth Dongle, or buy an MMC card Reader and an MMC card which is also the cheapest way to go. The QD comes with a CD-Rom with real player and other programs, but without a way to get it on your phone your just out of luck. The only problem I have with the N-Gage and QD is it's hard to use with one hand to operate the phone. Blue Tooth can act up here and there, and I've only had the phone freeze on me once.

On the positive side, it has a much prettier menu than it's brother. You can hold the phone normally, and it looks 10x better. Of course you get a better handheld gaming machine with the QD than the orginal. They've done away with the "pushing down the center of the D-Pad for select" button. Now they have a check mark button.

With all the positive there are still somethings I wish I could change. Such as more games and better marketing strategy. I do feel the the QD is doing much better than it's Older Brother.


Great gaming device and phone


Apr 8, 2005 by CelluNerd

I bought this gaming device/phone on ebay for only $87 in like new condition. So far it has been the best purchase of a phone I've ever made. I have a lot of down time at work and the n-gage has come in very handy. Here is what i thought:


Excellent battery life

Nice Display (even tho its only 4k colors, the amount of pixels make up for it)

Great gaming capabilities.
I like the backlit disply, unlike the cheesy front-lit display of the gameboys.

Easy to transfer and install games and apps with memory card reader.

Fits nicely in hands

Hot swappable mmc

Nice ringers, loud ringers, loud speakerphone.

Bluetooth works great

Sound and signal quality are above average.

Universal headset jack

Fun games


Slow data speeds (Cingular)

Directional pad and ok buttons are not backlit (picky picky)

No USB port (but you can get a bluetooth dongle kit or a memory card reader and do the same thing)


as you can see i didnt give it many cons, but i had a couple so i didnt give it a 5. I think this is an excellent gaming device and phone put in one. If you have 90 bucks, you can easily get one of of eBay and save over 150 bucks. Hope this helps!

Liked, but not loved.


Feb 8, 2005 by jragsdale1


Excellent reception (Cingular, Southeastern Wisconsin & Northern Illinois)

Quick, easy text messaging

Tons of extras (screen capture, voice recorder, etc...)


NGage arena is really nice


Poor SIM card contacts management

Game controls not always easy to use for those of us with large fingers

Limited volume - required headset for high noise settings

Hard to use calendar

Internet browsing very slow compared to Nokia 6010.


To cut this short, as a phone it is above average, as a video game machine it is slightly above average. If you get one buy a headset, bluetooth or not doesn't matter.

Almost Perfect!!!


Dec 26, 2004 by djinn

My friend has one, i swapped with him for almost 2 weeks! and i already loved this device. It sync with my pc very well using a bluetooth dongle. and also has terrific sound! I installed an MP3 player, Realone, "LOTS of SYMBIAN GAMES". I really love that phone

small in size
very easy to use
the lighting of the screen is good
sound, very amazing(can wake you up even when your drunk!!!)
hot swappable SD Multimediacard
many games and applications available.

cant be used in one hand
4k LCD Screen??? Nokia, why dont you make all of your phones atleast 65k TFT!!!
no infra, no USB and no Camera.

It has no mp3, but you can install one. it even has no Realone player. But alteast you can install those applications. All in all its really good!



Oct 29, 2010 by narn3049

I got this phone after my 6170 had issues and this phone was MUCH better even though it didn't have a camera which is also one reason i'd left the phone.

Basically that phone was much better because it was an introduction into the smartphone"s by Nokia even though it NOT smart it still had more options then what I was used to at the time, such as amazing video gaming quality. So I loved this phone but I NEED a camera.

Perfect for the gamer in you!

