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Feb 22, 2006 by AMERICANDAD

This phone is amazing ihad it for 4month and it is still working like it was brand new.But the bad thing it has short battery life but overall it is agreat phone.

Samll Phone with Small Reception


Sep 20, 2005 by bigwrigg

Probably the worst phone reception wise that i have had the pleasure of using (Dallas, TX Market) This includes i730, i830, i860, i605 and now i850. If you are in a solid coverage area, and want a small phone with the worst battery life of all Nextel units, then go for it.

Pros -
Small size
Solid little phone
Good display

Cons -
Poor battery life - with standard battery
Buttons are to small/close together
Poor reception
D.C. external audio is somewhat distorted
Gets hot when on a long conversaton
Hard to hold with out putting your finger on antenna.

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Ups and Downs... and boneheads to boot


Jun 8, 2004 by black_rain13

First of all, the antenna on this phone DOES extend! It just looks kinda dorky when it is retracted.
Our company ordered one of these phones to start out and it is a nice phone, but the battery-life is currently a big issue. Total talk-time is only about 60% of what was promised when Nextel began pushing the new phone.
The keypad buttons are tiny and cumbersome and makes for frequent dialing and messaging errors.
On a good note, the phone is small, lightweight and comfortable to wear.
Contrary to previous reviews, the signal strength on this phone is better than the I730, but only by a little.
Overall, I would strongly suggest that you keep your older phone a few more months and wait till Nextel offers something a little more reliable without all the problems.

good little phone


Mar 30, 2010 by billyb0673

I had the I830 and the I836 models of this phone. I had the I90, and lost it, and then replaced it with the I830. What drew me to this phone was the way it looked. It really looked cool, so small and that copper metalic finish made it one of the best looking phones I have seen before or since. Everywhere I used it people would comment what a cool phone I had. However, after having it for about 8 months, it just up and stopped working for no particular reason. I took it to a Nextel store, and they said it was dead and replaced it. They didn't have the copper one, just the silver. Needless to say, I was disappointed; the look was the main reason I had bought it. The silver one worked okay, except this model had the worst battery life of any Nextel I've ever owned (and none of them are anything to brag about). This phone was stolen when I was mugged about 6 months after I got it. When I went to replace it they didn't have it anymore, so I got the I836. I had no problems with this phone except, again, the battery life. Of course, these models are obsolete now. They don't have cameras, video, mp3 player, or really any of the bells and whistles that are now standard.

i836 nextel trip


Jul 23, 2007 by cebding

in my relationship with nextel and the two year we give ya a great phone. not!
short lived battery life and charging it most all the time. and nextel and there upgrades off of retail price. (75.00)
do i need to say more phone pooped out after 13 months and just getting by with a less grade phone till contract runs out and im outta here just like the i836 is. rest in peace. too high price for a phone that dosnt pick up well and does so little

This phone is the ultimate nextel.


Jun 2, 2007 by jhidalgo80

I love this phone more than anything. I have the i90c and the i870 but I like this one the most. It is so well yea beautiful. I think it is the best nextel phone ever. Yea Nextel may be known for their big bulky phones but this one is the best. I could just buy ten of these and line them up on my desk. I love this phone. It rocks. From 0 to 5 rating I would give it a 10.

i830 is SO SEXY! lol


May 15, 2007 by skitso617

this phone is just so small and slim nextel ever put out. i had one myself a black one it was so small and sexy lol.. it was like a nextel version of the razor lol.. in my opinion this phone is great.

Nice while it lasted


Apr 5, 2007 by reason.voice

I splurged on an i830 about two years ago. I was completely enamoured with this phone, from the tiny size to the copper colour to the endless buffet of add-ons; I very rarely will get myself a cutting-edge phone, and at the time, Java, Web, & TeleNav rocked my little world. The battery life was noticeably shorter than my Moto 205i, but I was willing to sacrifice that for the sheer coolness-factor this phone carried when it first hit market. If I were writing this review within the first 6 months of ownership, I would have given a 5.0 rating gladly.

But I'm not. I'm writing this review as the sunset falls on my relationship with Nextel, and I am quite ready to move on. After two years, the shortcomings and quirks of this phone made themselves apparent, and with the fuzzy warmth of the "honeymoon period" over, the little stop-leaving-the-cap-off-the-toothpaste irritants eventually became worthy of a good ol' plate-smashing meltdown in the middle of Thanksgiving with your in-laws. Just go with the metaphor...

The so-so battery life? GONE. Don't expect to get more than a year out of a battery for this phone before it stops holding a charge and needs replacement.

The sheetmetal really does not age as well as I was hoping. Plastic tolerates wear and abuse much better than metal, and an innocent drop onto a tile floor left a painful crease right through the front of my phone. The finish is wearing off on high-contact areas and edges. The hinge has loosened and weakend over time. The buttons developed a creak.

When the phone was 18 months old, the extendable antenna wouldn't go all the way in anymore. I took it in, and for $35, Nextel swapped the phone with a refurb. BIG MISTAKE. This refurb should not have been put back into play. But rather than shell out another $35 to roll the dice on another refurb, I've put up with the regular SIM read errors and random reboots.

Awesome phone initially. Does not age gracefully.

AWSOME piece of JUNK


Mar 28, 2007 by john_o1o

I have had this phone for about 2 years and it is the worst phone I ever owned. The big cell phones from the early 80's work better. Here is my story: The numerical touch buttons don't work well, you need to verify that the number registers AND that is was not entered twice with one push of the button. The reception is AWSOME FOR NEXTEL -because your dropped so much that they can charge you for that extra min. when you are forced to call back. (class action anyone??) Sometimes my phone never rings and my voice mail delivers a message an hour later - HMMM??? Battery?? It Must be recharged - when new - every night - now that the battery is older - twice a day for recharging (thats convenient). The battery meter at times will say "full charged" only to shut off when the phone is answered preceded by two low battery warning beeps. I was told by a SPRINT salesperson that they do not recommend this phone as it is fragile. I think "fragile" is code for poop. I think the engineers that made this phone came from the same pool of engineers that made the Pinto Car and Explorer - but lets blame someone else - OK. Wanna waste your money and raise your blood pressure - Then I suggest you buy this phone.

The Best Handset Boost Has!!!!


Mar 9, 2007 by alandasl

This handset is the best handset that boost haves! I love it and have had it for two years and only now am I having manufacturer defects!

The handset is easy to carry, it light and very sleek. Also, the display is easy to read and it is Internet accessible.

There is nothing bad I can say about his handset, Sorry but there is no Cons!!!!

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