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Audiovox CDM-8910 / PM-8912 / Flasher V7


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Very good phone


Nov 24, 2005 by Peaks_617

Hello I have metro pcs and i paied 169 dollars for this phone it is 100% worth the money i also bought 3 other phones from metro pcs that were cheaper than this one foir friends the monthly bill is good and the camera is a great camera and i would reccomend

great camrera


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Wonderful Camera Phone


Mar 20, 2005 by jenjen2219

I just got this phone a little over a week ago, and am quite happy with it. I initally bought the Motorola V265 and ended up returning it (bad phone even though it looked nice), and I got this phone for $50 cheaper. The difference in quality is phenomenal. Here is what I think:

excellent quality, easy to use camera
very sturdy
allows animated wallpapers
3 different menu views (icons, list & fold)
beautiful, high quality color display
big, mirrored edge screen

only 1 preset wallpaper besides clocks
green backlighting (really no big deal)
flimsy, slightly bent antenna
flash not the best (but isn't really needed since the camera adjusts automatically to lighting)
everything seems to be in pastels and item is targeted mainly towards women and people who love cutesy stuff (ex. outside LED shows hot air balloons when you turn it on)

Overall, the pros outweigh the cons.

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Very Nice Camera Phone


Dec 9, 2004 by sms81

I just bought this phone as a secondary one (I use Virgin Mobile) and I love it. It has a lovely color screen, takes great pictures, and Virgin Mobile has a large catalog of ringtones to choose from. It comes with far more features than I expected, which is nice, but really what I love most is being able to take pictures easily. It’s a lot easier to take my cell phone with me than a digital camera, certainly, but this phone makes it very easy to take/upload photos. The only con is that the flash isn't very strong and perhaps not quite bright enough for a lot of night photos.

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This phone is J.U.N.K!


Apr 18, 2006 by badsparky

It has a camera - whoo hoo - I can't get the pictures out of it but - it has a camera.

If you don't mind dropped calls, the thing gets cherry hot if you're on it for more than 2 minutes, and you can't hear the the thing ring (if it rings at all)- then this is the phone for you.

I keep bumping the ringer volume control on the side and keep turning the ringer off.

I have alltel in the Cleveland area - my old Nokia worked fine anywhere I went. This thing is so bad, I'm going to go back to my carrier and see if they will re-activate my 2yr old phone and give this one to my kids to play with.

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Apr 14, 2006 by sweetchickinny40

I'm GLAD that I got rid of this phone. If you're just going to use a phone for emergency calls, or when you need to make any brief calls. Then this one is fine.

Otherwise, it's all cons, and I'm glad most phone companies have discontinued this model, the 8910


Size and shape is cute.


Lousy reception
Battery life? More like no life
Low speaker phone, ring tone, etc...no real volume
It's Audivox...enough said....

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Worst phone I have seen...


Dec 29, 2005 by Shyldd


The phone has an external LCD screen so you can check who is calling and the time. Very helpful and in my opinion one of the deciding factors of a phone.

Cons: Where to start...

First off, I work for a retailer so I get to hear first hand about everyone's problems with the phones. The most complaints we get are over the 8910s.

1.) Reception. I've had enough people from different regions of PA try this phone out that I can almost be assured that it wasn't just a "you are in a spot that doesn't get good reception" problem. This tends to be the number one reason for this phone being returned.

2.) Phone durability. Quite a handfull of people will come in with their screens frozen...multiple times. Now yes, this is usually just a simple procedure of taking out the battery of the phone to 'reset' it. But if you are expecting an important phone call or in a profession where you have to be available at all times... this can cost you money and or time. Reliability of a phone is important.

All in all this phone tends to dissappoint people after they buy it. If you have a choice I wouldn't take this phone...even if it was free.

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this phone.


Sep 13, 2005 by henderrocks

This phone is pretty cool.

Really nice color screen
Very cool frames to put in pictures
Small and convenient to carry
Nice camera
Cute ringtones

I have Verizon (i live in Cali) and the service cuts off and on
It's outside looks too plain and boring
The flash on the camera doesn't really work all that good unless your close up to the object
It doesn't have that many wallpapers or screensavers

I recommend this phone to anyone.

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Hard decision..


Aug 22, 2005 by Rpguru26

I am currently with cricket and previously had a kyo. Ke414. I really wanted to upgrade to a camera phone. I bought both the Motorola V265 and this 8910. I went through almost all of the options and after much scrutiny, I went with the 8910. I've had it for about 2 months and have had no problems.

1.the LCD is big and has a mirrored edge around it which really accents the screen, the display is easily visible and the icons can be changed if bigger or smaller icons are needed.
2. The user interface is easily learn-able.
3. The camera is very good quality and is adjustable as far as brightness, effect, as well as the option to use frames.
4. The quick camera button on the side makes it easy to catch those quick shots, instead of navigating to it.
5. The side volume/ringer buttons are very well placed and easy to use.
6. Has a world clock that shows all time zones and times.
7. Ringer is Pretty loud (depending on the , of course).
8. Despite what others say, it's a whole lot sturdier than most flip phones.
9. Shows date/time/battery/signal/all on the front display. not just the time.

1. Very conventional look, nothing very flashy.
2. Speakerphone is like a "loud" button for the regular ear piece; unless in a really quiet room.
3. Questionable graphics(i.e. hot air ballons when the phone is turned on, and most pre-loaded frames are kinda kiddish, or "girly"
4. Flash is essentially useless unless you are right up on what you are shooting.
5. Short battery life.

Now I really liked both phones when i was comparing them..and i may just write one on the mot v265, but I am happy with my choice and between all three cricket camera phones(available in my area) I think that the Audiocox/UTStarcom 8910 is the best value for the price. like i said before I've had no problems, i researched the features before as well as compared them side by side so i knew what to expect, and i have not been disappointed.

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This Lil Phone is Great!


Aug 21, 2005 by mGirl

Just like cars, some are great, but a few in the bunch can be lemons.
Users who report this phone as junk must have gotten a bad device. This phone is great!
great reception with virgin mobile
excellent sound
very loud poly ringers!
great cam
text messages scroll automatically
voice dial
unattractive user interface
I'd buy it all over again!

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The stylish 8910


Jun 13, 2005 by enothing

I have had this phone for over a month now and I am very happy with the purchase. The phone is very easy to use and is very customizable.
Easy to use VGA(640x480)camera with zoom and flash.
animated wallpapers and screen savers.
downloadable ringers, games, info, etc.
Internet function

Flash is very bad
Can't send emails without adding a pic.
No preloaded games

But I must say that it has more Pros than cons. So i recommend that you buy it.

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