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Jun 26, 2004 by sansho

I have the G4015 on the AT&T GSM network (Same as the 1300 on Cingular). I have a Nokia 6200IM, also on AT&T, to compare against, as well as a new LG VX3200 (Verizon). Both LG's are entry level flip phones.


- Small-ish (smaller than LG 3200)
- Web capability
- Color display is on par with the 3200, both which are better than the Nokia.
- Good microphone, stronger than 3200
- No camera
- Good, adjustable, ear volume

- Doesn't hold a signal well. I'm not in a great reception area, however, the Nokia 6200 holds a pretty steady signal, while the 4015 periodically chirps and shows 'SOS Only' mode. Although on a different network, the 3200 holds it's signal well in low-to-moderate signal areas.

- Top half of the clamshell is movable side-to-side when closed. No movement when open. 3200 doesn't have any side-to-side movement, open or closed.

- If the phone is open and sitting on the desk, picking it up almost always causes the ringer to go off. That's because the buttons are right where a person's fingers would go to hold the phone. On the 3200, the control is lower on the phone body.

- No field test mode. Nokia doesn't have it either. 3200 does. (Field test mode allows data junkies to see actual signal strength and battery voltage, amongst other things).

- Compared to the 3200, the 4015 doesn't have as many options to tune the phone for personal preferences, ie. sound a tone after dialing when the phone connects with the network or turning off the blue light under the keypad. While you might not miss options like that, it's nice to have them.

I'm returning the 4015, primarily for it's signal holding ability. If you are in a market with strong GSM signals, with a cover that doesn't wiggle, and the phone were low cost or free, it might work OK for you.

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Worst Phone Ever Created


Apr 28, 2006 by getho

This is the worst phone I have ever used.


Cons (haha):
turns off randomly
horrible reception (Michigan-Cingular)
screen goes white
battery power weak
did i mention horrible reception?

I just got two replacements both LG C1500s which were worse than my c1300. Never buying LG again. Got a Nokia and my service has never cut out. Moral of the story: Never buy LG and stick to Motorola, samsung, and Nokia

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A nice little phone


May 26, 2006 by Russian_Gem

The biggest warning I will give you about this phone is that in stock photos it may appear to have a front window that looks like Caller ID - It's not, but simply houses a little light that blinks when ringing or if you have a voice mail.

It does have smaller keys, which could mean a harder time dialing for some people.

Otherwise it was very durable phone, I dropped it a couple of times and it still worked fine.

Overall if you want a simple phone with no fuss, this would work fine.

Pros: Durable, good sound quality, easy to use features.

Cons: Small buttons, no external Caller ID, and limited ringtones and only one game (if those are a high priority).

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mixed feelin's


Dec 23, 2005 by cowboytim

PROS: Compact, shirt-pocket size
Vibrant display

CONS: Sound quality
Dropped calls
Small keys

I, too, have had a few dropped calls on this phone. The sound quality isn't too good, either. I bought it through Cingular, it's my first cell phone and I just carry it for emergencies and those times when I'm trying to meet up with a friend and we both know each other is not at home and "on the move." The keypad is quite difficult to use -- the keys are too small and too close together. The screen is vivid and you can download lots of cool graphics for it, but otherwise, I'm just biding my time until I can afford to upgrade to a better phone.

This clearly isn't a phone for heavy users and/or folks who've forsaken their landline home phones and "gone cellular." Even as an inexperienced cell phone user, I can tell that!

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This Phone SUCKS!!!


Dec 5, 2005 by edwinomar2001

The LG 4015 is starter phone for teenagers who want a new cheap cell phone. It has "good" graphics, the sounds are weak, and the battery is super lousy. The only good thing is the mirror in the front of it. Overall, its a girly phone.

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Great phone


Jul 9, 2004 by TomUdo

I don't know what's wrong with these people. First of all, the clam shell doesn't slide around. Second of all I have no problems with call clarity or dropped calls. Really, in terms of receiving and holding calls, the guts of nearly all cell phones are the same. You guys don't know what you're talking about--dropped calls are a function of where you are and who your provider is--NOT YOUR PHONE. The phone is excellent and cheap.

As far as I'm concerned, not having a camera is an EXCELLENT feature. I work in classified spaces and can't have one.

The menu-driven system is great, and the phone book setup is one of the best I've seen. You set up a contact list (i.e., search by name, but each name can have different numbers associated with it).

This is a great phone.

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this phone is pretty cool


Jun 29, 2004 by cutespnshgrl

i work for a cellular company and have used probably close to every phone on the market. this phone picks up well (im in the memphis,mississippi area) and it does ring and vibrate at the same time. i know the pervious review said that it does not. the only bad thing about this phone is the mirror on the front. they should have made that out side caller ID just like the samsung s307. it mirrors when in idol.i used the new p107 and this got way better signal than that one.

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good phone


Nov 13, 2008 by pcdude42

i don't know what people are talking about, but this phone has good reception, but on the other hand it is not duroble.

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More LG CRap


Dec 29, 2006 by Kpoke

I am in the Computer Industry and this is just another inferior LG product. The only reason I have this phone is because it was the only free phone offered by Rogers at the time. Since the first day I owned the phone I noticed pressing one too many back buttons and the phone automatically tries to connected to the Internet. Secondly if I have an incoming call and try to pick up the phone and accidentally just touch the external buttons the phone disconnects the call. (more wanna be engineers I guess) On many occasions my phone will display 'user busy' when trying to place a call. I have to turn the phone off and back on to make a call, only to find out my phone has not been receiving calls either since it gone into some sort of user busy mode. I could go on with more design flaws, like red led light comes on and stays on even after disabling it. Believe me stay away from LG products.

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Basic, basic, and more basic.


Oct 24, 2006 by lotherius

Your basic phone.

I didn't use this one for very long - it was given to me by a friend (who only used it for 3 mos previously) when my Motorola V220 died. I replaced it as soon as possible.

It had a good feel, and loud ringtones, however reception was very weak and some bugs made it very difficult to use for me. By bugs, I'm referring to in-call volume. It was stuck at 3/6. You could go to the volume menu, change the volume for ringers, alarm, everything, just fine. But if you selected in-call volume, it would just "stick" at 3 - it wouldn't go any higher. Same thing if you tried to change the volume during the call - stuck at 3.

Also, you cannot silently turn off the phone, nor can you silently turn off the ringer. If I am in my Grad class (which you will get kicked out of for a cell phone ringing), and realize I haven't turned off the phone prior to coming in, the only way to turn it off silently is to pull the battery. Otherwise it plays its stupid "turning off" jingle loudly. Turning down the ringer gives a "sample" ring at each volume level too, so that's not an option.

Lightweight. Feels solid for a cheap phone.
Easy to use.
Loud enough ringer.
Clear screen (though no camera, so not much point)

Bad reception.
In-Call Volume too low (stuck due to bug?)
Determined to be noisy when you're trying to turn it or the ringers off.

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