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Reccomending the G4015


Jul 16, 2004 by celloer

I recently switched to this phone with my new cell phone plan. The reception is slightly more spotty than my old phone. HOWEVER this is NOT the phone's fault. I use AT&T as my carrier. They have two types of networks, TDMA and GSM. The TDMA network is an older (and therefore much larger) type of digital network, used for phones which only support basic voice and text-messaging functions. The GSM network is a new type of digital network, which supports more advanced data functions, such as picture messaging and web browsing. The GSM network is not as big as the TDMA network yet, but it is growing rapidly. The phone itself is an excellent phone. It is compact, supports web browsing, instant messaging and email (through mMode), and has a bright, color STN display. The only drawbacks are the side mounted volume buttons (makes it easy to accidentally adjust the ring volume), and a problem which causes the phone to switch back to the default ring tone after 1-2 calls with your custom ring tone. (LG knows about this problem, and they are working on a patch which will automatically download to the phone and fix it.) Overall, the LG G4015 is a great phone. the GSM service means that this phone is probably not for you if you live in a rural area, and don't need the advanced data capability. However, if you live in a metro area, and need things like web browsing and instant messaging, the LG is definitely the way to go.

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Great little phone!


Jul 13, 2004 by atchisbr

The LG G4015 is a great little phone! I just recently purchased it for my wife to replace her aging Nokia 6200. We were hesitant at first because we have never used an LG phone before, but now we are sold. This tiny phone does a great job of making and receiving calls...something that some phones have trouble doing.

Also, it has a great color screen, pretty good ringers, nice calculator (easy to use), great ring volume, and ear piece volume. The only drawback to this phone is the lack of a good game. It comes with some 'snake' like game that gets very old very quickly, but not that big of a deal.

If you are looking for a small, simple to use phone that makes/receives calls, then this phone should do the trick. And this is coming from a die hard Nokia 6200 family!

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Great lil fone


May 14, 2005 by haf_wit2

This phone is great! I dont know how people get off blaming the phone for the signal. It is the newness on release of the phone and your area not the phone. Like one of those Nokia's with the monophonic ringtones and black and white screen ya know one of them old ones wont have as
a signal. ATT and Cingular combined meaning that newer phones will have better signal and your area has something to do with that too. This phone is great for someone younger or a simple phone user. But for someone who is a big technology fan who wants a camera and all technology freaks, keep looking

Vibrant color screen
Great ringtones
Loud ringtones (when the phone is open)
large inside screen
small in size
low price
flip phone

No outside screen
dings up easy
when you open the screen it kinda squeeks.
i dont know if this is just my phone but when i download a ringtone or select my phone on cingular website to download a supertone, it cuts of the ringtone a bit. i downloaded sugar(gimme some) and it only plays 7 seconds.

Great little phone for 55 bucks.

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Don't try the C1300 with Cingular


Jul 26, 2004 by querist

Got this phone a week ago from Cingular. Neat little phone, but it sure didn't work out for me. Had been on Cingular's CDMA/TDMA system for years. Had to switch to Cingular's GSM (reluctantly) system to get and use this phone. Tried the phone for 3 days, and almost none of the calls I made, all within the DC metro area, were successful, i.e. not dropped. Just horrible. Took it back to Cingular - they said their GSM system not the culprit, so gave me another C1300. It was useless too, so I returned it today as well.
Apparently, Cingular's GSM service does not work well at all with this phone. The rep at Cingular agent admitted as much when I returned the second phone. I'll be getting a new account with Verizon/LG VX3200 tonight. Sad to leave you Cingular, but you folks just didn't get the job done.

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Terrible DO NOT BUY


Jul 22, 2006 by mychele78

This phone is crap. You lose your calls all the time it drops, it always says not available or emergency use only. It breaks your conversation constantly like a broken record. You can hear the other person but they can't hear you or vise versa. The ring tones are terrible. Sometimes it just rings and don't stop so you have to take the battery out LoL. DUMB CHEAP BORING PHONE!! I was so disappointed, it's a total rip off.

