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I gave it a shot and thank God I did...


Feb 7, 2005 by NYCrooner

I'm a pretty avid gamer so you can imagine how siked I was to hear about a phone that is also a true gaming machine. Nevertheless, the original N-Gage proved to be the worst designed portable console ever. I paid no mind to the N-Gage after that. Then a couple of months ago, I friend of mine came over with his new N-Gage QD. I was shocked. Before he even let me play a game, I was very impressed by the new smaller, sexier QD. Then he popped in Ghost Recon and I was almost sold. Then he told me it also had PDA functions, it was hot swappable, and I could get it FREE on Amazon. That's ALL it took. I got one of Amazon and I'm extremely satisfied. The fact that my PHONE can play PS1 quality games with great battery time was awesome. It's not a perfect phone or game machine, but its a pretty perfect combination. If your a real gamer, then there is no reason not to have this phone.

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Not Good


Feb 4, 2005 by danielf22

This phone, and I use the term cautiously, is a decent game system and not much else. The designers could have spent a little more time designing it and worked out with a better phone. No one bought this phone because of the lack of Radio and MP3 player, which is what Nokia is famous for. As far as the game part goes, its pretty cool, it would have been better had they put a 65k screen in it. And the phone part- don't get me started- it has no volume on it at all, and you cant hear, the keys are also very awkward, I would not recommend this to anyone. Heck I'm actually looking to give mine away, its sitting in a drawer.

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Nokia QO - I Want to LOVE it but...


Aug 1, 2004 by erikclarke

This phone has such GREAT features that it should have scored higher than 3 stars in my review, but... Nokia left out a few essentials that would have placed this thing over the top. Firstly, I love bluetooth for communication on the road between devices where IR and USB type dongle, cables and accessories would definitely be impractical. However... the QD lacks any USB sync ability (unlike its brother). This was NOT an upgrade. Bluetooth 1.1 is an unfinished protocol, full of incompatibilities, unfriendly error messages, and frustratingly long installations which require full system restarts to enable full functionality. At this point, syncing is still unreliable. If it were, the QD would be the best phone of all time. It has loud rings, a clear full-duplex speaker phone, dual-ear headset, sturdy construction, a fine T9 friendly keypad, excellent email and text messaging built in, and it even plays games. If this phone were capable of USB synchronization, it would replace my Palm as my main PIM device. However, it forces me to use Bluetooth to communicate with my PC. Unfortunetly, my connection is squirrelly (maybe even raccoony). I may have to return this device if I cannot re-establish my BT connection. [Yes, it initially worked, but has since stopped on two different PCs]. I'll try a system restore and see what happens... Let the buyer beware...

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Got My N-Gage QD


Oct 4, 2004 by Phoneking13

Just got my N-Gage QD about 2-3 weeks ago, and I'm impressed. The screen resolution is much better than I anticipated, transferring pics and ringtones from my V600 to the N-Gage was effortless, reception is impressive, but expected from Nokia.

Cons: 1. It may be mine, but my GPRS connection to Cingular's MEdia Net is Touchy: I can have full signal strength but pages takes A WHILE to load or don't load at all (at least my V600, despite the RF problems, pulled up pages in seconds).

2. Can't transfer ringtones from the N-Gage. Working on a fix for this.

3. Speakerphone is kinda soft compared to my Motorola V400 and V600.

4. Battery Life is average...may be because of usage.

Overall I like the phone, despite of it's shortcomings. I'm going to switch between the N-Gage and the V600 until I get my V3 RAZR.

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Ngage Qd, Durable, strong, unique, featurefull


Dec 20, 2005 by burritoog

A great phone for teens.

Nokia combines style, versatilty, and durability on this platform. The ngage qd features a symbian operating system with bluetooth, removable mmc, and built in video game player.

It has a very cool design, a bar phone with a screen in the middle that is very unique. My device features text messaging, mms, sms, java, a symbian os, bluetooth, and a video game system with removalable storage drive The battery life on the ngage is exceptional, it last longer than all of my other phones and I love it. The call quality is four out of five stars because it is crystal clear, but the earpiece is very very low and its hard to hear sometimes, but my phone gets reception everywhere. I really like this phone, its nice and all of my friends always ask to borrow it so they can play the games that I have on it. I like the bluetooth and the mmc card slot because it allows me to add programs and ringtones without having to download them from cingular.

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it not tha bad


May 13, 2005 by SLIMJIMZ81

alot of people talk so badly about the QD but actually i like it
-call clarity
-symbian OS
-tons of games/emulators
-rubber sinding starts loosen,bad look
-no FM radio

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affordable smartphone, great for games


May 11, 2005 by etwood

I have had my n-gage qd for about 6 months now. I would like to say I LOVE IT. I myself have been told many times that "I type the fastest text messages out of anyone". heh, I used to have a nokia 6800 so writing by the # keys are totally new to me. Gotta love t9, although its not very easy to update dictionary.

awesome reception,i get 2-3 bars in basement
mp3 and video players are EASILY FOUND online.
great battery life ( 2 days of constant use)
I can go on aim without using text messages using third party programs that go through wap
I can record a sound, then use it as a ringtone for a specific person, or everyone.
You can have different ringtones for EVERY person in your phonebook.

I'm not confident about this, but possibly unlimited voice dialing numbers (my old phone only had 10, I now have about 20)

Easy to sync with your pc AFTER you get the right connections (bluetooth dongle and/or mmc reader)
I never have to worry about running out of memory, even with only a 256mb card.

You can use the Speaker on the MP3 player!
AMAZING!! - I use this every day, ( even though I have an ipod) it is great from walks to and from my car, cigarette breaks and times of boredom while with others)

I can fit tons of tv shows on my small 256 card (20mb for tv show, about 100 mb for full movie)

VERY drop resistant and sturdy!
I have dropped this many times, and it never got any worse. screen only scratched when I dropped it under my car seat one day and I scraped it against a screw while pulling it back.

D-pad and check button do not light up.
VERY hard to direct others how to use it.
You CAN have pictures for callers, but they will not take up the whole screen.

Confusing to connect to pc at first
( Once you get a mmc reader it is EASY and fast to use. BT connection to pc is tricky)

the first month I had it, it would turn off randomly in my pocket, but WOULD turn right back on.

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Don't Go For A Third.....


May 7, 2005 by JStonez

Thankfully, the dreaded taco-ear situation was resolved with the QD update to the N-Gage, but the device is all but useless except for a small crowd taken with the mobile J2ME lifestyle.

As painful as the WAP browser is, Bluetooth is even worse and horribly inconsistent, working about 10% of the time.

And in concert with the 3650, the act of changing the wallpaper is unnecesaarily complicated.

That being said, playing J2ME games on this device is a dream, especially in comparison to devices with the dreaded D-pad and center button, ie., 6230.

All in all, it would make sense to really streamline the device for gameplay, and strip out some of the unnecessary features. And take the time to make Bluetooth work properly.

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