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Not the best phone I've owned...


Dec 31, 2006 by lisette1019

I bought this phone because of its appearance and features, which I must say are definately the good things this phone has to offer. As far as reception goes, it is definately not as good as other phones, even with the same carrier (Nextel). The battery life definately leaves alot to be desired, does not even last one full day if used heavily. I've had to have this phone replaced about 5 times in a period of 3 years for numerous problems. A few times it fell apart, another few times it would turn itself off and on again for no apparent reason in the middle of calls. Luckily I had it insured and at least I had no problems replacing it.

Nice Phone


May 26, 2006 by SuperHumanly

Well to start off...I got the i835, not the i830 (which is pretty much the same exact phone...but i noticed the keypad is different)

The phone is very good, the reception isn't the greatest, no dropped calls yet though. I would recommend people get this phone. Its pretty nice. I use it mostly to chirp people, and it works very well for that.

External CID [Changeable Colors]
Nice internal display [could be bigger though]
Nicely built phone
VERY loud external speaker

Keypad buttons are too close together
Bad battery life [stock slim battery]
some words get cut out of a normal phone conversation, but I use it mostly inside, so that could contribute to that.

Overall: 4.5/5 - Could use a bigger keypad & better battery

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ok phone..


Mar 4, 2006 by jnel05

I have had the phone a while now and its been good. always has bars and great reception..the only thing i dont like about the phone is the battery. I have to charge it every night or else it dies real fast..

eh. good if you have elf fingers


Feb 1, 2006 by memeseekie

Not a bad phone for like..the first 6 months. After that, the phone started to get an echo sound every time i talked in it. and it would cut out in the middle of calls, etc. I liked the fact that it was so small until my boyfriend tried to use it and he had trouble pressing the buttons(he's a pretty big guy). So if you have big hands, dont buy it. I also got tired of the flip-style after fumbling with it in my car trying to open it -and almost killing myself.
Overall i give this phone a 2.5, because it had good graphics but was too small and didnt last too long. I think i'm going to switch to the cheaper version of nextel, the Boost Mobile i415, because its not flip style, and i dont have to pay a freakin $50 phone bill every month, (even if i hadn't used all my mins!) So take it from me, this phone is not really worth it.

Only Cute!


Jan 20, 2006 by Latresa1

The Pros First: Cute, small, you are allowed to store several numbers under one name.

Cons: Battery life is not for a business person. Life will die after a lengthy conversation. Outside Scratches easily. Horrible reception inside of many businesses and homes. Phone often says no service when many others are using their phones. Too expensive to have such poor reception.

i830...awesome phone...once you figure everything out


Dec 2, 2005 by thestoiceagle

Coming from a T-Mobile Nokia 6800 and a Virgin Mobile Kyocera K9, my phones have always leaned towards the "insanely easy-to-use" category. Not because I don't like the intensely difficult to use phones, which often contain the most succulent features, but it just makes the learning curve a whole lot flatter. This new acquisition of mine, the i830, a break from tradition for me.

When I first ordered this phone, the commonality with the i730 was a factor, as my family members use the i730 as well, and if they were to use my phone, it would be easier...not to mention they loved their phones. I liked the i730, but it physically had way too much in common with a silver brick than I would like. Enter the i830. It has the same feature set, same guts, but in a significantly smaller package.

When I first got the phone, I was startled at how small it was. I really wasn't expecting something of this minimalist size. As you flip it open, while the action is a trifle stiffer than most clamshells, it confidently and silently swivels into it's position. The metal on black finish is totally gorgeous, and the inner and outer screens are bright and easy to read.

However, there are a few, very few niggles. The keys aren't very tactile or soft on your fingers. This may not sound like a big deal, but it definitely hurt my fingers when I put in all my contacts. The outer silver shell, while absolutely gorgeous, quickly accumulates unsightly fingerprints and smudges. Finally, the antenna looks a bit flimsy, the only part of the phone that has this characteristic.

This is an excellent, stylish phone that I forsee serving my needs for a long time to come. Go Nextel!