N-gage QD reviews


Oct 3, 2005 by Huricen

The n-gage QD is easy to use. The shape and it weight give us comfort when playing the game.ItThe maximun MMC is 1 giga. The standby mode is like other nokia mobile phone os7(3220,6600.etc). It has no theme but can use smart launcher from symbianware. This smart launcher can change the terrible old icon to much better icon wallpaper of the menu like theme. The n-gage arena is usefull for seeing highscores and download game utilities. The contact can store a thousand of mobile number with phone memory and you can easy find the contact you want by pressing the first latter ofthe name.The messaging is now more comfortable with T9.We can use the 3rd software(MsvDriveE) to make the message store in MMC.This usefull when u triying to sent big item with bluetooth not nokia pc suite. the Vid. player in this mobile can only play 3gp video format. U can download 3rd software to play other video format like(avi,mp4,etc). It has no music player and only can play amr,midi, and wave format.U can also download 3rd software(ultra MP3) to play mp3 format and make this phone cool. But the mp3 cannot make as ringtone. The clock cannot change the ring sound and recorder can only record 1 minutes. U can change this all by download 3rd software(extended profiles,change the ring sound of the clock,psiloc)(entended recorder,it can record until your memory full,psiloc). This n-gage cannot install all type of sis file because it is os6.1.But this os is ok because it can install usefull application. The n-gage game is very good with a+++ and more good than gba. The game i said is the game from n-gage and has logo n-gage when u open. The game come in memory card. If you want download from internet u can download from s60 world.When u finish download u need to locatate it by yourself.It not came with .sis type.But i think n-gage QD is the best camera.I want nokia built n-gage with camera.The n-gage is the best.more coming soon.U can download in s60 world.

This Phone Is Amazing For Its Price


Aug 19, 2005 by RaMpAgE

When i bought the n-gage qd ,i didnt expect much out of it exept for the basic video playback, mmc hot swap, bluetooth etc.

later on i realized that if uve got a computer and a bluetooth dongle,this phone comes out to be DA best in its price range.


Mmc(upto 256 mb)


great design(100 times better than da
previous n-gage)

The game graphics are great


User Friendly(Well,all nokia phones are
user friendly)

Nice large screen

Voice Quality is great



u cant send a file into da inbox directly to da mmc(well wid 3rd party software u can)

NO Mp3(again wid 3rd party software u can hve mp3)
So in all this phone is pretty good

A Solid Mobile Entertainment Center


Aug 17, 2005 by decible

I've had my QD for a month now, & usually after non-stop use for a month, I can find the all annoyances that make or break my cell phones. And frankly, Im not really annoyed.

One thing to consider that has probably been mentioned is people prefer form over function. They'd rather want their phone to be tiny, delicate & cute & skimp out on some powerhouse features.

I've notice that since I've had this phone, people may snarl at how it's slightly bigger than their phones, or that it looks more rugged. But once I show off the features, like playing my mp3's on my 3rd party software w/ the loudspeaker, showing off the clean graphics of Tony Hawk & my high-quality real-song ".wav" ringtones, watching videos, etc., they actually start to envy this little "computer" I hold in my hand. It's refreshing to hear peers who have a Motorola Razr say to me, "Wow, I want one of those."

I believe the QD is one of those phones where pictures don't cut it. It's when you finally hold it in your hands, you realize, wow, this thing is pretty small. It ends up being smaller than any opened flip-phones. It cradles in your hand nicely due to its rounded shape & rubberized grip around the border.

I bought a 1GB mmc card & card-reader for my PC, and the rest has been a breeze. I installed a bunch of symbian & java applications, installed a mp3 player, real player, games, ringtones, pictures for contacts, videos, mp3's, & still have plenty of MB to spare. It's really not as big a deal as some reviewers are making it. I did this in a matter of hours & got everything the original n-gage had, shy of a radio. Big deal, I got my own songs to hear.

The QD runs like a champ, although there is some lagging occasionally when running through menus. I love the symbian interface, it gives you this old-school 'Windows' feel. Reception has been unbelievable & I get bars in dark spots, too. It's the best battery life I've ever had on any phone. Used all day long & only 1 notch gone. I Approve!

dreaded nokia problems


May 1, 2005 by dreadedknight

its a great phone for gaming but sucha bad phone for much else... the interntet on the phone is like trying to play startreck games on atari that means old school. this phone has great volume and works like a charm for a phone when it wants... its not good for text messeging or emailing because it trys to spell the words out for you and t mobile didnt send out the user manuel to find out how to cancel that feature on the device... well thats alll good but the realy bad thing about the device is the defectivness...
its got so much that can go wrong like for me the screen went dead three times now its happend to me all within one month and im not droping it or anything its just in my pocket or my jacket and i pull it out and wam its dead its such a fluke but still it sucks because of that one defect wich by chance i figure is the only defect i can find on the entire device other than that the screen scraches up easily not like the sidekick two that has a flip cover wich would have been a much nicer and snappyer design.

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