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worst phone ive ever had!!!


May 23, 2005 by nathan-goliath

I purchased my i830 approx. 8 monthes ago.
4 months in to owning it the speakers
started distorting & then got to a point where you could not understand the person your talking too. I had the phone replaced with another brand new phone. now 4 months later the speakers are blown out again!!!!.
the phones reception is only fair and the keypad is in need of some improvement.
The phone has never gotten wet or sustained any abuse other then normal usage. All of my previous phones held up great compared to this piece of crap!! I don't think i will ever by another Motorola or sign up with nextel service either.

Great phone (with extended battery of course)


Mar 29, 2005 by zolagol

If you get the extended battery then battery life is acceptable.
For an iDen, it's very small and quite sturdy. These phones are made to 'work'. I'm a Sales executive and have kicked the crap out of most of my phones. I went with iDen as they offer very durable, sturdy, and solid phones. This is one of the best speaker phones i've ever had. The 2 way radio works flawlessly and sound is very clear and loud! The screen resolution will leave you wanting more as there are far superior phones out there that deliver beautiful images and fuller higher quality sounds. Still, for an iDen, this is a good choice. I know the i860 is available but it's still too bulky, and with no Bluetooth, i'll stick with my i830. Well, for now at least anyway.

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This is a really great phone!


Mar 21, 2005 by qr7189

I just got this phone after having had the newer Motorola i860. Yes, I know, you're probably sitting there wondering what the hell I did by returning the i860 for the i830, but I really gotta say that if you're looking for a really compact, STURDY, DOESN'T FEEL LIKE IT'S GONNA FALL APART ON YOU phone, then the i830 is the one you need. I really liked the display on the i860, and the auto flip-open button feature was really cool, but I don't need a camera, and the phone just didn't have a very sturdy feeling to it. I got my wife and I each a i830 phone. We were with Cingular (formerly CellularOne) for 12 years. We moved to another city and the reception was really crappy. We couldn't make calls from the inside of our house. The motorola phones that they now make for non-iden systems feel as if they're only made to last 1-2 years before they break (just in time to buy another phone). These motorolas are the only ones worth buying. The one bad thing with the i830 is that the slim battery it comes with has a really short battery life. But we got really good rebates with the phones, so I ordered two extended batteries which makes an amazing difference. The i830 is a great phone if all your'e looking for is a phone with a great display and a great feel to it. If you want to take pictures, buy a digital camera!

I LOVE MY I830 NEXTEL phone.


Feb 22, 2005 by cellulars4less

I had the i60 i90 i95 i30 i205 i530 i730 and the i860 and out of all the phones i have had with Nextel i think the i 830 is the best.

It's compact, sleek looking, easy to use, and eye catcher, loud, great reception, and small enough where i can put it anywhere in my purse, or wear it in my phone thong around my neck. It comes in two colors silver and copper i have the copper one.

It has interchangable face plates if the copper face it comes with get's scratched up. The price is reasonable $149.99 And it's very durable.

It's a little slippery so i think a leather case would help it from slipping out of your hand. I wish Nextel had put more than 3 nice ringer's on it but of course ringer's can be downloaded on it too.

Best Phone I've Ever Had


Jan 12, 2005 by Police21786

First of all this is my third cell phone. Previous to this I had a Nokia 3360 and a Motorola i90c. I will never buy another phone that isn't Motorola and they do it again with the i830.

-Sharp, small, lightweight, sturdy design
-Real metal faceplates
-Big, bright, easy-to-read, color display
-Better service than i90c
-Useful applications and games (plus GPS)
-Comes with belt-clip/holster that the phone clips into backwards so you don't scratch the outside display
-Good speakerphone
-Improved power cord connector with dust cover
-Multiple numbers per name all with individual ringtones

-Faceplates seem to show scratches (but very cheap replacements on Nextel.com)
-Earpiece a little too quiet
-Buttons can be a little stiff and hard to press
-Battery life could be a bit longer but not bad at all (charge lasts 2-3 days with normal use in overall good service area, 1-1.5 days in mostly no service areas)
-Ant. is hard to pull out.

Overall the good definately outweighs the bad. If you're going to go with Nextel get this phone! (But get it through Amazon.com, you can get it for free!) Oh yeah, silver looks better too.

Nextel i 830


Dec 28, 2004 by whitedove

I just got this phone and have been using it several days. It is a really good phone.
It's compact size is a plus. It's easy to carry with me. I use my phone for my two jobs and at home. I am required to carry my phone with me should my employer decide to contact me. I wear it clipped to the side of my jeans and it feels very comfortable. The battery life is not good, but you can buy an extended life battery, or do like me charge it overnight while you sleep. It will work at least through one day that's all I need. I do custodial work and it seems to hold up well. The antenna is different and hard to extend, but so far I haven't needed to extend it. The phone works great even if I don't pull up the antenna. Overall I think it's a good phone
and great for ladies.

YES SIR!!!!!!


Oct 2, 2004 by gabeone

This phone has the best overall design of any nextel. its about time they when to a smaller design instead of there damn brick for phones!!!! i love this phone... And Bronze ROCKS!!!!!!!!!

Not The Phone You Are Expecting


May 31, 2004 by ecko7dice

I own this phone by purchasing it alone and i put in my i730 sim card in it. First of all the i830 looks like the startac flip phone. The signal on it isnt as strong as the i730 signal which isn't strong either. The Speaker is lower then the i730 speaker its kind of like the i90 speaker. I didn't like how the external display is on the bottom and not on the top. What i really did like is the antenna how its not extendable and the size of the phone. In my opinions dont get the i830 unless you want to. Its really not a sucessful upgrade. You will just be holding the i730 in your hand with an uglier color and you will be putting more money for the same phone. Its not a phone worth buying so just stick with the i730 with two speakers and a nicer color.



Apr 11, 2005 by Motoman

First off
yes i know that the battery life sucks just go out to your local nextel dealer and spend around 45 bones and buy the Expanded battery & Battery back its that simple i did it about a week after having the phone i Love this phone very cool menu setup i love that you can set it to change the wallpaper in 5minutes of more i uploaded around 20 wallpapers and 25 Wav ring tones but as soon as the i930 Comes out my boss is going to get that and give me the i860 Wow i cant wait but i do love my i830 and will keep it for a while

- Small slim phone
- Nice Looking phone
- Same menu format and applications as i730
- External Caller ID
- better design then Most orther phones

- Battery life sucks on the stock battery

bad phone


Jan 2, 2005 by whitey887766

i think that this phone stinks

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