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Audiovox CDM-8910 / PM-8912 / Flasher V7


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It works, but I've had better


Jun 3, 2007 by Paulcet

I've always used the $0.99 phones from my service provider (Alltel), and have been happy with the Nokia bar phones. I thought this would also do the job for me, but am not particularly happy with it.


Camera w/flash


Camera w/flash (the lens is scratched and the flash is now quite weak) and let's face it: IT'S A PHONE. Development $$ should be spent on the phone features, not the camera.
Reception in semi-rural areas
Software is not up to Nokia standards

wow. thankfully, it was discontinued.


May 6, 2007 by atropabella.

I've had this phone for a year. I'm FINALLY able to upgrade. And believe me, I am. I'm getting rid of this piece of crap for the LG enV. The CDM-8910 is one of the worst phones I believe that's out there. It's so crappy in every way. The only reason I got it to begin with, was because the phone I had before this one was put into the washer, then broken in half. And the 8910 was the only phone I was able to get that was below $150. I would've rather had a Nokia.

1. There IS a camera.
2. The battery is pretty decent.
3. Able to have personalized ringtones, even for text messages.
3. There are no other pro's. Pathetic?

1. The camera resolution SUCKS. It's terrible. Not even worth having a camera.
2. The UI is boring.
3. Can't change the shortcut keys.
4. The green keys are UGLY.
5. The ringer sucks.
6. I'm not going to go on. It just makes me even more mad.

Overall, I'm glad this phone was discontinued. I'm sure many of you agree with me. It wasn't worth the $100.

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My First Camera Phone


Apr 9, 2007 by sl97aq

I got this phone from a Sprint Store in Amherst NY in October 2006. I use Virgin Mobile in Canada and it appeared that Virgin Mobile USA, using the Sprint Network, was the best for me. We drove down to Florida. The phone gets great service and while it searched for signal in West Virginia, it always came back on. It was my first camera phone and it was easy to take pictures and send them to my email address, both from Miami Florida and Niagara Falls, NY. Once I discoverd the High Quality setting for the pictures and that you could change the size, the pictures showed up quite well on my email inbox. I like how you can fit lots of pictures on the phone and record sounds as well. I was going to buy a digital camera, but then I saw how I could EMAIL pictures from the camera phone (the one thing Digital Cameras cannot do).
The one complaint about this phone: its battery does not last long, even when the phone is turned off, and it turns itself right off when the battery is low. Good thing I bought a car charger for it, only takes two hours to be fully charged.
Except for the battery issue, I would recommend this phone as a good Pre-Paid First Camera-Phone, and Virgin Mobile USA will sell phones to Canadian Customers, as long as you can supply a USA billing address.



Mar 25, 2007 by tylercase14

I would not recommend this phone to anyone. This phone is horrible. Three members in my family had this phone and different problems occurred in each phone

1. It would never hold a charge. When it did hold a charge it would turn its self on and off automatically

2. When I put this phone on the Charger it fryed its self on the charger it started smoking

3. This phone has black lines going down the screen. Sometimes the keys don't work, every time you flip it open it says external audio off or on. You have to keep this battery full of charge or it will mess up even more...

I rate these phones from 1-10 it would be a 2!
I do not recommend this brand (audiovox) to anyone

Well Really Not Really


Sep 9, 2006 by Dariusone

I've owned both the audiovox 8900 & the 8910 and if compared side by side I would pick the 8910


*It flips (haha)
*Its color screen (haha)
*Camera shows good for outside shots or in very good lighting
*40 different fun frames to choose from
*You are able to take a pic when phone is closed


*If dropped the screen will go out
and never work again
*No night-shot feature
*Bad flash
*If zoomed in pass 4x the pic turns
*Low ring tones
*No lock for text messages

I've had the phone for about 8 months and this is my 3rd phone of this model. I had the 8900 before this but I was replaced about 6 times. This phone isn't that bad. You get wonderful reception but it's not blue-tooth ready. You are able to change alot of outside features such as the antenna. Faceplate cases are wonderful for this phone (available at ebay.com).

Nice phone, don't drop it.

AWSOME PHONE vs. no phone


Nov 20, 2005 by sitariboo

This phone is awsome! No, really. It's my second phone. My first phone was a Nokia phone. Then I got the Flasher V7 from Virgin Mobile. It is great.

Some Pro's:

*nice camera, holds 100 pictures.

*great menu options, in the TOOLS menu I record some songs and use the phone as a MP3 player...can hold 10 songs!

*awsome color display really vivid and bright

*the best part is you can hold the picture button while its closed and use the sub screen, which is pretty big, to take picture.

*you can go to Virgin Mobile XL and download ringtones, graphics, and more!

*you can take pictures, save them, then upload the, then go to virginmobileusa.com and print them out!

Some Con's:

*ugly blue faceplate*************

*while on internet, some times has network problems, maybe 3 out of 100 chance.

*no more

Why did they even make this phone?!?


Mar 20, 2006 by lsmith26

Service: Alltel
City/ State: Jackson, Mississippi


-Its not that big
-Outer design is okay
-Easy to find things on the phone
-You can change the color on the banner and stuff


-Horrible pictures, would have been better without the camera
-Bad service / tons of lost calls
-None of the ring tones are cool
-I dropped the phone a couple of times and now the outer display doesn't work
-Not worth the price.. AT ALL
-Extremely short battery
-Yellow key-pad light was so ugly, why couldn't it be blue??
-Always says in Analog and not Digital
-Outer display is not in color

Audiovox CDM-8910


Apr 3, 2006 by Spencer8821

Good Phone. Resolution is pretty good. Ringtones could be longer for the "good" ringtones meaning the real ringtones. Also i cant figure out how or where to download different power on/off screens and tones. Signal could be better. (verizon wireless NorthEastern SC)



Feb 20, 2006 by ffeje14

This phone was supposed to be the update to the 8900 but I've found that everything is worse.

added flash and zoom to camera
gets good service


-even though the camera now has a flash and zoom it is like 3 times worse than the 8900

-keypad is crappy rubber and lights up a cheap low light green

-inside of phone is ugly!

- screen is blurrier and crappier than 8900

-phone looks and feels CHEAP!

If you want a phone like this one go for the 8900 off of ebay its soooo much better

Excellent phone that does everything it should- and a lot more


Jan 30, 2005 by darkdiamond2080

This is an excellent phone I recently got with Virgin Mobile as a replacement for my also-good but dated Audiovox 8500. It does just about everything I could want it to:
-Full color display
-Superphonic (.mp3) ringtones
-Camera w/ zoom, flash, adjustible resolution and quality
-Downloadable games
-Wireless internet access
-And it can also make calls and text message.
My only problem is that the ringtones are, admittedly, a tad on the quiet side. Reception, however, exists (I have proven this to be true) on top of an 11,000 ft peak during a snowstorm. This should provide you with great satisfaction if you turn the ring up to full volume, or set it to vibe.

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