Not the Best Nextel Phone


Nov 2, 2005 by selina

-Small & Lightweight
-Bright Internal & External Display
-Loud Ringers
-Loud Speakerphone

-Short Battery Life
-Poor Reception
-Phone easily scratched
-Mediocre Call Quality

I've had this phone since November 2004. What attracted me to this phone was the small light weight quality. At first the phone worked okay. But as time went on, the phone quickly deteriorated. I expected better out an expensive phone. I've had lots of dropped calls, lousy reception in high bar areas, Walkie Talkie being a bit schizo and lousy call quality. If you are interested in this phone, I hope you carry your charger often. My battery drains after about 3-4 10 minute calls. It's on it's last cell after about 45 minutes. Plan on investing in an extended or new battery. Perhaps if I had bought a new battery, I'd get better use out of this phone. But I think it's far too fragile for my needs. I am small girl with tiny hands, so most average users will have a hard time using the small keys on this phone.

avoid this handset and perhaps Nextel as well


Jul 18, 2005 by juriss

Our company recently dumped Verizon for Nextel and I ended up with an i830. Coverage is poor, both locally and on the road. It’s hard to tell just how much of this is due to the handset and how much is due to Nextel. I’m inclined to mostly suspect Motorola.

The i830 software stinks, don’t lose the 168 page manual, you will need it. The handset is covered with external buttons all to easy to press inadvertently that lead to missed calls. The battery life sucks. My wife’s ancient Audiovox candy bar phone is intuitive and ergonomically brilliant compared to the i830. With a very worn out battery it has about the same talk and standby time.

For examples on the Nextel side of guilt, flight service (1-800-WXBRIEF) should take you to the nearest flight service station. In Cleveland it takes you to Dayton. Not impossible to deal with, but generates more work for the briefer and me than needed. I wanted more than 4 rings to go to voice mail, say 5 or 6. With next available option from Nextel a caller now hears 40 to 50 sec of rings before they get to voice mail. Needless to say my cell voice mail is nonexistent.

My solution was to stop using Nextel and direct callers to my Verizon personal cell phone. I am not the only person in the company to have done this. It is nice to have a paid for phone until it doesn't work, and work doesn't get done.

In the interest of “full disclosure”, I hated the original Motorola flip phone. It was incredibly user unfriendly. I had chalked that up to the tribulations of pioneering. After putting up with the i830 it will take a lot for me to ever consider using a Motorola handset again.



Jun 19, 2005 by Sommergal

O.K...maybe "hate" is too rough a word for such a "cute" little phone, but it has the worst reception of any phone I have ever used!! It's totally useless at home (where all my previous phones worked fine). I have to go stand in my driveway to talk on my cell phone at home (which also happens to be my place for work)...and I stand out there even if it's raining!! That's pretty bad. I'd love to throw it down the toilet (just for the personal gratification) but finances dictate otherwise. I am trying to hold out for a bluetooth phone by Nextel. Something hopefully smaller then the i605 currently out. I ride and work around horses all day and a heavy phone didn't work for me either. All my friends and family are on Nextel so I was trying to stay with them...but it may be time to talk EVERYONE in my group to make a switch to another provider. Open to suggestions. And if you are looking to buy a new phone...STAY AWAY FROM THIS ONE!

Crap, Dung, Poo Any Way You Look @ It.


May 26, 2005 by 04gixxer6

I switched to Nextel because of my job, and I bought this phone, bad idea. I was using Sprint and was happy but no longer would be receiving the discount I received from my previous employer and I got a discount for using Nextel with this employer. Needless to say I made the switch and it only lasted for 6 months, service was horrible and so wasn't this phone. Voice quality was crap and so wasn't the ringer quality, and don't get me started on battery life, even with the extended battery I was putting it on the charger every couple of days which was a far cry from my previous phone that lasted a week. The screen was terrible quality as far as materials used, 2 days after owning the first one of these, I wiped the screen with my 100% cotton shirt and it scratched the screen. Yes, you did read I had 2 of this phone, my first one would call itself just about every hour and leave a voicemail if I didn't answer it, Nextel was looking at me like I was crazy until the phone just like clockwork, called itself right in front of the Nextel employee. I was happy that they didn't give me any trouble replacing it though. All in all I will never buy another Motorola phone and I will never use Nextel.

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