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One Hell of a Phone!


Dec 25, 2004 by freak_juice

This phone is bad ass! Very solid design. I got it for work what uses Nextel and I love it. Only thing that ould make it better would be a camera. It feels so solid and well built and I have had no problems wit recpetion that any other Nextel would not have. I just wish that Verizon would have something like this but for some reason people like the crap "Lucky Goldstar" junk instead.



Dec 9, 2004 by computergeek5440

This is the best phone I have ever seen. Very small and easy to carry around, cool colors bronze and silver (i have bronze--its sweet!). Great 65K color display screen; very crisp and easy to see. Back-light is very powerful and I can see the screen in massive sun conditions. Easy to use keys, not rubbery push buttons, but real keys. Great features, 600 contact entries available! VERY small, but still PERFECT! All of my friends are drooling over it when I show it to them!!!!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!

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Small.... but falls short of worthy


Nov 21, 2004 by wa034739

Again, if you have never read my reviews I urge you to do so. I work for Wireless Toyz; a company that sells every wireless carrier. My job is not only to sell phones but also to test them out. The i830 is the smallest Nextel available, but in my opinion and those of my co-workers the Motorola i830 falls short of a worthy buy. Let's take a look at the pros and cons, and remember look for some of my other reviews that I will try to update frequently. And as always e-mail me any questions or comments.

- Small, slim phone
- Choose between two colors; silver or copper
- Same menu format and applications as i730
- External Caller ID
- Nice design

- Battery life is horrible
- Buttons are hard to feel with your fingers for quick dialing
- Two top rubber buttons have problems with ripping
- Over priced
- Nothing different from the i730 other than size
- Reception is as good as other Nextel's

It's NEXTEL. Come on now.


Nov 18, 2004 by wwwparker

I am a Nextel Indirect dealer. Those in the know know what I know.

Good phone. I have the copper. Aesthetics are sound - the screen continues to receive a battering by a poorly engineered arrow multipad button like the i60/90 series. WTF?

The CEOs of Nextel and Motorola must have some pretty interesting dirt on each other - exlusivity in the cellular world is unheard of, and apparently limited to carriers who introduce walkie talkie functionality (Verizon + Motorola, Sprint + Sanyo).

The phone works ... sigh ... like a Nextel. I apologize for Nextel less lately. It's a fraternity - a culture. A frulture. Join in with a group of consumers who feel an automatic entitlement to a phone regardless of individual circumtstances. If you can't understand the Nextel, you don't get a Nextel.

But if you want late night lessons in verbal phone shmaltzing- I'm yer man.

A very cool phone that could use some better features


Oct 20, 2004 by vesther

One of the problems regarding about the iDEN phones from past was the size. This has changed with the Motorola i830, because this is the smallest iDEN phone in the market, weighing only at 3.6 ounces, and the size is small enough to be placed inside your pocket.

You will notice that the new chip technology allows a drastic reduction of size to enable the phone to be inserted inside your pocket without the bulkiness of the i95cl or even the i730. The phone is very size-friendly to a woman's hand that even the phone can be inserted inside a purse without problems with space.

Basically, this phone is just a smaller i730. I owned this phone for 4 months, but I was expecting much better results out of the i830. The key flaw of this phone is the battery life--at 120 min Talk and 55 hours standby, the i830 has the most disappointing battery life of all iDEN phones--not a phone for anyone who's hardcore about Java. Second of all, you need to use a different battery scheme for the i830 as you can't use usual batteries for this one.

My other complaint about this phone is that I found this phone to be a lot more fragile than the i730, so expect to shell in a couple of dollars to get a Leather Case to protect this phone. For the i730 user, this is probably a phone that is not worth getting due to the lack of differences.

This phone is basically for anyone who wants a small phone and for executives who demand a lot of business features out of an iDEN phone, but for the iDEN enthusiast, there's the enthusiast-friendly i860, which is a much better value than the i830.

one sweet phone, yes!!


Oct 16, 2004 by bigack

well i decided to give nextel a shot for the third time and iam glad i did!!!! they are putting towers up and the signal is better!!! i think it because of the i830!! i love the size and signal, there isnt nothing bad i can say about it!!! iam thinking about the i860 later next year!!! but you cant go wrong with this phone.

Its ok


Oct 4, 2004 by AbCdEfGhIjKlMnOpQrStUvWxY

This phone is a pretty good Nextel phone. The service is much better than the i730 but its still not as good as some of the other carriers. The only things I don't like about the phone is the small screen, short battery life, and the copper version! (i prefer the silver version!) I'd give this phone a 4.0 out of 5.0!

Better than the Best


Sep 21, 2004 by sunnylakhani

The phone is a must for all nextel customer. I had the i730 which is basically the same phone but the size of the i830 is about 25% smaller. And that is what attracted me to the i830. Sure the battery power is a little less..but has the perfect phone ever been built.

Great Phone....One Flaw!!


Sep 20, 2004 by toto13

I have been with nextel for over a year now and I love them. I had the i95 before i got this phone and that was a great phone. But since i got this phone i have had no problems besides the buttons are a little two small for my hands. But other than that its a great phone. People complain about the battery life, I don't have a problem with it and I talk a lot on the phone. That was the only problem I had for this phone.

i830 nextel it's a winner


Sep 13, 2004 by KEVIN1270

As you know it has all the same features as i730, but it's a lot smaller unit. I'm just about deaf and i think the speaker a very load,the only problem I have with this phone is the key pad is very small I have average size hands and I have a hard time not miss dialing . As far as short battery life just go buy the extended life battery
(if you can afford this phone you can afford to go on ebay and purchase a extened life battery) the new i930 is coming out at the end of the year so not alot of r&d was put into this phone.

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