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Decent for free but i wouldn't pay a dime for it


Jan 13, 2006 by nadiachef

Works as a phone, but only some of the time.

-flip so you don't call people by accident
-indicator light showing if you have a signal
-dropping on the ground and throwing into walls due to frustration at its ineptness doesn't seem to bother it

-no way to turn to silent without audibly hearing every sound level between loudest and silent- cannot be done discreetly
-has a unique LG error message of "SOS only," meaning that you have a signal but for some reason you can only call 911. it jumps into this mode sporadically and has to be reset every time- a real pain
-when numbers are stored on the SIM card and on the phone, no matter which "view" option you select for the contact list you are shown both entries
-sim card contact entries are not grouped by name
-when you open the phone to make a call, the number of service bars will inevitably go down as soon as you hit the "call" button
-many ringtones are not loud enough to hear, even on loudest setting
-really awful ringtones
-always feels like it's going to fall apart, the hinge creaks every time the earpiece is moved once opened

if there's a nokia for free too, opt for that one. my parents and i have the same cingular service in the same house but their standard candybar-style nokias, even without antennas, always, always have more bars than my LG.

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not a good phone


Dec 29, 2005 by lulu7892

*Pros:the cost

*Cons:this phone is crappy and cheap and doesnt hold charge for long enough my parents bout this for me in july and its now december and i am thinking about switching to a nokia

~~Overall:you get what u paid for~~

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Great Phone for all its features and price


Dec 19, 2005 by dstubsten

My LG c1300 is a really small, clamshell phone with a part that looks like a mirror on top. It includes most basic features including text messaging, multimedia messaging, media mall, and everything you need to download wallpaper, games, ringtones, and applications straight from cingular. It has an awesome battery life, but you can't always trust the battery monitor...sometimes it will display one bar left, and you'll have 2 days left. Call quality has been really good, and I know that sometimes I have bad reception...but that is the network, not the phone. Overall, I love my LG c1300 although now I wish I might have had a cameraphone, but this phone is awesome for all the features and the minimal price involved.

Everything above

Network in my area isn't totally covered
Only a few dropped calls

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LG 1300 beware


Mar 15, 2005 by mkssc62

This phone has caused me to lose what little religion I have acquired. I have never had a problem with my service with Cingular until I "upgraded" to this phone. What happened to the helpful Cingular of the past? Guess what tech support told me at the Handset Exchange help line? THE PHONES WORK WITH RAIDO WAVES AND WERE NEVER INTENDED FOR USE INDOORS!!! Excuse me??
He told me that in my HOUSE, in the middle of TOWN, I should not expect to be able to use my phone without experiencing dropped calls and fuzzy conversations. He NEVER once admitted that the phone was a piece of crap, even after I told him my son (who lives in the SAME house) does not have this problem with his MOTOROLA. He sent me a different phone (re-furbished of course) and it is worse than the other one, if that is possible. Cingular offers me NO options, since I am not yet eligible for an upgrade, except to shell out the total price for a new phone. THEY KNOW they suck, but are offering no help, so, basically I will have to pay for service that I can't use, until my contract is far enough along to upgrade. I will be shopping other providers in the meantime. If this is Cingular, I don't know that I want to do business with them any longer.

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The truth about LG1300, from the experienced.


Jul 12, 2004 by CellularExpress

This phone is a fantastic phone for the price. It has a strong signal and a normal battery for a flip phone. There is no caller ID on the outside and that is why the price is suitable for some. The signal may be different than your previous phone for one reason only, you switched from TDMA or GAIT (so don't complain). GSM is a smaller network but much cheaper and till improving. The poly-rings louder than most (try to compare before anyone downs the sound), the microphone and earpeice is just as good as any other as well. This is a great phone don't be discouraged because some does not realize that they switched to GSM. If you don't want to spend alot, get this phone. Recommended by me = 4.0

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