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Nov 27, 2005 by Spartan 104

This phone is just pure junk, plain and simple. My dad had one awhile back and "accidentally" dropped it in water not too long ago. Sure Pops, whatever you say. Either way, he has a decent phone now while this piece of junk has been put to rest.

Where did this phone go wrong? From the short time I used it when I borrowed it from my old man, the phone exhibited its shortcomings soon enough. Horrible reception & voice quality, disappointing lcd screen, and the phone overall just felt flimsy. I was never fond of LG GSM phones in the first place.

Anyway, I had to give this phone at least one star because it did function as a phone (some of the time anyway). Stay clear of this phone!!!

Bad Phone pass on this one


May 12, 2005 by nightflight17

At first the phone was good after two week we could not here the person using the phone talk cingular replaced the first phone no problem one week later second phone was worse than first dropped calls can get thought to the phone . i herded some thing about bad antennas but could not conform
my talk to lg service got me nowhere.
Cingular did replace the phone with sony phone

in all i don't think i will ever use a lg phone

some other may have better luck with theres

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this phone is horrible please do not purchase


Mar 14, 2005 by cherryslate

this phone antenna was recalled and the new antenna is not any better please save ur self some time and trouble this phone can be next to a cell tower and not have service. i know b/c i talk to phone owners everyday who hate this phone. So here is my advice get a different phone that is free. Or pay the 19.99 or something just do not get this phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its a good starter phone but...


Mar 13, 2005 by jdoge13

I purchased this phone in June of 2004 and I am now writing this review on March 13, 2005, so I have had it for a good while. The battery of this phone is ALRIGHT but leaves to be desired for. It lasts me about two days of heavy use. You have to be careful when closing the phone, if you close it too quickly the screen will get severely scratched. Its kind of a weird design , on the phone. I dont quite understand why lg would put a mirror on it and a light when it is a PERFECT spot for a second display. The light is rather useless it only blinks every few minutes and isn't bright enough to make any difference. So I'm still kind of perplexed about that. It's reception is alright. I get about the same reception as most other people (except for my friend with a motorola v400). The in-call volume is GREAT. I always hear people complain about it but I can turn it all the way up and almost use it as a speakerphone (a little bit of exaduration there). The ringtone volume, however, is AWFUL. Since the speaker is on the inside when its closed the volume gets limited. Its plenty loud when its open but Whats the point of a flip phone if you have to keep it open? And just one more minor problem. When you copy numbers from the phone to the sim they get duplicated so you can have up to 7 of the same name in your phone. Which you can imagine can get pretty annoying. Overall, though, it's a good phone with plenty of good features if you want a phone th use lightly.

great screen for non-camera phone
mp3 ringtones
multimedia messages

no speakerphone
no outer display
no camera
reception is spotty
ringtones are corny and not loud enough (and not clear as well)
easily scratched

Horrible Phone


Feb 26, 2005 by craig51

We just received our four LG C1300 phones as part of our new Cingular Family Plan two days ago and I'd never recommend this phone to anyone. We've never had our phones disconnect so often in such a short period of time, often the voices are garbled or fuzzy.

I tried to call Cingular on my new cell phone and after being online for about six minutes it disconnected.

Going to send all the LG C1300's back to Cingular and exchange for the Motorola V118 which did much better in the phonescoop ratings.



Feb 21, 2005 by 17Scarz

Im sure the phone is all fine and well, however eventually it will display EMERGENCY ONLY and lock you out of making any calls except those to 9-1-1. If you're ever in a desparate situation where you need to call someone, but it's not a true "emergency"... this phone WILL LET YOU DOWN. Believe me I work for a major Wireless Service Provider.


ANYTHING BY NOKIA=AWSOME anything else at all (even motorola) and you are taking a HUGE RISK!!!!!

Great Phone


Dec 22, 2004 by mycle

This phone works well and is really very helpful. I thought it was a crappy one before because I basically don't know what the hell LG means... Now I know, Life is Good... and it's really is... Just be sure to read the manual that goes with it before navigating or using the phone so that you maximize the features and functions of the phone and you don't sound or look stupid when you complain on the function, this phone really works... and since it's with GSM, it works more than what I expected... I can send and received polyphonic tones and pictures... with its screen, pictures are clear and bright... sounds great, right?

great phone


Nov 28, 2004 by chloe01

i got my lg g4015 about 3 weeks ago and it is great!!

Pros:big bright screen, little, easy menu options

Cons:1 game, ring tones and wallpapers arent that great.

but overall i love my phone ive never dropped a call and always have great reception.

Pretty Good Phone


Sep 8, 2004 by dpotter

My wife and I both got LG 4015s on ATTWS GSM National plan. The phones replaced a Siements S46 and a Nokia 8260. Basically we're pleased with the phones but a bit uneasy about reliability -- have had to get the SIMs replaced because the phones initially kept chirping and going to "Emergency Only," even in situations with very strong signal. But their reception is consistently better than the phones they replaced -- note that the Siements was a GSM/TDMA phone so could handle either signal, and despite this the GSM-only 4015 performs better.

* Elegant, neat design
* Good Sound
* Good user interface in general
* Good reception
* Battery life has been fine

* SIM problems seem common (not just our
phones but others on the ATTWS
Customer Forums)
* A nit, but the side-mounted volume
buttons are too easy to hit

Overall: we like 'em, sure hope they keep working!

Cingular Sim card programing.


Sep 5, 2004 by acorcoran2004

Cingular programs the Smart Chip for service and vioce mail only. Email send and recieve, text, and mms have nothing to do with Smart Chip programing.Unfortunatly email functionality on Cingulars network is Via web access and not via phone. And as far as typing in the email address for evey email. Look at it this way> imagine how much memory it would take for some people with alot of email usege. Only Treo and Blackberry are truly designed to email direct from the phone. And my opinoin of the C1300 (empolyed by Cingular) is it is a grear phone for functionallity but the signal quality is terrible. This has nothing to do with the network at all we have other phones like the Nokia 1100 which is an entry level phone with next to no specail functionallity and it gets great signal to bad Cingular cut it.

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