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Cheap as Cheap can Be


Oct 24, 2006 by lotherius

It worked.... for maybe 18 mos. at best. I used it with Cingular.

When the phone was 10 mos. old my room-mate, who talked on it a lot more than me, told me that it would turn off on her randomly. That didn't happen to me until a few months later.

Then, at 18 mos (6 mos. left on the 2 year contract!), the earpiece died. I could only use it on speakerphone.

Did I mention nobody can understand you on speakerphone with this phone?

The camera actually worked for me for the entire time I had this phone, though I never tried it after the earpiece went bad. Like others on this site, however, I was dismayed at how easily the phone scratched. I bought a case to cover the phone, that turned out to be useless since the case ITSELF scratched up the finish on the phone. By the time I quit using the phone, none of the reflective surface around the camera was left, and the paint was worn off all over the phone. It looked like trash.

Reception was mediocre. I've seen worse, but not much. The old Nokia 5160 I had before this was MUCH better, too bad Cingular quit activating that one for me.

Shiny when new.
USB port, no need for a special cable!
MP3 Ringtones

Have to buy the software to use the USB.
Scratches very easily.
Camera quality sub-par.
Mediocre reception.

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where to start


Oct 8, 2006 by suewamp

I have had the V220 for over a year now, WORST PHONE EVER!! I went from a Nokia that I loved but was TDMA so I had to upgrade. This phone has caused nothing but problems.
the screen freezes
If you don't hold it just right you can't hear the other person
In my home I have to leave it in the window for it to pick up signal (which could also be Cingular's fault)
the camera lens scratches
there is no flash
I had to do a warranty exchange b/c the camera stopped working

the only pro I can think of which is no longer a pro for me is that it is a flip phone.
I am upgrading to the Nokia 6030 which is alot more basic but I feel certain that it will give me better signal strength.

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learn to take care of ur fone


Oct 5, 2006 by Splinter03

this is a very good fone, camera quality is great, iv had it for severay months now at its performing very well, web browser is great its my internet away from my desktop pc, no problems with dropped call of course if there is then who is to blame the fone or the carrier,

nice size
wonderful display
support real and mp3 tones
did i mention the web 2.0 browser
sound quality is fair enough for its size
camera quality is great for a standard fone
all the shindig you need in a fone
makes call, thats what a fone is for
and much more so go try i if ur network is good

could use some more memory to back then mp3 tone i download
omg nothing else i can think of

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Sep 24, 2006 by jackson5

my ex girlfriend had this phone and it seemed like an ok. phone she spent 180 dollars on somethin that didnt last long at all. the camera is worthless, i am a believer that you dont by a phone for its camera but still if you are going to make a phone that much money for it haveing a camera you should at least make it a good one... but one day the phone just shut off on her and wouldnt come back on...once it came back on but couldnt get serivice on it but then shut off again. the battery life was awful for a motorola phone...but thats just me maybe other love it!

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I bought the piece of junk


Sep 19, 2006 by Kaleb1434

I saved my money for the motorola v220 it was $150 w/a new one year agreement so i thought it would be a nice camera phone WRONG the picture quality was terrible . I had it for 2 months and the camera quit. Then the earpiece quit, then the screen quit. I called cingular and they said they couldnt help me so I went to cingular and purchased a slvr l7 and it works great but it was pricey

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Jul 29, 2006 by tischmic

This phone sucks it has no features and breaks easily, the screen is small and the picture quality sucks!

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1 of My favorites


Jul 23, 2006 by Cingularmami

This was my first flip phone and it was love at first sight, I loved everything about it, it was a nice phone, it was good to me took me through alot of times i broke it, & cried until my daddy got me another one i named this phone babymomma.

so here are some good things... .. ..

good camera (i loveeeeeeed this camera)
easy to navigate
good volume

the only bad thing i can name is that spooky ringtone. why motorola? why did you out that spooky tone on the phone? i feel like yall knew better than to do that.

i think that if youre looking for a nice camera phone for cheap this is the one you should get.

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Worst I've ever had


Jul 18, 2006 by jkieffer

Customizable controls.
Better reception than my v60.
Super Collapse (not included) is a great way to pass time while in the can.
Alarm could wake the dead.

Likes to restart every now and then, usually while I'm composing a text message.
Stopped sending pictures.
Earphone quit working, first I could get it to work by half opening it, now I'm on speaker-phone only.
Back cover falls off with the slightest nudge.
Volume could be better.
Not enough memory.
Battery is junk.

Overall I would only recommend this to someone I really didn't like, I'd be worse punishment than buying each of their children a drum.

I hope my Nokia 6102 that I just ordered is better, it should be judging by the reviews (should have found this site before getting this Motorola piece of *insert explicative here*).

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Mixed bag at best


Jun 14, 2006 by Human

My 21-month love/hate relationship with my V220 is soon coming to an end. Cingular has made me an upgrade offer on a V3 RAZR I couldn't refuse. I've actually had two V220s. I kept the first one for a little over a year before losing it last year, a couple of days before Christmas. While that was a pain in and of itself, it turned out for the best because the replacement phone works much, much better. The first phone was notorious for consistently dropping calls at or near the 19-minute mark (Cingular would never admit this was a problem with the phone itself and always insisted powercycling the phone at least once a day would solve the problem. I did. It didn't.) and we won't even go into the truly lousy reception it got. I didn't even know the signal strength indicator had five bars until I got the second phone as I seldom saw more than three on the first one. Although the second phone worked appreciably better than the first, it was still a mediocre performer at best. The "19-minute curse" is no longer a problem, but dropped calls and poor sound quality are, albeit to a somewhat lesser degree than before. The only other major complaint I have about the phone is that its ringer is so soft, even turned up all the way to "7", that you can't hear it more than a few feet away. This did not improve with the second phone. The camera, like those on most cell phones, is an absolute joke. I think Moto included it just so they could say the phone had one, but for all practical intents and purposes, it's absolutely useless.

Small form factor, fits easily in a pocket; good assortment of features, most of which I never used; intuitive interface (good thing, since the manual is a joke).

Poor reception and sound quality; unacceptably high number of dropped calls; ringer isn't nearly loud enough; camera isn't useful.

Bottom line:
The V220 was a really nice concept that never lived up to its potential. There are better phones out there, so best to keep on looking!

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Jun 13, 2006 by SO iCEY93


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